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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2018 A to Z mashup part 2

So I have declared it time for the second half of this year's A to Z blogging challenge mash-up, with the category being, "What I hate about social media".  If I didn't make you hate me with the first bunch, I still have a shot...

N- the Nazi card.  Nothing pisses me off more than people comparing ANYONE they don't agree with, for whatever reason, to the party that caused the deaths of 50 to 80 MILLION people.  Maybe you think rolling back a bad version of healthcare or agreeing to be CNN's poster child for gun control are crimes comparable to that.  Congratulations!  You are a moron.  I love ya and still pray for ya, but...

O- My favorite talking head just lost a sponsor?  A person of my favorite race got excluded/arrested/removed for doing something the shouldn't have?  OMG, let's BOYCOTT them!  If I had a penny for every place I am supposed to be boycotting, I'd have a lot of money and no place to spend it.  A good 90% of places we're all supposed to boycott I never use anyway.  And the other ten percent?  "Sorry you don't want me drinking your product, Pepsi, since I voted for Trump.  While you go right ahead with your tantrum, I'm tipping my glass back and going, 'Ahhh...'  "

P- Well lookie here, a post/tweet that has been Promoted.  Like I tweeted to Twitter once before, back when they took away the option to "dismiss" such a post:  If I can't just dismiss it, I'll BLOCK the sender.  Now that was some effective advertising, wot?

Q- Fill out this quiz with your personal info, and we'll tell you which of our massive choice of three possible replies you are.  So Jane F Petermyer, who's twice my age, half my weight, and lives on the far side of BFE from me, musta gave the exact same answer, since we both came up with Roy Rodgers' horse Trigger as the animal we are most like.

"Well, IMHO, Jane is my front end and you're the back!  Ha ha, just horsing around."

R- "Oh yes, I know a debate means that we respond to each others' questions intelligently, but that's too much work.  So I'll just ignore your question and REPEAT my own.  And if I'm really feeling it, I'll add that none of you (insert ethnic/political/religious type) EVER give me a straight answer to that question."  Except that if you ever used your brain for anything other than a stop-off point between ears, I GAVE you my answer- you just didn't like it.

S-  "I bet I won't get a single share..."  Not from me you won't, attention whore.  I don't know if this is the single stupidest post type on FB, but it's certainly top three.

T- Wow, seeing that meme/GIF/story is just as funny the TEN THOUSANDTH time I saw it as it was the first.   The one item on my list that I MIGHT have to plead guilty to.  Except my stuff is funny.

U- The Undertaker's delight- the famous celebrity who just died who either A) is still alive, or B) died ten years ago and the announcement is STILL making the rounds.  Chris's clue for today- type the name in Google, or God help you, Bing- search in news.  If you don't see the death come up, you might be on a time trip.

V- Arguing a point of faith by inundating me with a dozen misapplied Verses of the Bible.  I could name off a bunch of verses too, but I prefer to read one or two IN CONTEXT and get it right.  The Pope has made a living for 2,000 years by misapplying Matthew 16:18.  And he ain't any more correct now than he was then.

W- When you see a cardinal, you're getting a visit from a dead loved one.

"Do I look like "Aunt Joan" to YOU?"

Unless you are a Hindu and believe in avian reincarnation, a cardinal is just a cardinal.  Unless it's a St Louis Cardinal, in which case you are seeing a baseball player on a sucky team.

X- Find the X/odd number/hidden character in 10 seconds or less and share.

"I got it!  I got it!"

Y- the infamous YouTube video "suggested for you",  which 99.87 % of the time is the same one you watched last week.  Suggestion for YouTube- suggest me stuff I haven't watched.  And keep it on the sidebar, instead of interrupting what I'm trying to watch 6 times like Vevo.

And finally...

Z- Putting up a picture of some text in a teeny tiny picture, and FB gives you no way to ZOOM it in where you can read it.  Bet it was pretty amusing, too.

Well, that's it for this year!  See you next year, when the subject will be, "Underwear stains".  Or maybe, "Jobs for atheists in Heaven", I haven't decided.


  1. I met Roy Rogers once, and watched him perform live. He was a good equestrian, but I lost all respect for him when he had Trigger stuffed and mounted in his den. Bullet the dog is there too.

    1. At least he didn't stuff Dale after she died... oh, that sounded bad...

  2. Chris:
    ---LOL...yep that was very well done.
    (and even more reasons why I JUST stick to blogging).
    ---I always compare Hitler to a Nazi, and I refuse to take any of that back...
    (then again, I tend to deal with FACTS and HISTORY...something the left wouldn't know if it bit them in the buttocks).
    ---I've chosen to boycott the boycotters and THEIR boycotts...unique solution, yes?
    ---Regarding "R" -- you left out GENDER...heh.

    A very humorous post.

    Stay safe (and warm) up there, brother.

    1. Well, I don't tend to get "gender" as an attck much... but since our FB is "Laurie Easterday Chris Martin" I do get confused as Laurie and had one Catholic malcontent tell me I shouldn't be trying to teach, I'm supposed to be silent. Boy, did I have a surprise for HIM!

  3. Hell yeah I am with you with the Nazi card and finding the odd one out yeah I either find it or I don't but I also don't look for it which makes finding it harder.