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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wanna write in Bugs Bunny? Think again... I found out yesterday only certain candidates, having filed proper paperwork, can be written in.  Now the main "voting page" will list the Republican Trump and Democrat Clinton, as well as the Libertarian Gary Johnson, because their parties have gotten at least 2% in previous elections.  Now, 43 states also allow limited write ins- the dissenters are Arkansas, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and South Dakota.  And you'll note that Indiana is a write in state, which means you'll find a drop down for write-ins that will give you an additional FIFTEEN names to choose from.  And this being a year we could all use a good write in, here are those candidates:

Three candidates I could only find out one thing about:  "...of Indiana."  Those three semi-anonymous candidates are Ric Mullis, Melissa Kelly, and Ray C Brown.  I worked to eye-strain just to find THAT much!

In addition, we have:

Monica Moorehead- in addition to having a name that is a Bill-Clinton-jokester's dream, she is the nominee of the Worker's World Party, which is basically the US of A's active communist party.  She also ran on the WWP ticket in 1996- when she collected a whopping 0.03% of the vote- and 2000, when she racked up 0.004 %.  They didn't field a team in 2012 (guess they were satisfied with Obama's progress), and in 2008 they supported the Green Party candidate (which tells you more than you need to know about them).  Michael Moore, trying to absolve Ralph Nader's run in 2000 for tipping the scales to GW Bush, pinned the tail on Moorehead.  Which tells you more than you needed to know about Al Gore.

Emidio "Mimi" Soltysik- he is the standard bearer of the Socialist Party USA (kinda redundant with Bernie and all), and he has actually made it to the main ballot in 3 places- Colorado (sorry 'bout that, ABFTS), Michigan, and Guam (which really doesn't count since they don't get an electoral vote).

Matthew "none of the above" Roberts (and yes, he is on the ballot WITH the nickname)- He's a PolySci prof from WMU (gotta love the MAC) whose tag line is that "we can only take over the White House if something bizarre happens".

Joseph "Joe Exotic" Maldonado- an odd mix of renewable energy programs, keeping animal rights groups out of politics, pro 2nd amendment, pro choice, single payer healthcare who says, "Obamacare is a joke", and rebuilding Social Security by putting the money back into it.

Laurence Kotlikoff- a big econ prof at Boston U., his wiki claims he is the only write-in with his name eligible on all 50 ballots.  His game is the Fair Tax, Limited Purpose Banking (which would limit financial institutions by allowing their customers to determine how risky of investments they can make), and a voucher-based healthcare system known as the "Purple" plan, which would put decisions in the hands of a board of doctors and allow total spending to be no more than 10% of GDP.  Just for comparison, as of 2015 we were spending 17.1 % on health care.

Denny C Jackson- he's the Mayor of Milton KY, a former social studies teacher and current Baptist Church member and Reds fan who "Just wants to teach a lesson in civics" that anyone can run for President.

Tom Hoefling- running as an independent this time, he ran in 2012 on the America's Party ticket and finished 8th with 40,000 votes.  He is a constitutional defender, who starts his platform with "Our rights come from God" and is a prototype 'tea party' candidate.

Cherunda Fox- you knew there HAD to be one.  A 54 year old half black/half American Indian and retired Protective Services Worker from Detroit, I studied her website and learned mainly two things.  One, she REALLY hates Hillary Clinton and doesn't much like Michelle Obama.  Two, I don't believe she grasps the principle of the electoral college.  Near as I can tell, she's under the misapprehension that getting on a state's write in ballot means you WIN its electoral votes- and thus believes she already has more electoral votes than Obama got.  "America loves me", she says.

Richard Duncan- "I finished 10th in 2012 running on a $5,000 budget."  Good for you, that puts you officially into the "also receiving votes" category.  Just to put you in perspective, Dick, that means you got enough votes to win a Ft Wayne City Council seat, yet still leaving you trounced in the Mayoral race.  Anyway, He's all for wanting to finish off ISIS by bombing them into glass,  and creating incentive zones to lure businesses into certain areas- but only if they hire US citizens only.  His experience- as a member of the Kent, OH, city Board Of Building Appeals and a member of the ACLJ, should prove invaluable as POTUS.

Roque "Rocky" De La Fuenta- a Latino businessman from California, he is a former Democrat superdelegate who ran (though you didn't know it) in the 2016 primaries, totalling a miserable 67,000 votes in all primaries combined. (Now, THAT would have won you Ft Wayne mayor!)  He then became the candidate of the Reform Party, and then formed his own American Delta Party...

No, not THAT Delta Party...

Darrell Castle- Now this guy I knew about from a FB friend who's a supporter.  He is the candidate from the Constitution Party, whose title pretty much tells you the focus here.  He wants the Constitution upheld, the Fed gone and the UN booted, which really ain't a bad deal.  However, his "I'm more Libertarian than Gary Johnson" quote worries me a bit.  If this was any other election, I might go this way.

Jill Stein- you know, the chick all the Bernie fans were supposed to flock to?  She's the candidate from the Green Party, which is basically the Socialist Party USA with an environmental focus- in fact, this year they officially self-described as "eco-socialist."  Jill is a repeat candidate for the GP, having amassed 469,000 votes in 2012 for a whopping 0.36 %.


  1. Don't forget Alfred E. Neuman of the "What Me Worry?" Party...

    I was considering Johnson until Weld started spouting off about his mission being to stop Trump.

    Made me wonder-is the ticket truly a choice or a spoiler for another Clinton realm?

