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Monday, October 24, 2016

The walk we missed out on

This was an ugly ugly Sunday... and I'm just as glad it's over.  I was ready to rant, even had it scheduled... but decided to pull it.  It's good stuff, but for the wrong reason, and it might get shared in partiality (I don't think I used that right) later.

So instead, Friday I took some pics so Bobby G wouldn't feel so bad about missing out on the walk we planned (but failed to clear with the higher ups, lol).  Here then everyone, is the annual fall walk- for now, anyway.

First, our cast...

Mr Eager Beaver

Old Bumpy Guy (human edition)
Bright sunny afternoon

A far out look as we hit the 1/4 mile pole.

Brown wooly worm!  See, mild winter!

A lot of pretty colors near the bridge where we marked the 1/2 mile pole.
Mandatory stop at the Green Hole

Across the field at the 3/4 pole

There we have the "classic anvil form"...  
Uh-oh!  Scrappy in hot pursuit of a groundhog...

Knew this wouldn't end well.  Had quite the time reeling dog and leash back underneath the fence...

Looking back from whence we came at the 1  mile marker 

Behind the Duck Pond, 1.25 miles

Old Bumpy Guys take a break

Mile n a half, behind IPFW field
A swamp tree fell across the road in the last couple of days, t'would seem...

1.75 mile gets us the river

And 2 miles puts us behind the Alumni Center, looking back at the woods.
foot of Mushroom Ridge

2.25 at the start of Dead Tree Road

And 2.5 on the back trail.

2.75 miles, right before the Big Guy

Three miles, closing on home

And just for a bonus, here's what we ran into Saturday...


  1. Chris:
    Thanks for being my "proxy" on the Nature Walk...
    Looks like it was s great time.
    The foliage colors are quite vibrant.

    Unfortunately of late, I've had a case (or two) of the "doldrums", and haven't been much fun to be around (I don't even wanna be around me, but I'm stuck there, right?), yeah...that's all part of life, too.

    Really like the woods pics that remind me of a Bob Ross painting.
    The deer was a definite BONUS!
    (and I hope Scrappy still got a treat or three to when he got home.)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. I know about doldrums- though I haven't had the depth or the reason you have this last week or so. Just wait till that far-away day my partner in crime passes and I go off grid for a couple of weeks...

  2. I thought for sure you were going to show some running in the rain pictures at the end there ;)

    1. Missed 'em by a good three hours this time, lol!

  3. Well better to miss out then end up stranded or stumbling over things and then falling and ending up in hospital with an injury oh hang on you are not as clumsy as me

  4. Look on the bright Indians/Cubs World Series.
    A bright side or God making it finally happen before the Apocalypse.

    1. Dear Lord, I hadn't thought of it that last way yet... what was the name of the outfit making Ron Paul's food dehydrator, again?

  5. I'm not sure what I find more concerning, Chris: that you had a horrible Sunday, or that you have an eager beaver. Yikes.


    1. Got me there, m'love, got me there...