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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Because we need good things in life...

...this is going to be mainly a picture post.  So to the idiots on both sides spewing "alternative facts", the blogger who announced this AM their return after dealing with, among other things, the "election of the Orange Hitler", the woman who made a stupid scene on a plane and got thrown off, and the "commented on by a friend" meme that was as tasteless as anything put out so far that didn't come from the mouth of Madonna or Rosie O'Donnell, please refer back to this.  The rest of you that can think past divisions and sound bytes and actually LIVE a life, this is for you.

I think the "new pole crew" are having some difficulties with the wet weather.  Maybe if the Plex/IPFW hadn't decided that growth along the canal was a bad thing, it might be more stable... but that's just me.

Friday we went to the soggy duck pond.  We... may have damaged that fencing on the way in...

River side- definitely eating into the trail.  South side was way worse.

Couldn't have set there for five more seconds...

Saturday, the Peanut came for a visit...

Well, maybe THIS time...

Darn it, dad!  I'm watching the game...

Grandma, you so funny...


And Sunday, before the rains, we got to see the Three Amigos..

Definitely Blacktails, just doing the water cooler thing at the pond...


  1. Love those Three Amigos!! Very cool!
    Nothing better than a little bit of baby lovin.

  2. Chris:
    ---I have no formal schooling with landscaping on a LARGE scale like this, but even I KNOW that removing foliage along a waterway DOES accelerate EROSION and creates more instability along said waterways.
    ---"May" have in it.
    ---Trail? What trail? looks like a small swamp-buggy may be needed.
    ---Wow, Peanut is getting big already, too!
    (he watched the game? Hope he bet on
    ---The 3 Amigos...HA! Now that's entertainment.

    Nice walkabout. Looks like this time, no soaking.

    Stay safe (and dry) up there, brother.

    1. "Damage" is such a HARSH term... after all, that WAS an "after" pic, lol...

      Like I said, the south side was even worse- kinda "water disguised as grass"...

      Actually, Peanut was Saturday and it was believe it or not a very boring Mad Ants game...

      BTW- NObody at Casa Martin bets on TB12...

  3. Babies are adorable just saying, if you have a scene on a plane expect to get booted off

    1. Luckily, being Grandpa I am immune from prosecution.

  4. In that third picture, especially since your pooch's head is down, I quickly read it as "River side - definitely eating the trail.' And then I just thought it was funny that your first instinct was not to stop him, but to snap a picture of him eating the trail.

    Yeah, never mind me.

    1. You know, he has a Dalmatian friend that every time we run into each other, the dogs sit there and eat grass. So actually a somewhat appropriate assumption, lol!