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Monday, July 10, 2017

God did something today...

So I got something I want to share- but can't exactly share.  But I can share the important parts.  Here, check out the latest deer pic while I get to it.

Today, God urged me to do something I wouldn't normally do.  Something I would normally wait for someone else to do, and then jump on the bandwagon.  But I did it- starting a very small ball in motion.  It was a good thing, but God asked for more.

A little later, another opportunity arose, and I made one of those promises, the kind you know Satan will try to talk you out of later.  If You do this, God, I'll do that.

Guess what?  God did that.

Which gave me about two hours or so of time to hear all the reasons I shouldn't do my end, that I should part do it, some of it.  What if it's taken wrong, what if people get mad, and so on.

Anxiety really sucks.

But when the moment came, that "peace of God that passes all understanding" hit like a warm wave.
I did my part.  All of it.

And later, I found just what a timing God had in my doing.  Awesome, wonderful timing.

If you don't believe in God's providence, you should have been me today.  Not because of how well I did one thing, but how well He did everything.


  1. Chris:
    I can only guess at what came about, so I won't (that's between you, God and the fence post), but I want you to know that God never arranges anything in any order without a purpose.
    When the time comes to make a specific choice, however the outcome, it will be in His time and for His glory, and that alone is reason to rejoice.

    Stay the course and keep the faith up there, brother.

  2. Trusting in God and trusting in yourself is oh so important

  3. A comprehensive thank you for the comments.