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Friday, February 10, 2017

Time Machine co-ordinates VVII41521063

Today we land in February 10th of 1963; I'm still wearing diapers, but not Bobby Kennedy.  After his brother the President suggested the Marines go back to the Teddy Roosevelt standard of hiking 50 miles in 3 days, Bobby did it in 17 HOURS and 50 minutes.  Not to be outdone, the Beatles struck in another way the next day.  After their first two UK singles, Please Please Me/ Ask Me Why and Love Me Do/ PS I Love You hit the British charts, George Martin needed another ten songs to fill out their first lp- and they got them, from 10 that morning to 10:45 that night- 12 hours, 45 minutes for ten songs, in what was called later the 585 most productive minutes in music history.  Among the songs recorded that day were I Saw Her Standing There, Do You Want To Know A Secret, and Twist And Shout.  But that's tomorrow, and today...

Well today it's time for Time Machine, and this round we see yet another of my famous "anomalous records" on the M10; a heartbreaking lead-in to the 6D; a quick game of "love that instrumental"; and the odd case of the missing station!  Ask not what you can do for Time Machine, but read on for what TM can do for you!

Hey!  That sounds like something Jack would say...


First up, the M10's one new kid.  Some of you might remember the 70's Canadian act Lighthouse (One Fine Morning), I know I sure do!  So when Spotify suggested I listen to a new song by Lighthouse, I did, and then looked to see if it was the same band.  Despite being stuck in the same place by Spotify, they are not; nor are they the Christian band I tumbled across on Facebook.  No, they are a rock band from the UK and their new single beat out 3 other "let me in, just for a week, please" songs to nab the #9 spot.  UNfortunately, they are so new the do NOT have even an audio track up, and they don't even have it on their soundcloud account yet!  So I will share it with you when it becomes available in the wider world.  The song is called Loaded, and while you can find Lighthouse- Loaded on YouTube, it is a DIFFERENT Lighthouse (possibly the originals) and a DIFFERENT Loaded!  But since I can hear it, I charted it, so there!


So in addition to a missing song, I also have a missing station on the Panel!  You see 43 stations voted- but there was a 44th station.  That station was WYDE out of Birmingham AL.  They had a Top 30- but with the following caveat:

To present a more accurate survey, the following songs are listed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER (caps mine).

So how does listing them alphabetically- with no numbering- make it "more accurate?"  And while you're puzzling that one out, chew on this- NONE of their 30 songs were among the 10 songs that got votes this week!  I would have to say that the LAST thing their survey was, was accurate!

But anyway, let's move on to the stations that played fair, and look at who THEY voted for!  For that, let me bring in one of our five co-Presidents this week, Marlon Jackson!

Man, this is some honky crap, I don't know None of these songs!

Well, you were just 6 years old at the time...  So just read the list off.  You'll be okay.

Whatever, man... Lessee...

Okay, the first song is All I Have To Do Is Dream by... hey, wait a minute!  This says by Richard Chamberlain!  Even I know the Emory Brothers did that!

Um, you mean the Everly Brothers, and yes they had a big hit with it.  But Richard Chamberlain covered it and was at #102 this week on Cashbox.

102?  How did he even get on here?

Well, it was just starting out, kinda like you.  Let's move on.

Aight.  Next is Hey Paula by Paul and Paula.. huh?  It was at #1 on CB, so I bet ya know where I'm putting MY money!

Then comes The Night Has 1,000 Eyes by Bobby Vee, which was at #6.

And then Pipeline by the Chantays, which... doesn't even come onto the Cashbox charts until next month?  Man, this is some crap...

Then comes Rythm Of The Rain by the Cascades, which is at #11...
and Ruby Baby by Dion, which was #3...
and Surfside by the Denvermen... who is that?  "A Sydney-based band from 1961-65?"  Really?  I am DONE here, dude!

Um, while I pick up the pieces of this story, here's contestant one in "Pick the best instrumental" this week- Australia's the Denvermen:

Okay I think our President just resigned, so let me finish off the group.  The Four Seasons have the next contestant with Walk Like A Man, which was CBs #5.

The Rooftop Singers with Walk Right In, they were at #2 this week.

And finally Bobby Darin with You're The Reason I'm Living, which was back at #21.

Now to shrink the field for you (and maybe remind you just WHO they were, I'll cut out the single vote contestants.  That gives us a 4-song race between Paul and Paula, the Cascades, the Four Seasons, and the Rooftop Singers.  I'll give you a little more help a bit later.


