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Saturday, February 18, 2017

It's 60 on Friday in February, so...

...Let's take a walk with scrappy and Chris!

First off, just after finding a big, dead raccoon (that'll be making the trail fun soon)..

Wow, that's new...

Hmm... green things...

We haven't stopped at the creek forever!

Always has to take me "over the precipice"... NOT fun...

Way down we go...

Somebody's having big fun!

Later, Daddy takes a brief nap on the "big hump"- a big and old dirt-dump that is now a hill near the creek

What's the matter, Scrappy?  Are you ready to keep going?


View from the Big Hump

And along south end of IPFW (PUFW?  PUNE?  Their new name choices give you a choice between a fart and "puny?" How about "the University that cares nothing about nature and knows nothing about Conservation?"  TUTCNANAKNAC!) soccer field.

A squadron defending the approaches to the duck pond  were easily scattered.

"Good, 'cause I'm trying to track something here..."


  1. Chris:
    --Good to see both of you out and about, having "fun".
    --I don't recall that hump, either. Did we walk past it, or was it created AFTER we were there?
    --The creek doesn't look that bad, considering the rain we had not that long ago.
    --I can hear Scrappy's bark
    He's such a great pet to pal around with.
    (even if he takes daddy down that precipice now and then).
    --LMAO...I was going through the same thing with the new NAME of the college.
    I'm sorta fond of PUFW...kinda spells it out very well, especially when it comes to nature and conservation, as you mentioned.
    (then again, I've been saying PU Fort Wayne for a LONG time...heh)
    --I would be the oddball trying to FEED the geese, but, you know me by now.

    Excellent walkabout.
    Keep on loving the nice weather.

    Stay safe up there, brother
    (and tell Scrappy we all say "hi" and that he's a good-boyyyy)

    1. The Hump is to the south and west of the bridge we took the pictures on, pretty much buried in undergrowth when we went past. Pretty much this is the rare time of year it is accessible.