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Friday, February 3, 2017

Time Machine co-ordinates: VVI4142370

So today we land in February 3rd, 1970.  And today... apparently nothing happened.  But yesterday, yesterday... nothing happened, unless you count the groundhog NOT seeing his shadow.  But 100 years ago today, the 15th amendment was ratified, giving the vote to blacks for the first time.  So I'm sure someone was celebrating today.

Anyway, welcome to a history making Time Machine, because this week's election selection gets kicked to the electoral college- and there's some controversy about that!  Also, a rather different 6D, one new M10 debut, and the first appearance on TM of... The Mod Squad!  Not so nothing NOW, is it?  Well, is it...?


Let's kick things off with our opening debut on the M10.  This lady was 15 going on 16 when she covered Hall and Oates' Maneater on the 2013 Ben Stiller flick The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.  She's now 19, and has a new single from her upcoming THIRD EP.  Then, and now, she is- Grace Mitchell.

Grace comes in at #10 this week.


Our election involved 43 stations and 21 contestants, but in a little while, I'll tell you why it really boiled down to just 2 songs.  Or three.  Or four, depending on how you wanna look at it!  But the contenders for this week's group are:

Mark Lindsay and Arizona, which was #12 on Cashbox this week.
Simon and Garfunkel with Bridge Over Troubled Waters, which just debuted at #67 (minor clue).
The Lemon Pipers and Come Saturday Morning, still stuck in the BU Universe at #108.
The King with Don't Cry Daddy at #6.
Vanity Faire with Early In The Morning (the one with the harpsichord, not the dance hit by the Gap Band years later), #11.
Sly and the Family Stone, with the b-side of their two sided single, Everybody Is A Star, #43.
Bobbie Gentry with Fancy, #35.
Dionne Warwick's I'll Never Fall In Love Again, #10.
Eddie Holman with Hey There Lonely Girl, #17.
The almighty Jackson Five with I Want You Back, the CB runner up.
Rupert Holmes' early band, The Street People, with Jennifer Tompkins, #38.  Rupert will factor into our post later... but is it here?
Wilbert Harrison, best known for his 1959 hit Kansas City, with Let's Work Together, #37.
The greatest band of all time, the Guess Who with No Time, #13.
Original Caste's version of One Tin Soldier, #54.
BJ Thomas' classic Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head, #3 this week.
Brook Benton's Rainy Night In Georgia, #33.
This week's President, Tommy James, with She, the CB #40.

But, with a bullet!  Right?

Actually, no.  You peaked at 19 two weeks ago, and...

Well, thanks for giving that away.  Now, who's gonna vote for me?

Well, seeing's as you only got the one vote, I was about to eliminate you anyway, so...

Man, your President thing sucks!

Yeah, well, you don't get a salary for it, either, so...

Seriously?  Man, I am out of here...

At least stay for the afterparty, there's some sweet cherry wine in the fridge...

Man, that's so very fine...

Ok, anyway, where were we?  Oh, yes.
Sly Stone and the a-side of his single, Thank You Fallettenme Be Mice Elf Again, #4.
Shocking Blue with this week's #1, Venus.
Tom Jones with Without Love, #9.
And finally, Simon Stokes and the Nighthawks with Voodoo Woman, a song that would climb to #90 on Billboard in December, but would crap out at #134 on CB.

Now, to the aforementioned thinning of the herd.  Do not vote for the one-vote wonders from Brook Benton, Elvis, Bobbie Gentry, Sam Stokes, Simon and Garfunkel, Eddie Holman, Wilbert Harrison, Tom Jones, the Lemon Pipers, the Guess Who, Street People, Vanity Faire, our embittered President Tommy James, Original Caste, or Dionne Warwick.  That still leaves you six contenders, and good luck with that!


Our 6D victim- were I to go that route- would have been the Supremes with their recent #1, Someday We'll Be Together, which sat at #5 on CB this week.  Though I normally favor CB, I wish they split the decades like Billboard did.  You see on BB, this song was, you might say, appropriately, the last song to hit #1 in the sixties, while Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head was the first of the 70's.  And this week, it got me thinking, Chris, you forgot to do the 6D Chris, it might be interesting to see the opening and closing of the OTHER decades!  So, without further ado, let's take a look at the decade openers and closers!  First, on BB:

The fifties:
First #1- Gene Autry, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Last #1- Frankie Avalon, Why?

I can see why Frankie didn't want the '50s to go...

The sixties:
First #1- Marty Robbins, El Paso
Last #1- The Supremes, Someday We'll Be Together

Get a mental image of Marty's Mexican girl saying that to him as he dies...

