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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Martin World Update

I wasn't planning on posting today, but some curious things have come up that I wanted to share before they get to old or well spread.

First is a story that I KNOW is not funny, but...  In Ohio, a truck driver was killed when a woman in a Kia, who stopped but apparently didn't look both ways, pulled into his path.  It flipped the semi on its side, where it slid for quite aways before being struck again by a brand new Volvo.  The trucker died, the Kia driver in the hospital.  The Volvo guy treated and released, which certainly seems to back up Volvo safety claims.  But the part that would get me another thousand years in Purgatory were I still Catholic is the prospective headline:  "Trucker killed after being hit by Kia and Volvo."

Next came a local story about Coldwater Road and the endless construction snarling it.  At one point in the article, we get treated to this expert analysis:

"With around 27,000 vehicles using Coldwater Road per day, the lane restrictions will cause delays."

We follow that up with cyber-suicide:  A security robot (yes, you read that right) at a suburban WDC Mall went where no robot has gone before...

Down the steps and into the drink, to short itself out.  Shortly thereafter the late K5's manufacturer issued a statement on its behalf:

BREAKING NEWS: "I heard humans can take a dip in the water in this heat, but robots cannot. I am sorry," said K5 in an official statement.

Other wags pointed out that this discovery leads one to believe that Will Smith might have went about I Robot the wrong way.

And since this reminds me so much of one of my ten reasons I should have been the next Doctor Who, I'll bring up a story Bobby G pointed out:

Feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian, who harassed her critics during a recent panel at VidCon, took issue with the Doctor’s newest regeneration. Writing on the official Feminist Frequency account on Twitter, Sarkeesian condemned Doctor Who for being an “overwhelmingly white show” that simply isn’t doing enough to fix the issue of minority representation in the media–as if it is the show’s duty to address social problems.

“It needs to be said that [Doctor Who] is still an OVERWHELMINGLY white show and that issues of representation do not exist in isolation from each other,” she began. “It’s not as if you fix the ‘woman’ problem, THEN fix the ‘race’ problem, THEN the ‘queer/trans’ problem, etc. It all has to happen in tandem.”

Sarkeesian strongly implied that the new Doctor must be intersectional–a transgender woman of color.

As politely as I can, I would suggest that if she thinks this is the right thing to do, and is convinced someone not in a rubber room would want to watch it, perhaps she should do her own show.  She can even star in it, with a little makeup help from Rachel Dolezal and Cai-Bru Jenner.  I hope that doesn't add to the "harassment" she has faced from all the gamers she pissed off because she doesn't like how women are portrayed there-  besides the violence and death and such.

Now let me make one thing clear.  Do I have a problem with a female Doctor?  Not a huge one, though I would have chosen a different one.  In fact, a candidate that went through my mind appeared in the last season finale- a Time Lord whom the Doctor shot (after making sure he had regenerations to spare), who regenerated into a tough black woman who upon making the transition said something along the lines of, "How do they stand all that EGO?!?"   I think she would have made an EXCELLENT Doctor, and I'm willing to give Jodie Whitaker her chance.  HOWever, I am not for the concept of giving every freak, weirdo, pervert, and genuinely confused person with a DNC membership card a shot out of some mistaken ideal of equality.  At a certain point, these people need to say, "I made the choice to be NON-mainstream.  Why am I insisting on diluting that choice by shoehorning myself INTO the mainstream?"  Outside of even the religious objections to such peccadilloes, some people just do not WANT your choice shoved in THEIR faces.

And that is my main objection.  The Doctor as a character doesn't act as he/she does because of an agenda.  He doesn't want to make himself feel normal by turning normal upside down.  As he told the Master, "I do it because... it's KIND."

And that's why this world is in the crap filled, hate divided shape it's in.  Everyone's got their agenda, their banner that they want to stuff up the other guy's nose.  I don't need your flag up my nose, I already have buggers.


  1. Chris:
    ---And in a few years, Volvo will sorta-kinda do away with combustion engines for those HYBRID vehicles...totally.
    ---Coldwater Rd - the "gee, 'ya think?" roadway in the Summit City.
    ---Poor K-5. They sure don't make 'em like R2D2 and C3PO, do they?
    ---ROFL...LOVE that DW one I've heard yet! The "Mainstream-Shoehorn Syndrome"...indeed.
    (I think we can get government approval for a GRANT to study this
    ---Excellent close, my friend. Well said.
    A lot of those people just need to STFD, STFU, and let us "normies" have OUR "unique" books, movies, shows, characters, comics and LIVES...period. They can get THEIR bloody own.

    Stay safe (and booger-free) up there, brother.

    1. And you carried the story from there, mi amigo...

  2. Ok I came and read and leave thinking what the hell

    1. I know, I confuse you through the week and straighten you out on Sunday ;)