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Monday, February 27, 2017

Pictures are back... here's what you missed the last few days...

Can you believe, a first flower sighting on February 20th?

Redwings and robins at play

All kind of birds out that day.  Woodies...

...and nikes...

Day to sit out back.
Scrappy parties with the neighbor's doggie...

Too fast to be captured on camera, BUT when mom said it was time to go, he comes to ME begging me to let him stay, lol!

Later in the week, the Bluebirds of happiness make their return...

Sunday, Grandma Laurie goes to visit Peanut


  1. Chris:
    Very pleasing to see ALL the birds there. We never seem to get ANY bluebirds or redwings down here.
    (plenty of SPARROWS, though)
    Have yet to see or hear any robins.
    Scrappy wanted to stay...wonder why?
    And, who would have thought that the NIKES were out THIS early in the year?
    Won't be long before the long-tongued ADIDAS will come around, right?

    Good post and great pictures.

    Stay safe up there, brother.