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Friday, September 2, 2016

Time Machine week 88

Welcome to September 2nd, 1965, where we find former Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater suing Ralph Ginzberg and the ironically named Fact Magazine that he ran.  Why?  Because of this statement in the back of an article about Goldwater during the campaign:

"He consciously wants to destroy the world with atomic bombs. He is a mass murderer at heart. He is amoral and immoral. He is a dangerous lunatic."

3 years later a court awards Barry $75,000.  In 2009, Minnesota Gov Jesse Ventura sued American Sniper Chris Kyle for telling a story that DIDN'T EVEN USE VENTURA'S NAME- and got $1.8 million out of the dead hero's estate.  At a 54% increase per annum between 1965 and 2009, that means that if Donald Trump loses the election and picks any of the many of the Hillary camp to sue over anything they accused him of, he could net...  wow, he could pay his campaign debts with that kinda money!  Or you can look at it this way- Barry's 75K would be worth just over 523K now, so maybe he shoulda sued Ginzburg a little harder...

But don't be too hard on Barry for flunking fiscal policy.  This same day, the DeLong Star Ruby, stolen last October, was ransomed for $25 K- or just under 18% of its insured value.  If Ventura would have agreed to THAT deal, Barry would have come out better!

And with that, welcome to the Labor Day weekend version of Time Machine!  This week, I'm going to have to do some careful crafting in my UK segment as OUR #s 1, 2, and 3 are THEIR 1,2, and 9- in some order!  Also, a little Cashbox history (isn't this ALL CB history, Chris?), the failure for a third week in a row of a six degrees- and why; and the 8th and final M10 #1 of Summer 2016- which also reminds me stay tuned to the end for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about Shady and Granny Clampett's upcoming elopement  about a little holiday weekend bonus!  Quit counting yer money and climb on in!


The Panel this week includes these noteworthies:  KHJ Los Angeles, KPOI Honolulu, WCPO Cincinnati, KSTT Davenport IA  (because, don't you always stt on a davenport?), WMCA New York (where you can hear the Village People do the jingle, "I always listen to W-M-C-A..."), WTRU Muskegon MI, WPLO West Bank, Jordan Atlanta, WNDR Syracuse, WLOF Orlando, KJR Seattle, WICE Providence RI, and WAKR Akron.  They piled up 24 different songs, including two different versions of a song that was being done in slightly altered form by another act- and had a bigger hit!  That story has to do with the McCoys, who had modified the earlier hit My Girl Sloopy, which R&B act the Vibrations took to #23 back the year before.  Their version, Hang On Sloopy, was a bigger hit- it was #14 this week, and on its way to the top- and just missed the Panel Four this week with 6 votes for 10 points.  However, there were also 2 versions of the original My Girl Sloopy on the Panel's charts!  KPOI had a version by the Casuals- which didn't chart- and Seattle was featuring a version by Little Caesar and the Consuls, which was at #78 this week!

The low chart feature has a couple of stories.  In addition to the Casuals' non-charter, Bobby Goldsboro was off the chart-so far- with the b-side of a record called If You've Got A Heart.  Now the a-side (whose name I forgot to record) debuted this week, but this b-side- which was #5 in Atlanta- wouldn't debut until next week.  In the meantime, the low charter this week- which led to a thought I will explore in a bit- is a song that would soon be a big hit- Len Barry's 1-2-3, which starts out this week at 1-4-0.

Any way, the Panel picked:

At #4, we have with nada on the #1s but 15 points, the national # 3, Bob Dylan and Like a Rolling Stone.

At #3, with 25 points and the #1s of Davenport and NYC, the national runner up, Sonny and Cher's I Got You Babe.***

*** At this point, I have to bring up the curious case of S&C loving Syracuse, which had the duo's single Just You (#72 nationally) at their runner up, the falling Baby Don't Go (#54) at their 4-hole, and Sonny's solo Laugh At Me (#21) at their 5-spot- but no I Got You Babe.

At #2, with 32 points- losing a tight race to the winner by 5- and the number ones of LA, Muskegon, Seattle, Providence, and Akron, Barry McGuire's apocalyptic Eve Of Destruction, the national #5.

And at #1- and #2 in the UK- with 3 number ones and 37 points- stay tuned.

CAUGHT YOU- the other #1s went to the DC5 and Catch Us If You Can, which got the top spots in Syracuse and Orlando.


