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Friday, July 28, 2017

Time Machine co-ordinates VIXIII44072869

Today we go to July 28, 1969- and unless you care about the Cubs losing a no-hitter and Juan Marichal of the Giants losing a 10th inning lead- in the SAME game- or you care that the LGBT "community" in NYC rioted when a gay club was shut down for not bothering to get a legal liquor licence (how homophobic of the police!), NOTHING happened.

Now the day I set sail from (AKA Thursday) was a day in which I was either surrounded or heard enough tales of stupid people that I just once would like to just post pictures and videos and say, "Let THEM figure it out!"  But I know my readers are a cut above, and do not deserve this.  So let's adjourn to the nearest liberal blog where I will just post pictures and videos  So let me stop whining and get on with this week's show which includes a Panel winner that beat the REST of the field 34-27; a 20-month M10 record broken; and the most annoying song of all time- depending on who you ask!  Fun for everyone, and maybe we'll get to land the musical Tardis on some poor deserving idiot!


So last week we started out with a "coin flip" by Laurie to decide the debut at #10.  This week, the loser of that flip comes in at #9.  Ladies and gents, introducing Brooklyn's Amber Coffman:


So this week the winner of the Panel picks lapped the field, outdistancing the second place song by a margin of 55.7% to 8.2%.  Of course, having not done the survey, YOU don't know which tune out of the 19- and I use the term loosely- contestants it was, so you still have to think about who it will be.  So let me bring in POTM Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones to let you in on the list.  Hi, Mick!

'ello, and before we get started here, I think I should mention that you seem to call us "the Stones" an awful lot.  You should call us by the right name.  'RRRRRRRolllling Stones.'

RRRRRRRighhht, Mick, I'll see right to that.  The list, please?

Oh, now, don't be a bollock.  AHEM.  Let us see here...

Johnny Cash sings A Boy Named Sue, which just debuted on the US national charts at #56.  I'd wager there were a few of them at that riot!

The Beatles were at #31 with the Ballad of John and Yoko. Bit of a self-important twit, wasn't 'e?

Tommy James and the Shondells were at #2 with Crystal Blue Persuasion.  They worked for the Mafia, y'know...

John Lennon- sigh, again- with Give Peace A Chance, at its debut at #76.  An' we all know what piece HE was...


Right, sorry.  Me 'n the lads are at #20 this week with Honky Tonk Women, which clearly should be YOUR choice...

"Me 'n the lads"?  You should say, the RRRRRRRRollllling Stohhhhnes...

Cheeky monkey, ain't you?  The Grass Roots were at #23 with I'd Wait A Million Years.

Zager and Evans were In The Year 2525, the #1 tune 'ere in the States... er, the UNITED States...

Speaking of cheeky monkeys, the Monkees were at #98 with Listen To The Band.

An Aussie song, Little Yellow Airplane, got a vote.  This tune was done by a bloke calling himself Leapy Lee.  Considering 'is REAL name was Graham PULLYBLANK, I can see why...

Crosby Stills and Nash were ridin' the bloody Marrakesh Express at #46.\

The Buchanan Brothers were at ... well, actually they fell out two weeks ago, with Medicine Man.

Vik Venus, fake reporter doing a fake interview with song clips, was at #30 with Moon Flight.

Li'l Stevie Wonder was at #4 with My Cherie Amour.  Course, 'e wasn't usin' that "li'l " gig anymore.

The #5 song was Three Dog Night (Keith's usual night on the town, heh heh) with One.

Tony Joe White was at #28 with Polk Salad Annie.

Kenny Rogers an' the First Edition (of what I dunno) were at #16 with Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town.

Neil Diamond and that baseball song, Sweet Caroline, was at #14.

Junior Walker and the All-Stars were at #6 with What Does It Take To Win Your Love.

And bloody finally, Roy Clark was at #22 with Yesterday, When I started this bleedin' list, I MEAN, Yesterday When I Was Young.  Whew!

