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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dictator for life Martin and 10 intelligent men

Today I caught clips of the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings, and I would have to say on that basis that Congress has got to be 535 of the dumbest individuals I have ever seen collected in one place.  Three questions highlighted this theorem.  First, 'would you start proceedings on Roy Moore if he is elected to the Congress?'  What's wrong with this question? (I mean other than the whole innocent until proven thing) First of all, placement or non-placement of Congressmen is a STATE issue, not a DOJ issue.  Second, if the state passes, then it is up to CONGRESS to decide whether to refuse him a seat or not.  Third, DOJ gets involved only if he committed a Federal crime- which accusations conveniently timed to strike while one is campaigning for a seat that the Democrat Party wants are NOT.

Second question: ' Would you prosecute the President if he asked you for information on ongoing investigations?  Because as you know that is very unconstitutional...'  What's wrong with that question?  First, it is by no means unconstitutional for a sitting President to ask the head of the DOJ, which answers TO HIM, questions- although in some cases it might be unethical.   Second, you were an idiot, because you claimed that something wasn't constitutional when most fourth graders from MY era coulda told you you were wrong.

Third Question: 'Can you tell us if your investigation has uncovered any links between Hillary Clinton and the Russians?'  Sessions correctly answered that he could NOT answer, because in answering it would prove the existence OF such an investigation- which the questioner damn well knew.  It was a phishing scam, and Sessions saw right through it.

Then if you would, throw in the repeated tactic of asking a 2 minute long question and then interrupting the answer to say, "Just yes or no, I don't have much time."  To tell the truth, It wouldn't have been more than 15 minutes, were I Jeff Sessions, before I turned to the Chair and asked, "Mr Chairman, are these people really the Congressional Committee, or did the Remedial Education tour just wander in and sit down?"  And that is why I myself could only govern as a dictator.  I would make first priority the creating of idiocy as a Capital offense.  And that would surely make Congress more efficient, because a nation can be governed far better by a leader and 10 intelligent men than by a leader and 535 idiots.

On the subject of dictatorial, I guess I am wound up about this because I had to battle another round of "Trump's a Nazi" stupidity this weekend.  Without going down the whole road (but I will later if forced), what pissed me off during this set-to were three things.

1- In explaining (for the millionth time) why that mindset is a bunch of BS, I was told that I was making "knee jerk, emotional reactions".

2- I was informed that my fellow debater was 'well respected in academia', and I guess that meant that the only logical arguments were different angles of their original point.

3- I was told that it was perfectly okay for him to say that "concentration camps may come in the near future" because, after all, "Comparison is not the same as labelling. "

Again, I won't go down through reply and counter accusation, but my responses boil down to these:

1- Because chicken-little comparisons of people you don't like to one of the top five mass murderers in history is so logical and level headed.

2- And just peeling off two recent stories about said academia- banishing the words "he" and "she" for a new "gender neutral" list of pronouns, and removing a plaque of George Washington from a chapel at George Washington University because he "may offend minorities" (who somehow weren't offended enough not to go to a school NAMED AFTER HIM)- and I think anyone with common sense might agree that you might just want to keep the respect you get from academia under your hat...

3- Ah, innuendo, that greatest of the skills of politicians.  "I didn't compare them, I just threw them in the same sack and shook well.  Is it MY fault the chicken has shake and bake all over it?"

Which actually brings me off this subject to another, related one.  The POTUS has been missing in much of the news lately.  Unless you count the Russian thing (which, if Hillary did it, or Obama, it would be "globalism", while for Trump it's "treason"), or wanna tie him up on all the sex stuff (again, he's a monster for saying he may have engaged in a little grab and run- well, maybe more than that, but when all your accusers can only come out when it's convenient, I am a bit skeptical- while a certain former POTUS is a serial cheater at best and a government subsidised rapist at worst, and questioning him is "a big conspiracy" and leave the poor boy alone), the only thing he was in the news for was zinging Kim El Fatty on Twitter- which of all the things he has done 'below the dignity of the office' on Twitter, is by far my favorite.  Ah, innuendo, that greatest skill of a politician.

And now, my rant over, I hope you all see the underlying point of this post.  I suppose I could have made it clearer by sticking my handy dandy MWN logo at the top, because it all boils down to the same thing.  Politics in the 2000's is stupid; it is getting progressively stupider; and anyone that invests so much of themselves in it as to "be a part of the resistance" or hoping that the swamp will actually get drained- well, you really need to get a better life, because you're pissing away the one you have on stupid.  Peace and Love to all!


  1. Chris:
    ---Those are marvelous questions, and ones that you answered with a line of thought I could only dream about...well said.
    ---As for being a dictator? Well, you make a convincing (PRO) argument, especially for capital offenses...heh.
    ---Knee-jerk, emotional reactions were for liberals (I thought)
    Never knew you to make any of those since I've known 'ya.
    ---Reading about the 2 stories mentioned should be making a LOT more people who love and value America a LOT more PO'ed. If anything, the whole "not willing to offend a mere less than 1% of the total population in this country" IS a knee-jerk reaction (of the first order)!
    ---I can't say with any certainty (at this point) IF the swamp will ever get drained, but it sure as hell better not wind up stinking up more of this nation than it already has.
    Rather than drain it, maybe we should consider "rebranding" it ...after all, when it comes to politics these days, we are obviously not at a loss for STUPID, and given the existing amount, it might make a nice landfill, even if it gets listed as a superfund site.

    Very good post.
    Stay safe (and politically-incorrect) up there, brother.

    (Hey, Tim...long time, no see)

    1. Oh, I've made plenty of knee-jerks on this blog in my day- one post got deleted by me because of it. But when someone wants to equate politics with mass murder- over and over- I gotta draw a line.

  2. Another bloody interesting post about stuff I know bugga all about