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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dumb stories

For whatever reason, I don't feel this post really goes under a Newspage Go or MWN format... how about just a collection of stupidity.

First deal- the Saudi ship that got attacked this week near Yemen (yes, one of those wonderful failed states under the "ban").  Now, if you listen to the Houthi rebels who achieved the event, the ship, a Saudi "Al Madina class frigate" (you figure that out), was "destroyed" by an anti-ship missile.  If you listen to the Saudi's, there were no missiles, just three suicide boats.  Two were prematurely suicided by the ship, the third got through, and the ship put out the fire caused by the explosion and went back on patrol.  If you are the US Navy, you are speculating that the suiciders thought they were going after a US ship in the neighborhood.

Now, having seen the video that turned up, shot by yet another "it's an amazing event and I can't possibly figure out how to record a decent video on my phone" cinematographer, I would have to say the Houthi Version was embellished in the extreme, and the ship showed no signs of  real damage.  Which of course makes me give more credence to the US Version, especially since the idiots reportedly were yelling "Death to America!  Death to Israel!" on the way in.  That's the first thing I personally would yell before striking a shipful of Arabs...

Second story- and I won't traumatize you with the video- in China, a family outing to the zoo turned imbecilic when dear ol' Dad and his buddy, unwilling to pay the (in the neighborhood of ) $19 entry fee per head, climbed a nine meter solid fence- and dad jumped in, only to discover it was the tiger exhibit on the other side, and dad was dinner guest du jour.  There is really something about the Far East and tigers; it was just last July when another Chinese adventure included a woman getting out of her car IN A SAFARI PARK to argue with her hubby, and when a tiger came after her, her Mom jumped out to save her and became lunch for three.

Now, I'm not going to speculate on the collective intelligence of a people who can't seem to grasp that wild animals are more dangerous than spending a sawbuck, but it does seem to prove that tigers like Chinese takeout.

Third story- it seems we have a Ft Wayne resident that thinks that freedom of political thought includes hanging President Trump on his front lawn- in effigy, of course.  I would have hoped that there were some corners of the world where intelligence can rise above agenda-driven hatred, but once again I give my fellow man too much credit.  Last night, a FB friend who is accepting of the POTUS but was never a fan got "comment raided" by an imbecile whose most coherent of several similar and mostly profane comments was "Trump idiots."  No idea who he was, why he couldn't grasp he was barking up the wrong tree, and when he was done HE blocked my friend.

Now, I know that there are "wingnuts" on all sides.  But if you want to argue with the flat stupidest people, who wouldn't change their minds if you told them don't walk out in front of that speeding semi, just hint you support Trump, and they'll find you.  On the bright side, their collective stupidity will just end up making those they support look dumber by extension, so troll away.

Fourth story- a woman in Northern Australia called the police to complain that her marijuana dealer jacked up his prices.  After complaining that they should do something about his outrageous prices, the police dutifully asked for a few more details.  At this point, her remaining brain cell fired up and she hung up.  Tell me again, all you states trying to legalize pot, just why we would do that...  I realize some people find this a great remedy for certain pains, but I personally am glad that my "youthful experimentation" (which might be a slight understatement) didn't leave me a liberal, or worse.

Fifth story- a bit of a combination of the last two, IMHO.  Ladies and gentlemen, once again, Whoopi Goldberg.

"We have had a leader who's repeatedly demeaned women, wants to defund organizations that benefit women, calling on the media to shut up, specifically wants to give preferential treatment based on religion, are these values really much different than the Taliban's?" Goldberg asked.

So, when did Trump start prosecuting women for adultery when they report rape?  When did Trump bust into a media outlet killing people?  And when did the Pope get nominated for the cabinet?  It never fails to amaze me how wise hollywooders can sound in TV shows and movies, but then turn off the camera, put aside the character, and they become total morons.  Perhaps the View should join the actors going on strike until Trump is no longer President.

Final story- and the headline reads:

Argentines set world record for most people floating at one time

Now I thought this was another Marijuana story, but apparently they have a lake, Epecuen, that does a pretty good Dead Sea imitation, so in order to break another silly world record, 1,941 people floated hand in hand in it for 30 seconds.  Now to me, how much of a record is it when you are in water so saline you can't sink?  I think they really just set the record for holding hands while lying prone.


  1. Chris:
    I dunno...all these stories seem to come under the banner of WIDE WORLD OF
    That's some crazy-ass stuff out there, and you barely scratched the surface.
    Love the tiger/lunch story.
    ---As to the Trump effigy...
    I took my "stand" on it today, such as it is for whoever cares about it.
    It's a real two-edged sword here, no doubting that.
    ---As for the rest of the Trump-bashing from the leftards?
    The phrase "stupid by association" comes to mind...LOL.
    Also, you may not wish (or want) to defend the president, but the FACTS, and something we call the TRUTH compel you to do otherwise.
    (not that he needs defending - he seems to be able to handle things himself, well enough...just maybe not in the best manner available).
    These Marxist loons out there HAVE to realize that sooner or later, they just may get bored with THEIR OWN LIES.
    (that day can't come soon enough)

    Very good post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. I'll be over to see your take- presumably after dinner, as I just finished TM.

  2. The fourth story had me remembering when one of my parents neighbours called the cops to complain that another neighbour stole his plants when asked what type of plants he started to stumble and realised he couldn't say what type of plants.

    All in all these stories had me shaking my head and thinking what idiots