Only one debut on the M10 this week- a band headed by one Danielle Sullivan.  They are called Wild Ones, and come in at #8 with this:

There is a live video out there, but I haven't perused it yet; so in the meantime, here is the Marlene Gold-esque Danielle Sullivan:


So when I found Len Barry "way down there", it made me think of doing a post on "the biggest hits that started at #150"- which would be an ENORMOUS chore and I voted against (but for you trivia buffs, I did see that the #1 Telstar by the Tornadoes started at #149), but thought maybe I could let you in each week on the lowest songs I actually know.  We'll see how this plays out, but this week's "how low can you go":

The Tijuana Brass had Taste Of Honey at #103...
Jonathan King's Everyone's Gone To The Moon at #131...
The Vogues at #139 with You're The One...
The aforementioned 1-2-3 at #140...
and low man is The Kingsmen with Louie Louie at #150 on the way out!


So why no 6D this week?  Well as you know, the 6D victim is the highest charting song on the CB chart that the Panel ignored.  And the Panel did a lot of ignoring!  In fact, they ignored HALF of the national top ten!  In fact, outside the Panel Four, the national top ten got just 2 points, when national #7 Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers got the #4 slot in New York.  So who were these poor "orphans of the Panel"?

4- Beach Boys, California Girls;
6- The Four Tops, It's The Same Old Song;
8- We Five, You Were On My Mind;
9- Supremes, Nothing But Heartaches;
 and 10- Billy Joe Royal, Down In The Boondocks!


Well, I have to say I was kinda stuck today on who was going to deliver the quote to get the UK 10 going.  But research led me to Sir George Shearing, a blind jazz pianist (1919-2011), who said this-

I think it was Duke Ellington who once said that we're always most pleased with our current record. I mean, you have to assume that you learn from one, and you do something better next time. 

 Now, if I thought that was ALWAYS the case, we wouldn't be here.  A lot of acts blow their creativity in one shot, and I really feel that the only acts that are IMPROVING music are the ones that have learned from the past, instead of just "sampling" it.  Anyway, the UK 10 this week:

10- The Kinks with a low-charter here called See My Friend.  It peaked at #111 on Billboard.

9- The US #3, Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone.

8- One of those great songs that deserved better here than a #16 peak at the end of the year- the Walker Brothers' Take It Easy On Yourself.

7- You saw this one in "how low can you go", from which it would emerge and peak in a couple of months- Everyone's Gone To The Moon.

6- Italian vocalist Marcello Minerbi hit with a song from the Zorba The Greek soundtrack called Zorba's Dance.

5- Back in July, Horst Jankowski took Walk In The Black Forest to # 12 here.

4- The last song that Cashbox "combined" their data on to make one hit was called All I Really Want To Do.  Cher would take her half into the top 40, but the Byrds had the bigger hit in the UK.

3- In America, the Rolling Stones had already hit it big and were tumbling, at #31 this week, with Satisfaction.


And at the top of the pops, as you know already, Sonny and Cher's I Got You Babe.



Labor Day weekend ends the summer, and thus I have for you the M10 songs of Summer 2016!  I'll be posting the videos, God willing, on Sunday and Monday!  If you are like me and say, "The only song on the Billboard songs of summer I can stand is Ride by 21 Pilots", tune in to the songs that made MY summer this weekend!


And now, the M10:

Quilt rolls back down from 4 to 10 with Roller.

Jimmy Ruffin holds down #9 again this week- and says he'll stay there Forever My Love.

The dynamic duo (small case) once again each gain 1 spot- Dinosaur Jr's Tiny to #7, and M.A.G.S.' My Love to #6.

The Pom Poms grudgingly slide another pair to #5 with 1-2-3 (their version, not Len Barry's!)

The big move was Keane's jump from 10 to 4 with Somewhere Only We Know.

The Explorers Club (who have another one in the queue warming up- slide out of the top to #3 with California's Callin' Ya.

Shakes, who also have a song on the way later, move another 3 into the runner up slot with Strange Tides.

And at the top?

M10 says:

Phantogram and Fall In Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the Panel's #1- and the UK's #2-

....the Beatles and Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend, the Summer 10 party!  Next week- 1973!


  1. Hi, Chris!

    We are pinned down by bad weather here on the west coast of Florida and unable to travel. Therefore, while the hurricane party lasts, I wanted to hustle over here and listen to your tuneage on my desktop and using my good headphones.