    I don't subscribe to the "wasted vote" theory-I wrote in Ron Paul twice and do not feel that vote was wasted.

    But if the whole point of a campaign is to impact the outcome between the two "major" parties, then it is not a campaign at all.

    In that circumstance, the vote is worse than a waste-you're voting for the other candidate (in this case, Clinton).

    I would vote for Stein before Clinton. I forget why I did not like Castle over Johnson when I was reading up on them over the summer.

    Nobody wins in this election-especially not the female interns who have to choose between sex with Trump or Clinton!

    1. FYI-the last comment was half in jest.

      I struggle with why all these people waited until now to complain about Trump? If you were offended, why didn't you come forward when it happened?

  2. My problem with casting a vote for any of these people is this: When I listen to the news and they talk about what an uphill battle at this point that it will be for Trump to beat Hillary... why would I vote for any of these people? (I'm not saying the polls are right, mind you. They might be right. They might not. But this election is obviously Trump or Clinton. Voting for anyone else is just tossing your vote in the trash. And that's just my two cents. And maybe that's all it's worth...

    1. RObin-why I disagree with you on "tossing you vote into the trash" is, sometimes both choices are equally appalling (like in 1996, 2004, 2008 and 2012).

      In 1996 and 2004 I voted for a man for the office of president that I really did not want as my President. I swore I would never do that again.

      I wrote in Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, and I do not feel like I threw my vote away at all.

      I was leaning towards Johnson before his running mate made statements that make the campaign look like a ploy to steal votes from Trump, and had those statements not been made and I voted that way, I'd have felt good about that one, too.

      The truth is, no one single vote matters (except in that Kevin Costner movie) and people should vote their conscience. If yours says a third party vote is a throwaway, go with that.

      Isn't it sad that Trump and Clinton are the two best candidates America has to offer?

    2. I have heard this argued on both sides for two weeks straight. My opinion thus: In a normal election, I'd go with Larry. But Hillary is such an abominable, unspeakable evil (or the political equivalent thereof), I'm on Robin's side this round.

  3. I don't understand voting in the states, here you get two sheets of paper one a big ass white sheet that is divided in half and a smaller green sheet you have to fill in I can't remember I think 5 or 6 numbers above the line or 15 below the line. You can pick to vote for a party or you can vote for individual people. Tim is one of those people who does a donkey vote meaning he votes for say bug bunny a vote that doesn't count which really pisses me off.

    1. Well, it's like this: You go behind a curtain to a computerized voting machine. It has two or three pages of people to vote for (or you can vote the party ticket and have done with it). Apparently, we also have a "write-in line" which you can type in the name of someone besides the big party candidates. Then you hit enter, the machine changes all your votes to Democrat candidates, and... oh, wait, that's in Chicago and California only.

  4. I am approaching 600 electors with my alternates and yeah, Obama is mine. I have won. I cost me 32,115.00 to do what it cost Clinton and Trump to do with 8 billion. I am not fond of either white candidate. They cheat contributors of every color. Who do you want handling your tax dollars? Don't answer that. I don't think you grasp the concept.

    Cherunda Fox
    Fox for President 2016

    1. And there she is, Ms Cherunda Fox. And I guess I did grasp her website better than I thought. She DOES believe getting on the ballot wins you the election! Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to come back often.

      Seriously though, ma'am, I am not in opposition to any of your positions that I actually understood. But here's the thing- you may be on the ballot, but you don't get the electorals until the election. Anyway, good luck and have a nice evening.

    2. Hey, she's got three followers, so she rocks.

    3. That's a follower for every 200 electors...

  5. Chris:
    I didn't see Evan McMullin listed there...he's a former CIA operative (and yes, he's a Mormon - no one's perfect...heh), but at least he has REAL conservative values.
    As for all the rest,...I still like Herman Cain, Ted Cruz, and Alan Keyes.!
    Yeah, I can dream.

    Good post and comments.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Evan I have heard mentioned before, but he must not be on the Indiana list. And come on, you're gonna vote for Ms Fox here, anyway, right?

  6. You didn't see my reparations program that creates a minimum of 105 jobs and reparates 35 Million descendants of slaves, the 1 Trillion in Education and the Balanced Budget reducing our deficit by 16 Trillion without costing the American Taxpayer 1 thin dime. All you see is that I don't care for Hillary or Michelle. You should be fired or shut down this web site as you are manufacturing the truth.

    1. Okay, so let's take this slowly.

      First, I sure hope your plan is creating more than 105 jobs. Assume you left out a 000 or a million or whatever.

      Second, I'm not of the persuasion that descendants of slaves are owed anything at this point. You're welcome to go try and get it out of the descendents of slave OWNERS, and good luck with that.

      Third, no I didn't see your economic plan, because your website is just too disorganized to spend all day hunting it. However, the part about not costing taxpayers anything sounds like Bernie Sanders math to me.

      Fourth, second amendment and all. That allows me to say what I saw on your website (and tell me, did I state anything FALSE?), just like it allows you to come here and demand I be fired from a job that pays me nothing and brings entertainment to thous... er, hundre... er, lets go with, dozens of people. You are just being mean spirited because I didn't praise your accolades. Tell you what, since you are President already, I guess you can do with me what you like, but keep this in mind- because of this post, Thous... er, dozens of people who would have never heard of you got to hear your campaign goals for free! You should be thanking me...

  7. So I guess Al Penwasser is not a viable write-in? Especially since Cherunda has locked up the coveted "Crazy" Demographic.

    1. If Al was viable, do you think I'd vote for a rabbit?