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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Next Blog Button revisited...

Almost one year ago, I did a bit I called "The 'Next Blog' Button", wherein I went to YOUR blogs, hit that "next blog" button, and had a laugh at what you led me to.  And while I thought about doing a MWN tonight, I just couldn't get interested in what moth eaten celebrity said what about Trump, or which executive order led to that celebrity's deportation/castration/institutionalization, and I thought this might be fun again.  Now, before I get started, rest assured I did not ignore you if you don't see your blog here.  Either you don't comment all that much and wondered if I'd get a laugh, or your blog connected to something very near and dear to your own heart, or I just couldn't figure out which udder to squeeze to milk the comedy from it.

So let's see what I found this time!

At Bee Bee's 50's, Fabulous, and Forever a Jersey Girl, I found a dude writing in Norwegian about Japanese animation.

Eburgie sundied likee Bisbee...
At A Beer For The Shower, I got a post on the Golden Globes, of all things!  The post-er was a "journalism student, lover of penguins, cocktails, lingerie, and worrying too much."

Whoa, I think that's MY blog...

At Larry's Back In The USSR blog, I got a post titled "Nazi Malaysia", wherein the whole post was a picture of this guy with the caption "F***ing Nazi":

When I did a couple of clicks to see if Google knew who this was, what I got was- no lie- "Best guess? Public speaking."

I can't say that I got anything real great off of Holli's blog laugh-wise, but the next blog, described as "Growing old disgracefully", had an interesting flip card feature, where the page was full of thumbnails that when you moused over them, flipped to show you the title of the post it linked to.  Which I thought was kinda cool.

Jo-Anne's place linked me to a photography site, of which the first three pictures were of a blurry cat's face, a doorknob, and a fuse box.  Might want to work on the subject matter on that one.

The commentary of my counterpart across the aisle, Roland Hansen, met up with a self-described "Independent Connecticut Yankee."  I was gonna ask how that was working for him, but then I looked over and saw "Followers (0)."

My lovely mother of four Monkey Butt linked up with some dude from London who apparently hates everything, including winter, America, the Brexit, and the BBC.  And that's without scrolling down...

My man Bobby G I had a bit of a problem with.  The first one I went to was a "small country blog by a small country couple," who hadn't posted since September.  So I said, "They haven't been posting, so let's give them a mulligan."  And I tried again.  And this time, I got a "Southwest Georgia Storm Tracker" who hadn't posted since summer 2014.  I sure hope he got bored (or smart) and not caught.

If you remember the last time I did this, MY blog went to "this blog has been removed".  This time, I hit on the blog of the continuing adventures of a graduate of the Kansas School of Art, who featured among his graphic drawings "dendrite cell illustration", "chromosome replication in bacteria", and "inflammation illustration."  I would show you some of his stuff- especially his dendrite , which looks like a creepy 8-tailed sperm- but he very sternly warns against doing so without permission.  And I kinda doubt he'd go for "So we can have a laugh at your expense" as a viable reason.


  1. Chris:
    ROFLMAO...I had all but forgotten about that segment you had...glad YOU didn't.
    Those are pretty weird and wacky blogs.
    (figures you'd have "problems" with MINE...HA!)
    Well, at least it didn't transport you inside a confession dial in some castle, right?
    THAT would be a bit awkward...
    (and TIME consuming)

    Good post.

    Stay safe (for that next blog) up there, brother.

    1. Frankly, I'd have took the confession dial over work today...

  2. Your blog took me to Ann's Creative Photography, and her work is actually quite good....

    I see you skipped mine again.

    1. Um, no, but you were one of those I was warning about at the beginning that didn't have a connection to a humor value. It was called "Pacific: A Man Under Authority" and was dedicated to his Christian faith, which I am not about to mock. Next year, I PROMISE I'll hit it over and over until I hit something like dendrites for you too!

  3. Your next blog button took me to a blog called Kassandra Griscoe and she hadn't posted in over a year so kinda boring her last post was titled Peter Pan and was about not wanting to be a grown up

    1. Well, at least that is appropriate to me, even if the boat has sailed...

  4. How'd you find my second blog? I love getting penguins in lingerie drunk on cocktails and then worrying that my report on the night's events was too much.

    When I clicked 'next blog' on your blog, I got a collection of really bad poetry from an old man. I mean... really bad.

    cat purrs
    trees bloom
    spring comes again

    earth turns
    blood pulses
    another day dawns

    empty spaces yawn
    silence deafens
    tears well

    the thing happened
    now who am I
    or who was I

    where do dreams go
    when time stops
    is there a self

    Please don't quit your day job, old dude.

    (Also, I don't know if I got a chance to say it last time, but I LOVE this whole 'next blog' thing)

    1. I seem to have really good luck with yours. I'll have to try and remember- February=next blog button...

  5. Well at least you gave mine a whirl. Sorry it didnt produce anything funny though. very clever idea for a blog post though. :)

    1. Not every one's a winner. There are just too many quality blogs out there!

  6. That's hilarious! I've neer done that.

    1. Amazing what boredom can do for creativity, ain't it?

  7. Mine goes to "wanderings from an ancient mind"... which seems to be also ancient, having not posted since June of last year. :)

    1. It's a brave person who names their blog that... or else they just don't have many smartass friends...

  8. Too bad Wordpress doesn't have such a feature. That was a fun exercise. Your next blog button took me to a site called "Steel Cut Oats" and the post was a summary of a Grateful Dead concert from 1977.

    1. Funny how you sometimes get similar buttons when you have regular discussions, for example music, on your blog. However, I never made "deadhead" status, lol!