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Monday, October 31, 2016

And now, another political ad...

JUUUUUUUST kidding.  I am about to the point of e-mailing all the candidates on our ballot and saying, "Youse guys have exceeded your advertising allowance; therefore, I ain't voting for ANY of ya!"  But that might leave me connected to Anthony Weiner's porn Tumblr, so I guess they'll just have to read it here, lol!

ANYway, the point of this post is... PICTURES!  Some from Friday, some Saturday, some Sunday, and some today.

Here we are friday in the woods...

...with a stop off at the SPOT!

A little more erosion, a little more tumbling...

...but the same old fun!

The south end of the trail is getting some work done.  As we weren't on bikes, we just snuck under...

Not exactly sure what it is they are doing.  At first, with barrier fence up halfway down the soccer fields, I thought maybe the trial underground sprinklers were going to be extended... but today, it looks more like they're trying to shore up the trail.  Stuff that happens when you tear out trees because your insurance company thinks they're a risk.

Saturday we went out to Mitchell's, and there were a lot of halloween costumes!  Well, technically, about half of them were Cubs jerseys, but nonetheless I made a preventative strike...

...I had Laurie take a pic of me and post it on FB, saying I was disguised as Dent May!  Little did I know that Bill Clinton was photobombing me over my shoulder...

Sunday comes, and Scrappy is bored with Football.  Bring on the baseball game!

Today we decided to attempt North creek...

Not long ago, I thought our colors were fizzling... but today?  Wow!

North creek- harder to get in and out that a lot of spots, but fun once you get in.

And back out at the bridge.

But see, being a keen observer, I had noted that the deer like to do their afternoon naps in the ravine (aka the south bank).  So we snuck along the ravine edge, and...

She never moved until she heard something just before we left.


  1. I think I'm just barely hipster enough to get that Dent May reference. That is hilarious. The look is spot on.

    Oh, and that sweet little deer at the bottom just reminded me of something: John Lennon is overrated and can eat a giant bowl of dicks.

    1. Rarely does someone make my day with a comment so well. And you did it TWICE!

  2. Chris:
    You're right...the colors came out this weekend.
    Your Dent May "costume"...that's downright brilliant!
    That one pic of the leaf on the water...just says so much (to me).
    Scrappy had the right idea with football, too...HA!
    Those photos of the deer are really cool.
    Just stood there and watched you guys.
    They hang at the ravine (note to self, there).

    Excellent walkabouts.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. I came so close to getting that leaf when it hit... and then spent fifteen seconds playing catch-up to the darn thing!

  3. Bloody nice photos, just so you know, my eldest daughter is so bloody annoying she likes to poke me in the ribs to make me jump.