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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Trump progress report

So for a few days you won't be seeing new pictures from me.  I believe yet another USB cable has assumed room temperature, but I won't know until I pick one up.  In the meantime, I'm going to do a bit of "fair and balanced" thoughts on President Trump.

Has he done a good job?  People, he hasn't been on the job that long.  Congress has been too busy pissing over his appointees to work on any of his legislation.  And let's face it, much of what has happened thus far has been good-looking show.  But because I have been defending him against pointless attacks from people who just hate- with a little debate with people with actual real, thinking opinions thrown in- I haven't been able to look at things as perhaps I would have normally.  I'm going to try to bring up some of these things now.

First, let's get the Swedish thing off the table.  I have heard this described as the blundering statement of a semi-deranged mind.  I have heard it described as a stroke of genius in forcing thinking people to look at just what Sweden is hiding.  Are they hiding something?  Well, if you hit places like Sweden's security services website, you'll find the threat of terrorism poo-pooed.  Or statistics that show that Sweden's crime rate hasn't blossomed despite taking on more immigrants per capita than most anyone. (Which is a controversial subject not on tonight's schedule.)  But if you weed out all the articles that Google so kindly attach Trump's name to, you find a LOT of articles from 2014-6 talking about an ever-increasing terrorist threat, and that Sweden had heretofore been "naive" about the terrorist threat.  Even saw one guy posting on a FB thread claiming he was from Sweden and that Swedish media was bending over backwards in cooperation with the government to keep the fact that Sweden is just as messed up by immigrant crime as the rest of Europe.  Can I prove that? No.  But sometimes when you find NOTHING, it's because someone's got a cloaking field up.

As for Trump's part?  It is really hard to tell, because so much of the things he claims become real battles to back up.  In the end, a way is found to 'back them up', but when you are busily trying to eviscerate the media on false stories, one should try to tell the provable truth.  Especially when you know you have a "reporter" waiting to trap you and yours on some picadillo around every corner.

How about that war on the media?  Actually, like Rush Limbaugh says, this is brilliant strategy.  With the MSM so virulently against him, he has little other course open to him that will work.  Fortunately for him the ones calling him a blundering liar are fairly easily proven to be blundering liars themselves, so I think on that level the MSM has finally got the government they deserve.

One thing I have been way behind on my take on is his appointments.  Most of the people in his cabinet I have had no problem with.  I have found MOST (not all) attacks against them petty and ineffectual, even ironic- the idea of criticizing Ben Carson as HUD sec on the basis of "experience" is especially laughable considering he has more experience for THAT job than our previous President had for HIS job.  Betsy DeVos I would have to classify as "a different matter altogether", but I can't imagine she'll do any more damage to her department than Loretta Lynch did to hers.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to have substantive  discussions about any of them since the left has been so busy attacking them as "racist", "homophobic", "Islamophobic", or "in bed with the Russians".  At worst, we have had charges stick of doing the job before you are confirmed, and not knowing proper grizzly protection etiquette in Montana schools.

I'm still waiting for the left to begin their assault on "all the military guys Trump's appointing" and how it shows he's setting up a military dictatorship.  Of course, I've been dropped as a friend by the one person who consistently tried to compare Trump to Hitler (and being Jewish, she shoulda been damn ashamed of herself), so maybe it has started and my friends haven't started poking fun at it on their timelines yet.  Me?  I'm thinking maybe if we'd have had a few more good military men in the LAST administration, Chris Stevens et al would still be alive.  Yes, I know, supposedly Trump had a copy of Mein Kampf, but guess what?  It's in the top 3,000 books on Amazon, so he ain't exactly alone.

Finally, as I'm typing this last night and it's getting close to bedtime, the Twitter thing.  Here's my take on this.  Bill Clinton went on Jimmy Kimmel and played sax while POTUS.  Obama did an interview on some d-list YouTube show.  And you want me to say Trump is undermining the dignity of the office?  Buddy, that boat sailed.  Do I think it's the most intelligent way to do things?  Sometimes.  I think he needs to edit his posts and choose his battles better.  But it's sound strategy in this day and age.

In closing, I'd have to say I usually be more in the "making a good start" category than the "let me boot him right in the ass" one- somedays it's about a 60-40 split, some a little higher.  But I'm not hopeful because of my blind allegiance to an agenda.  I'm hopeful because I want to see a better, more prosperous, united America that takes care of its own- and does it first.  If that makes me a Nazi, well, you and I have different ideas on the subject of evil.


  1. Chris:
    ---Shame you couldn't drop down and take a look at the (extra) USB cables we have. Without knowing what TYPE of adapter is at the other end, I have no idea what 'ya might need (the price is right - free).
    ---Agreed...Trump has NOT been on the job THAT long, but he HAS held a REAL job before this (something the LAST president can't really say...LOL).
    ---I'm GLAD you brought up the SWEDEN thing (that makes the two of us...and counting).
    I read somewhere (been trying to find the source) where if Sweden goes at the current (Muslim) immigration rate, the SWEDES will become a MINORITY in their OWN country within 20 yrs.
    ---I'd love to see Trump hand the lame-streamers their heads on a plate by holding up TANGIBLE reports on what he says.
    (and I'm not a major Trump fan)
    ---Been following Limbaugh on this, and yes, he is SO correct.
    ---As for allegations about Hitler and race hatred and anti-Semitism. I've got a copy of the Commie Manifesto, but I SURE AS HELL ain't no "red-flagger"!
    (add anti-Nazi to that, also)
    ---The tweet thing could be toned down, and you don't REALLY have to fight every, single battle. Better to fight the ones you can win decisively and quickly and move on.
    (worked for Schwarzkopf, Patton, MacArthur and Grant well enough)
    ---That's a great closing argument, and I haven't heard it put in such a succinct and positive way yet by anyone else.

    Good post.

    Stay safe (and well-informed) up there, brother.

    1. See that's the thing, one doesn't have to be a major Trump fan to see what jerkwads his enemies are being. And it's gonna cost them future votes.

  2. As you said the man hasn't been in the job long enough to know what type of job he is doing, like it or not he is the man in the top job, I didn't vote for him but enough did to get him into the top job so how about people just let him do his best for a while before saying he totally sucks. The Brits need to accept he is POTUS and deal

    1. The Brits are having a hard time dealing since the BBC is constantly fanning the flames. I really like their world coverage, but their Trump coverage is worse than MSNBC.

  3. I agree, he hasn't been in office long enough for us to say he has been doing an outstanding job or for us to say he sucks. I understand why he uses Twitter to go directly to his base because MSM is so biased but I wish he would dial it back. There aren't enough characters to communicate properly. I miss the days of a president being held to a higher standard. But I guess this is the age of social media, isn't it?

    1. I agree completely. I wish there was still "the dignity of the Office" as a consideration, if only from the public info standpoint.