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Monday, October 17, 2016

Where the action is...

This post is about how Scrappy saved the day yet again, and we found out where the deer hang out.  First, I take you back to last Thursday...

Where Scrappy insisted something was up behind the IPFW main soccer  field... and it centered on this trash can...

...wherein a half starved raccoon lie.  This will be the second time now that we've let a coon out of a can on the soccer grounds.

One would assume he got out- we knew he wouldn't while we were anywhere around, so we left.  Next day, both coon and can were gone.

Later on California Road, we watched the Harvest Moon rise.   Right below it, two deer looked at us.  By the time we saw them, they took off.  But the story was not yet told...

Then we saw a bunny, whom Scrappy made a late and unsuccessful attempt to chase...

"Darn it, he was just here..."

But then, as we crossed the south end of the bunny field heading towards the Alumni Center, we saw them....

... an entire herd of five lazily grazing just north of Coliseum.

We crept as close as we dared without chasing them into traffic, as the sun set.

The next night, same route, same time...

And this time, I counted six of 'em...

Yes, that's one laying down in the center...

"Hey!  What about ME!"

Sunday, we took an earlier walk.  I forgot the camera, so you didn't get to see the game of leash tag Scrappy and Mr Bunny played down Ground Hog Road.  We'd get about a leash-length away and the bugger would run ahead a bit.  Repeat this three times before Mr Bunny, almost waiting too long on the last one, disappears into the brush.  For his part, Scrappy noticed, he saw, and sniffed every spot the bunny sat... but wasn't all that desirous of actually chasing him.


  1. Oh i love all the deer pics.
    We have tons of rabbits in our neighborhood and Lila is wild about them. Literally she will eat them if she catches them which isnt pretty.
    I am sad for the raccoon. I hope its ok.

    1. Me too. Didn't look to be in as good of shape as the last one we liberated. But he's prolly better off with us finding him and letting him out than what would have happened if the IPFW ground crew had gotten to him first...

  2. Wow what bloody nice photos, raccoons are not an animal I have ever seen not sure if we even have them here down under that said I still liked the photos and hope it was ok

    1. I've never heard of Coons making their way down there either. They are our favorite garbage thieves.

  3. Oh deer, Scrappy decided to cut his losses. He's smart that way. Raccoons looks so innocent but they can be vicious.

    Have a blessed week, my friend.

    1. Yup, I take no chances. Get his leash as short as it goes, kick the can away from us, and make a loooong circle around.

  4. Chris:
    Laddie, you've got a streak of old St. Francis in 'ya...always nice to see someone with a real heart for the fauna in the area.
    (and that raccoon better NOT wind up down here on my
    Great pictures of the deer (and bunny).
    I'd watch driving around that area (although others most likely won't).
    Poor critter have less and less area "to themselves" with man's encroachment upon their habitat.
    That full moon was spectacular, wasn't it?
    At least the FOUR-footed among us didn't get all crazy, right?

    Excellent post.
    (note to yourself - always keep a camera on you, btw)

    Stay safe up there, brother.