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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Weekend catch-up

So let's see what I have in the ol' camera today...

Scrappy spots a varmint Tuesday night

And a squirrel pointed this out above our heads

Our favorite swallowtail met us same place, same time.  Gonna name her Mrs Jones.

Thursday, this little guy came up requesting a selfie...

Lots of these guys popping up

Friday night, we spotted in the gloamin' three (possibly 4) deer, as many as 8 bunnies, what I am fairly certain was a weasel, and Mr Bat.

Bunny Summer rolling on:  Bunny #1

Squad car lights on the river

Moon and Jupiter

And then, Saturday....

"I'm going on a PICNIC!!!"

In addition to his own Lunchables, those leaves on the ground are all that he left from about half of a chef salad

Walk it off, walk it off!


  1. Chris:
    ---You're gonna have to ask the gub'ment for some GRANT money so you can open your OWN nature preserve with all the critters you've got.
    Must be from all the construction disturbing habitats?
    ---A picnic, you say?
    Who brought the ants and yellow jackets? (because we know that they ALWAYS show the heck up)
    ---You brought your tunes along too...nice.
    Looked like you had a good time.

    Stay safe (and mosquito-free) up there, brother.

    1. I don't think it's the construction, as it has petered out for the summer and the wildlife is on the upswing. Either it's just a cyclical thing, or they moved to Canada to protest Obama the last few years!

  2. Gonna miss these days when winter returns.

  3. Moon and Jupiter! Love it! And "Mrs. Jones" hahaha :)