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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Miscellaneous life

I was going to post a little something yesterday, but got distracted by the three hours that went into the season finale of Deadliest Catch.   I was going to casually comment on some news stories that might have rated a "Newspage Go" had they come on the right day, perhaps mention the stress that I put myself through at work for what has since become no reason (not all but seemingly mostly my own fault), but as it has lifted somewhat, why dredge it up?

I do have a story about the upcoming model Martin...

Mother and Isaiah, age 27 weeks
KC loves to give us the business about my "teaching" Jessica the fine art of smart-assery (which she was pretty good at heretofore IMHO), and how he shouldn't allow her to come over.  Another great example came up when the following (if not exact words) conversation occurred:

KC:  Did you hear me?
Me: Hmm...?
KC: I'm going to build the crib.
Me: You mean, once you get it out of the box...
KC: No, I'm actually going to build it. I found instructions on how to build the one I want online... (Searches on phone)
Me:  (Pauses for a moment) Hope the kid's got a rubber ass...
Jessica: (Laughing) THAT'S IT! (High five)


Sunday morning was a nice time for a walk- not by much, as the sun broke from the fog as we neared the door....

Bunny let us get within 15 feet or so... never did run off.

Did you say drought?  South canal bone dry...

Swamp's down at least a third, as well...

Goldfinch just above the stick

Just a tetch of fog left...

First thought it was a ground hog a ways off... just a cat searching brunch.  And where was Scrappy at the time, pray tell?

Way down in that crap somewhere.


A story I just saw:  One, according to a Bloomberg article, is that bottled water will outsell soda for the first time.  Per capita estimates have us guzzling bottled water at a rate of 27.4 gallons/person, as opposed to 26.2 for soda.  Flint, Michigan, Aquafina thanks you.

1 comment:

  1. Chris:
    LOL...nice exchange w/ KC.
    ---NOW I know where our bunny went!
    ---Very nice heron picture.
    ---Scrappy missing the GOOD stuff? Nah, never happens.
    ---As for bottled water?
    Well, we're gonna need more landfills for all that crap...unless someone gets creative and turns ALL those bottles (end to end would stretch to the damn moon) into something ELSE we can toss away...OR (better yet)...make them DEPOSIT BOTTLES (like beer).
    You won't find a one on the streets or lawns then, right?
    (yeah, I know...that makes too much sense).

    Very good post.

    Stay safe & keep cool up there, brother.