Before I go to the 6D, let me throw in our second instrumental contestant, and on the way do our UK list.  The highest UK song on the US charts was Del Shannon's Little Town Flirt, which was 7 there and 16 here.  The highest here that charted there this week was Presidential hopeful Walk Right In, which was of course #2 here, while #21 there.  And their #1 was an instrumental from two members of Cliff Richard's fragmenting band, the Shadows- Jet Harris and Tony Meehan:


This is Barbara Jane Harrison, Jane to her friends.  She received a posthumous George Cross for her heroism during a plane crash on April 8th, 1968, just moments after takeoff from Heathrow in London.  She worked the back escape door, even after the slide had melted from the flames; and when it seemed everyone was off that could be gotten, and she had the chance to jump- she turned back inside to help a severely disabled woman and two other people.  Seconds later, the remains of the plane were rocked by explosions, and she was never seen alive again.

During that same crash, a UK singer by the name of Mark Wynter had escaped, and was noted for helping a dazed young lady to get away from the plane.  Because of their actions, only five people died that day- Jane and those last people she was helping.

And what does this have to do with the 6D?  Well, Wynter had the UK hit version of the song (#6 in '62) that charted the highest without getting a Panel vote- Steve Lawrence's Go Away Little Girl, which was this week's #4.


So the Presidential race this week was close for quite a while and all of the remaining four had more than 11% of the vote.  But in the interests of helping y'all out, I'll tip you this: the top 2 were 1-2 on Cashbox this week.  So if you voted for the Four Seasons or the Cascades, better luck next time.


That brings us swiftly to the M10!

Grace Mitchell holds at 10 with Kids (Ain't All Right).

As you saw but didn't hear, Lighthouse debuts at #9 with Loaded.

Black Joe Lewis slips to #8 with PTP in his 8th week- which brought me up an interesting question.  That's a LOT of weeks for a song that stopped at #3- but is it the most?  While 4 songs that topped out at 3 managed 7 weeks on the M10, only one other tune did it for 8 weeks- the Shakes with Tranquilize, which actually was at #3 twice during its run.

Gimme Shelter slides 2 spots to #7 this time.

Castlecomer moves up to #6, up a pair, with If I Could Be Like You.  Likewise, Colony House moves a pair to #5 with You And I.

Sweet still has a shot at that most weeks for a #3 title- they peaked last time, and drop one to #4 with Peppermint Twist in week #5.

The Orwells take Black Frankie up one more spot to #3.

Holding at #2 is POWERS with Dance for a second week.

And your #1s?  M10 says...

...Foxygen for a second week with Follow The Leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And our new Presidents, with 37.2% of the vote...

...Ray Hildebrand and Jill Jackson, AKA Paul and Paula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fickle finger of fate sends us to 1979 next time!  See you then!


  1. Chris:
    ---You were in diapers, and I was all of ELEVEN years old, in 6th grade and spinning tops and flipping baseball cards at recess...LOL.
    (oh, to have THOSE days back)
    ---The Beatles sure were BUSY back then, too.
    ---Have to give LIGHTHOUSE a listen.
    ---Maybe that "alphabetical" gig is like when people DIE...they ALWAYS die alphabetically in the papers daily. Is THAT also to be more accurate?
    (the theory is sound...HA!)
    ---Yes, TV's Dr. Kildare did have a singing career (he was a better actor).
    ---SURFSIDE - good song to watch a sunset by (imho).
    ---I got TWO of that list that I'll chance...we shall see.
    ---Lead guitarist in DIAMONDS looks to be playing an old Fender Jaguar (I know, because I got to play one in a gospel group back in he 70s). Good song (shame I can't hear the sax man - turn his mic on)
    ---That was a sad intro to the 6D about a very courageous woman.
    ---Ah, wiped out BOTH my picks...heh.
    ---Figured the M10 would have a good shakeup this week. Foxygen...I can live with that. Never would have guessed Paul & Paula.
    Very good rise this week (never felt a single pothole).

    Keep those hits comin' up there, brother.

    1. Got you and Laurie this week! That Diamonds video only synched up with the song with the cheers at the beginning and the end... The rest wasn't even close. The video must have went to a song with a lot less drum and a lot more sax!

      Stay tuned next week when the M10 introduces... Chicano Batman!

  2. Some real obscurities in this mix though several I do remember. That twangy sound that I suppose was considered beach or surf music at the time is now something that evokes spaghetti westerns for me now.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. For me, it brings up "one night as a security guard." We had to watch the Holidome b/c our trade show was there and they didn't want guests sneeking down and helping themselves. All we had to listen to was a tape of surf instrumentals and a classical tape you couldn't hear. By 4 AM I was ready to go uniform and all into the pool...