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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Just to warm you up...

...I have a neat story of Scrappy coming up Monday, but until then here's some pics of us in the muck and mud of a nice warm day.

Birds singing, squirrels playing...

Suddenly Scrappy veers off the trail to see something...

..nearly making me fall in THAT...

...and ultimately turning back around- JUST after I "fell across"...

"If you went barefoot, the mud and water wouldn't bug you so much..."

Ever hear of the book, A River Runs Through It?  Yeah, this was like that...


  1. Did you get snow your way? We had a bit of a storm on Thursday. Not a crippling event. No school; we had to go to work to shovel, but it really wasn't bad. A lot of the snow is gone and I wouldn't be surprised if virtually all of it was gone by Monday.

    1. Yep, had a little under an inch, mostly gone by last night.

  2. Chris:
    Man, looks like you could have used some serious BOG-BOOTS for navigating around there.
    Sure didn't look like that when we were hiking along those paths (thank God).
    Scrappy with muck between his pads...oy, that's gotta be nasty.
    Hope he got all cleaned up.
    Still, musta been a good day, temperature-wise to go walking.

    Stay safe (and mud-free) up there, brother.

    1. Our patented Scrappy cleaning process is go home through tall grass.

  3. I spent the weekend with sweat dripping off me wanting to cool down not warm up, although on Saturday my mum was unwell and she couldn't get warm it was 40°c and she was cold as.