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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Amid the Tomb

I wandered amid the tombs
Buried beneath my chains, I thrashed
my mind didn't have the room
the world that was mine had crashed

Then He came, and with a Word
everything had changed
my chains fell onto the earth
and the things that held me back fled like swine
over a cliff...
They took their name
and He gave me His.

And now I am in the tombs
Because they told me that He died
couldn't believe that true
But I'd seen it with my eyes

Then I saw a nearing light, and with a shaking
the rock had rolled away
the angel watched in wonder
and the Armies of man fell down before it
as if dead...
The angel smiled down on me
and said, Come and see.

There was no body in the tomb
wrappings, trappings lie, but no one there
something within my soul knew
I could feel the worldchange everywhere

Then I saw Him there

Then I saw Him standing right there, His eyes
how they looked into me
The day I felt my chains come off the second time
and the sun came up

and the Son came up...


  1. Wow, that is powerful, Chris. Did you write it? If so, I had no idea how talented you were. I hope you're enjoying your Easter and are able to spend it with your precious grandbaby.


    1. Yes, I am told I have some small skill with poetry- you can check it out, there's a link above Dick's head. We visited with the kids Friday night. Peanut loves to give his Grandpa hugs, play blocks with him, and he's a better dancer than me!

  2. Chris:
    ---I have no idea where you found this, but it's fantastic.
    This conveys the message of resurrection SO wonderfully.

    Have a Blessed Easter up there, brother.

    1. "Found"? You know me better than THAT...

    2. Well, I stand corrected.
      (doesn't happen
      You have a marvelous GIFT as a wordsmith, my friend.