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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Just a walk or two

Fifty degrees, rained last week...and IPFW has sprinklers on WHY?  Just sayin'.

Exploring where we rarely go- the connect between our woods and the Med Park woods.

"Yeah, no trails, this is a bunch of crap..."

First mantis we saw all year... and he picks THIS weather to come out?

Something you don't see on the trail every day... unless you're in Kansas, I guess...

And the duck "Going Away Party..."


  1. Chris:
    Regarding about the reason for the sprinkler water waste being "government SUBSIDIES?"
    Maybe "your tuition money at work"?

    That SECOND picture is spectacular.
    I'd find a way to get an 8x10 (or larger) copy printed, and frame that bugger.
    Nicely done.

    We only had ONE mantis this year too (and I found Hobo playing with it on the back lawn the day after, before I retrieved it and set it back in the garden)...heh.

    The "Kansas" find is something else.

    Looks like the Mallard family was having a nice time, too.

    Good walk.
    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Shoot, IPFW can't afford it anymore, they're so overextended. How many Philosophy profs are biting the big one with their recent "major downsizing?" They just ain't got the sense God gave the goose. And I'm right here to call 'em on it. The least a grateful alumnus can do!

  2. Just a lovely walk indeed, I enjoyed it, the photos are as usual awesome

  3. We were hit hard with flooding by Hurricane Matthew and we saw sprinklers going on people's lawns while other people had their homes and streets flooded. Um, what? I get it. Automatic timers, but do people not think to turn them off just because they didn't get hit as hard as the neighborhood a mile away?

  4. We should cherish these days, right? Before we know it, the landscape will be buried under a blanket of white.

    1. Just when I thought I would avoid that pre-bed depression...