    I wish I knew who leaked the news that Granny C. and I plan to elope to Vegas and get hitched by Elvis. Now that the possum's out of the pouch, I can reveal to you that she's (we's) preggers!

    1965 was a sensational year in pop music and many of my favorite hit-making artists are mentioned in this post. Len Barry is one. Bobby Goldsboro is not.

    I enjoyed Wild Ones. Danielle Sullivan is easy on the eye and ear and the echo drenched "Heatwave" was a pleasant ride.

    It's amazing that major hits like "You're The One" by the Vogues and Len Barry's signature song "1-2-3" began their chart journey at or near the bottom of the Bubbling Under basement. It might be fun for you to identify records that have climbed the greatest distance up the chart to get to the top 5 or to #1, or the ones that took the most weeks to do so.

    It is also an interesting phenomenon that some records lingered on the chart 15 or more weeks and never cracked the top 10 or 20, while other records spent 10 weeks or less on the chart but peaked at a very high position. Falling into this category would be novelty numbers that quickly wore out their welcome. For instance, Napoleon XIV's annoying ditty "They're Coming To Take Me Away" reached #3 but entered and left the chart in just 6 weeks!

    This block of hits proves that 1965 was a tremendous year in music:

    4- Beach Boys, California Girls;
    6- The Four Tops, It's The Same Old Song;
    8- We Five, You Were On My Mind;
    9- Supremes, Nothing But Heartaches;
    and 10- Billy Joe Royal, Down In The Boondocks!

    Examining the above list, you can see that American pop, surf rock, Motown and folk pop were all competing well against the British invaders. Garage, psych, acid, hard rock and heavy metal would soon join the mix. It was a very exciting time to be 15, Chris, and the Shady Dell was on the horizon!

    I will try to check out your song lists on Sunday and Monday, but keep in mind I will be out of town, on the road, and using a tinny sounding laptop on Sunday, then traveling much of the day Monday. I will do my best.

    Thanks, Chris, and have a safe and Scrappy weekend!

    1. Shadester, just glad you ain't out surfing through the neighborhood at this point. Stay safe first, you have the rest of your life to listen to my stuff- unless Mrs. Shady hears about Granny...

      You may have inspired me to revisit my attack on the Bubbling Unders. I do have a long weekend...

      That particular BG hit wasn't near as repulsive as some... nothing you'll see on the M10, but I didn't turn it off until completed for a change.

      I did a post a while back on the amazing long journeys that Morris Albert's Feelings and Paul Davis' I Go Crazy took to get to their peaks, both of them taking well in excess of 20 weeks to peak as I recall.

      And you are right about the quality of the music back then. I wasn't so much surprised by the Beach Boys getting ignored- the Panel rarely favors my very favorite bands- but the Supremes being shat upon was a head scratcher, as were the two classics in between them. It was a pretty neat time to be 3 as well...

      Hey, just wait till you're safe and rested to worry about the videos- it IS a Time Machine, after all.

  2. What fun to relive 1965, which was a pivotal year for me, having moved back to Germany that summer. "Satisfaction" and "Help" are the two songs with the most memories attached, but I remember most of them. Oddly, Sonny and Cher weren't all that popular in Europe, but British and American forces radio certainly played their stuff. Happy Labour Day weekend to you! ☺

    1. It's funny how different artists relate in different parts of the world. I would have guessed, by the UK reaction, that Sonny and Chep would have been bigger in Germany. Of course, I'm the guy who had songs from 6 nations on the M10 a couple weeks back, so whadda I know?

    2. "I Got You Babe" did make it to #3 on the German charts, but I don't remember hearing or reading much about them in the German media. They were plastered all over the British and American magazines like Rave, Tiger Beat, 16, etc. I'll have to check out your previous posts; love the nostalgia!

  3. Chris:
    My God, I was JUST starting high school...whatta flashback!
    ---How our "lawsuit-mentality" has GROWN.
    ---Eve of Destruction - good song.
    (The 'Nam era biggie)
    ---Heatwave - it's a keeper (and Danielle is a cutie)
    ---Pretty surprised about those "bottom-dwellers".
    ---"orphans of the panel" them all.
    ---VERY good Shearing quote, btw.
    ---I think Walk in the Black Forest was an instrumental..?
    ---Agreed on BOTH the M10 AND panel toppers!

    Smooth ride this week.

    Keep the hits comin' from up there, brother.

    1. Wait until you see the two Shady-inspired features planned for next week- I have a statistical anomaly that will blow your mind!