The seventies:
First #1- BJ Thomas, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Last #1- Rupert Holmes, Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

By the end of the seventies, I was ready to escape, too.  Damn disco!

The Eighties:
First #1- KC and the Sunshine Band, Please Don't Go (followed by another 2 weeks of Escape, which is rather ironic)
Last #1- Phil Collins, Another Day In Paradise

The nineties:
First #1- Another Day In Paradise
Last #1- Smooth by Santana w/Rob Thomas

Rumours on the internet say that Carlos Santana made a deal with the devil- no lie- to get the success from the Supernatural lp.  Which would make being paired with Another Day In Paradise rather amusing.

The double-aughts:
First #1- Smooth
Last #1- Empire State Of Mind, by Jay Z and Alicia Keyes.

All I have for this one is, at least I knew all of them!

CB Booted Rudolph for The Andrews Sisters' I Can Dream Can't I?, moved Frankie up to start the sixties and ended the fifties with Guy Mitchell's Heartaches By The Number; had Someday at the end of the 60's AND the beginning of the seventies; and thereafter agreed with BB until it ran out of gas in 1996.


There you have the stars of the ABC "hippie-cop" show The Mod Squad.  The lovely young lady in the middle is one Peggy Lipton.  In the middle of the series run, she branched out to a music career, and charted with a couple of Laura Nyro comps.  One was Stoney End, a hit for Barbara Streisand, and the other is our 70 at '70 for this week- a tune simply called Lu.

I was hoping I'd have a BIG story here when I read that both she and Clarence (Link) Williams III were in Twin Peaks, and if Michael Cole had made it... but no, his claim to fame is apparently being the first person to say the word "shit" live on Australian TV.  Oh, well...


And now it is time to thin the herd a little farther, and introduce the spectre of controversy to the mix.  You see, as I went through the votes for this week's President, the race was tight all the way between I Want You Back, and Thank You Fallettenme, etc.  But then a darkhorse appeared in the form of Mariska Veres and Shocking Blue, and just as Sly and the Family slowed down, Venus pulled into a tie with the Jacksons and forced a runoff.

But hang on just a sec.

Thank You etc. was the a-side of a two sided disc, remember?  And that second side, Everybody Is A Star, got 3 votes of its own- enough if added to the a-side to give Sly a two-vote win.  But, since  they were BOTH charting, I divvied the votes to the one mentioned first on the chart- and Sly missed the tie by ONE vote.  That means, Venus and I Want You Back get the run-off election- who gets the most #2 votes!

But before we get to that, the M10.


So close and yet so far for the Hidden Cameras; they peak at #2 for two weeks, and this week slip to #9.

Castlecomer holds at #8 with If I Could Be Like You.

My major earworm of the week is Colony House's You And I; and thus, a song I wasn't sure would make the ten last week climbs 3 spots to #7 this week.

Black Joe Lewis arrests his fall, holding at 6 with PTP in its week-leading 7th week on the 10.

Gimme Shelter slips from the top, back to #5 from whence it came three weeks ago.

As I told Laurie, my biggest battle this week was who gets #s 3 and 4...

Well, The Orwells and Black Francis move up 3 to #4; Sweet and Peppermint Twist hold at #3.

POWERS power up to #2, up 2, with Dance.  Sorry, Bob!

And the number ones...

M10 says...

Foxygen and Follow The Leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told Laurie that out of thirty-eight number ones in M10 history now, I knew 18 of them would be #1 on first listen.  This is #18.

And the Panel winner, with 16.2% of the original vote, and a 4-3 win in #2s-

The Jackson Five and I Want You Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which Jackson will be the President next week? Tune in next week when we probably travel to... 1963!


  1. Some of these songs I knew of most I didn't because in 1970 I was only 8 and not into music yet

    1. Just think how you'll feel next week in 1963!

  2. Chris:
    ---Nothing happened???
    (I was getting ready to graduate that
    ---Grace Mitchell - very nice vocals (reminds me of Chrissie Hynde), but her band needs to "tone it down" to under TEN on the volume
    ---Ahh, S&G's BOTW was the #1 song in our yearbook list.
    ---NO TIME - excellent, RAINDROPS - excellent,
    ---(Well, I washed outta this week's picks - just tumble dry me and call it done...heh)
    ---That was a pretty interesting NON 6D "6D".
    Good to know how each decade started and ended (musically-speaking).
    ---I actually thought Venus had a shot at the top spot.
    Still, not a bad runnerup. Black Joe Lewis holds in the M10...s'ok by me.

    Very good ride this week.
    (and we even got to see the SUN)

    Keep those hits comin' up there, brother.

    1. "Too loud"?? No such a thing!

    2. You haven't spent a week in MY part of the