Wow, darn fine job.  Your the first bloke in I don't know how long to actually make it through the list.

Yeah, well, I'm the best.  DON'T ANY OF YA FORGET!

RRRRRRIghhht.  So anyway to make it fair, let me give you a short list of contestants to choose from.  Choose from Sweet Caroline, My Cherie Amour, In The Year 2525, or... yes, Honky Tonk Women...  to be our new POTM next week.


So this week's 6D victim was the #3 song on Cashbox this week, Blood Sweat And tears with Spinning wheel.  While trying to find a suitable storyline, I learned that a website called Radicalwave (dot) com had a list of the most annoying songs of all time on which it ranked #13.  I certainly don't see it that way, and the website has since "assumed room temperature".  However there were some other lists out there.  Some with mainly "ooh I hate that song it's too mellow" contestants, some with nothing but new stuff.  Three that had decent lists IMHO came from the following sources.  One was a spotifier and music blogger named Robert Burke.  Another was from Mental Floss.  and a third came from Whatisthatsong (dot) com.  6 songs made multiples of these lists, but only one was on all three lists.  Before I let you in on them, let's look at some of the notables that got but one vote:

Burke had at least three I would definitely say should have been on all of them:  Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart, Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy, and Peanut Butter Jelly Time.  He also had, though, Afternoon Delight, which I think deserves a better fate.

Mental Floss added two that also should have made the big list- Who Let The Dogs Out and Lou Bega's Mambo #5. added two offbeat choices the theme to Barney, and Disney's It's A Small World After All.  I give a great big yes vote to their #1- The Trashmen's Surfin' Bird- an 'eh, maybe' to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, and a not to me for Melanie's Brand New Key and the Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald.

And now, the five songs that made 2 lists:

James Blunt- You're Beautiful.  I don't know this song, and don't think I want to.  It was a worldwide top ten that I thankfully missed in 2005, and was #8 on Burke's list and 7 on Mental Floss.

My Humps, the Black Eyed Peas.  Again, I have thus far been spared the pleasure.  Again a worldwide top 5 in 2005, so I'm glad I was listening to the oldies exclusively that year.  It got top billing on Mental Floss and #6 by Burke.

Wannabe, Spice Girls.  Wow, three-for-three in not having had the pleasure.  this was a worldwide #1 in 1996, a year in which I was driving a Hyundai with a broken antenna and listening to lots of cassettes.  #8 on MF, Burke's #4.

Muskrat Love, Captain and Tennille.  Can't say that this annoyed me all that much.  I liked it and the original by America.  But, it was #3 on Burke and #9 on

Barbie Girl, Aqua.  You KNEW this had to be on here somewhere.  Burke's #1 and's #8.

And the one song that got votes from all three- 5 on Burke, 2 on MF, and 4 on

Los Del Rio and the Macarena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, me, I'd have thrown in Don't Worry Be Happy, virtually anything by Whitney Houston,  Andrea by the Sunrays, prolly You Light Up My Life , the Doors' LA Woman, and might just have topped off the annoying sundae with a cherry of Hey Jude.  What about you guys?  Got an annoying we missed, let me know!


Non-annoying zone-  The debut at #10 is the second single on the M10 for Northern Faces:


And now, the next five Top Acts of the Summer!

First off, at number 20...

...John Denver!

Next, an 18th place tie between....

...Bobby Vinton....

  ...and the Supremes!

At number 17, a dude that was an early favorite...

...former POTM Rick Nelson!

And we have a cliffhanger this week, as we have a 15th-place tie!  So you can spoend next week guessing who was tied with...

...the Young (or not so young) Rascals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I give you a clue?  But you all didn't get the clue I gave for Roy Orbison back when!  Okay, here's your clue...

Tim Rowlison should get THIS clue...


Stat Pack Time!

The #69 in '69 was Glen Campbell with the theme from True Grit.  Like many movie and TV scores, the music was written by Elmer Bernstein.  The words were from lyricist Don Black, who also gave us the words to tunes like Born Free, Ben, and To Sir With Love- and on a bit odder of note, Olivia Newton-John's minor hit Sam.  That reminds me, throw her Physical into the annoying pile!

#101 this week was Dennis Yost and the Classics IV with Change of Heart.  This was after their great run of Spooky(#3), Stormy(#5), and Traces(#2).  It missed the top 40, and they only ever grazed it once again.

And in the jolly ol' UK, Honky Tonk Women was the top song; Give Peace A Chance was #2 there (76 here); and My Cherie Amour, #4 here, was 22 there.

And now, the rest of the M10.

The winner of last week's "coin flip", Bantug's Wine Beeline, moves up a pair to #8.

Moon Taxi falls to #7 with Two High.

After 3 weeks at the top, courtship. tumbles to #6 with Sunroof.

Alkonost holds at 5 with Mouth.  Quiet Hollers gets the bum's rush, slipping one to #4 with Funny Ways.

A big move from 8 to 3 for Cotton Mather and Girl With A Blue Guitar.

Monaco holds at 2 for Public Access TV.  Which means that in the last 9 weeks, four songs have held the runner up spot, and only Messin' With Me, ever got to the top...

And the new number one, a song which breaks a record set on Nov. 25th, 2015 when Sunset Pickups jumped to the top from #6....

...Foster The People go from 7 to 1 in one bound with Sit Next To Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the Panel's runaway winner?  Why it was....

...Denny Zager and Rick Evans, with In The Year 2525!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next time, we enter the 70's!  If man is still alive, that is....


  1. Letting you know I was here, listening to songs I have not heard of before now, they were ok songs as well, just saying

    1. Thank you, ma'am! I'd remind you to stop by the gift shop, but then I'd have to get some gifts...

  2. Chris:
    ---Nice intro...protesting because the club didn't get a LEGAL license for booze...whatta bunch of wingnuts!
    ---((btw, it's NOT whining when you relate the TRUTH!))
    ---Most annoying song...ONLY ONE???
    ---Amber Coffman...good song (just another "kid from Brooklyn", huh?)
    ---Heh, good banter w/ Mick...and some really good songs tossed in that mix.
    ---Hard to choose from those finalists...never easy anymore.
    ---Agree with YOUR call on the craptastic songs...and Lightfoot's "Wreck" on that bad list? NO effin' WAY!!!
    It's a time-honored classic (imho).
    Maybe Melanie's key, Astley's song wasn't even a maybe for me. Got a good tempo and melody.
    ---MY personal dislikes (aside from almost all the ones listed above, except for Lightfoot)? to numerous to mention...heh.
    Let's just say anything from Sugar Hill Gang forward along that genre?
    ---Northern Faces - okay song, not comfy w/ the lyrics...reflects too much of today's overtones, if 'ya get my drift.
    ---Okay, WHY am I not surprised to see Bobby Vinton in the "summer" list?
    Mom must be smiling down on us.
    ---Since when is a box of tools a clue? To me, it means something needs fixin'.
    C'mon, be nice to the older
    ---On OLJ - like the video (obviously), but it's the only song of hers where I thank God I had a volume control (to turn down)...heh.
    ---Nice bump UP by Cotton Mather.
    ---Zager and Evans...wtg. Goes to show that prophecy (after a fashion) DOES have a place in music...ROFL.

    Excellent ride this week.
    (and you didn't leave the "parking brake" on...HA!)

    Keep the hits comin' up there, brother.

    1. No, they weren't protesting that- they got pissed when a couple of drag queens got tossed in the paddy wagon and started throwing rocks.

      I agree on Gordon. Song never gets old to me.

      I wondered at the lyrics too, but I think he's just trying to get at the mindset that "what, we're supposed do stand here and let this jerk shoot US?"

      You will be just as ashamed as you were (if you were, lol) with the sunglasses not getting the tool box. Helpful hint: Next week is 1970, and they will figure PROMINENTLY...)