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Monday, April 2, 2018

David Hogg and storm trooping

Meet David Hogg, if you haven't by now.  High school student, survivor of a massacre.

Media darling.

What he is besides that, I don't know.  I haven't met him, or even watched him.  But, I know one thing he isn't.

A Nazi.

Months ago, I lost a left-wing friend because I refused to hear his endless comparisons of President Trump to Hitler, just over the things he himself didn't like about the man.  It puzzled me that he, as a Jew, would compare a man who merely had opposing political viewpoints to someone who had slaughtered so many of his own people.  But as I learned, he had taken all the hate in his soul and transferred it irremovably to the President and his family, and heaven and earth wouldn't change his mind.  Not long after I lost another electronic friend, and the only difference was she was female.  Same background, same hate.

But Sunday morning, as I thought about life, I realize that I had been listening to right wing FB acquaintances doing the same thing to this man.  Well, boy.  Because that IS what he is.  And because of his stand after the massacre, he has been called many things.

A foul mouthed, whiny brat.  Which may be true.

Manipulated by the left's political agenda.  After some of the other classmates talked about how CNN "coached" them, that also may well be true.

An idiot using symbols- like the one above- that he doesn't really understand, and trying to demand rights be taken away on one hand (our right to bear arms), while demanding his own rights ("Making us use clear backpacks is an invasion of our privacy") on the other.  Again, possibly true.

Because he is a boy.  Boys are young and easily manipulated.  Boys are foul mouthed these days, and often whiny.  Boys often say and do things without understanding the implications.

But he has also been called the new leader of the Hitler Youth.  A "storm trooper"

A Nazi.  And guess what?  That isn't right.

Let me be clear.  You might be able to compare certain actions and attitudes to similar things Nazis may have espoused.  You might even be able to self-righteously say, "But that's how the Nazis got started".  Really?  The Nazis got started by punk kids being prodded by the media?  The Nazis got tired of not being safe in their own schools?

One I will give you.  The Nazis WERE helped along by the incompetence and corruption of the administration before them.  Nice job, Broward County.

But now that I've covered your arguments about David, let me point out historical fact to you all.

What is a Nazi?  A Nazi is a person who converted this:

Into this:

And I will tell you as I told my former friends:  Unless you prove to me that his soul is so black that he is capable of this ghastly behavior, he is NOT a Nazi.  And YOU are a historical illiterate who needs to examine the hate in your OWN soul.  End of story.


  1. A reasoned argument. Well done! While I cannot stand this punk, you have a point. I don't think he's a Nazi (although I may have passed along certain memes that suggest he is...perhaps not).
    Similarly, I've noticed something about fervent Trump supporters. In their mind, the man can do no wrong which, to my mind, is ridiculous. Some of these people pull the same lobotomized tactics that similar zombies pulled when Slappy was president. Same goes with the treatment of this little kid. Maybe it would be better to shut up and not give him the spotlight he so urgently craves...?
    On a related note, I know the female of whom you speak. A shame, really. Some people wear partisan blinders and refuse to listen to logic. I even got into an argument that Trump ought not "tweet politically" on Easter Sunday. I was accused of being a liberal! He is the type of drone I mentioned earlier.

    1. See, and this is why I posted this. I can't in good conscience bash one side if the other is doing the same thing. If we could just silence the Obama idol worshippers ( I'd prove that point with 8 years of post titles from the one former friend) and the Trump bots, maybe we could get somewhere.

  2. I think his heart is the right place. He has been traumatized by what he's seen and been through and doing all he can to make sure it doesn't happen again. Really, it's up to those around him, the responsible adults, to help guide him and protect him and make sure he isn't used during this time while he's so vulnerable.


    1. I kinda don't share your opinion- maybe his heart WAS in the right place but I think fame has pulled it to one side. I could be wrong, though.

    2. That's quite possible. I don't watch or I guess I should say listen to the news as much as I used to because the two people I could rely on, a local news guy and Bill O'Reilly, are gone, and I'm left with people I find to be either too far left or too far right. For me, that's a big turn off. I want someone who can be (or at least appear to be) in the middle. So I don't know what's going on with this kid anymore. It's a sad state of affairs if he is being affected by fame though, because he is so young...that means he could be headed down a dangerous path.

    3. See that's why I look at a ton of sources. But I'm a newshead- just not as much of one since things got so depressing.

    4. I give you big kudos for that. The only person I still listen to consistently is Rush and he's a hit or miss too, although I find him to be reliable.

  3. Chris:
    ---You don't know HOW BAD I wanted to do a spot of this young turdbucket...
    ---I can't understand how ANY person of Hebrew faith (or nationality for that matter) would even think of casting Trump as "das fuhrer".
    That's ridiculous!
    ---I saw the "coaching" video...and yes, the left LOVES him (for all the wrong usual).
    ---I wouldn't go as far as calling Hogg a Nazi...again, more nonsense.
    Nazis were far RIGHT wing national socialists, anyway.
    --He IS a symbol, though, and a potentially dangerous one given the way the leftists and the media act these days (they are running scared, and it's showing with their desperation).
    ---The one common denominator I can see is that YES, this boy is being driven by propaganda, and that is exactly how a person like Hitler came to power - propaganda.
    ---Also, it's much the way Max Frost got established in that movie Wild In The Streets (there is a LOT in common with Hogg here, except this kid doesn't have a rock band that I'm aware of).
    ---This is a real shame, because I read he has a 4.2 GPA (that's pretty smart) and yet 4 colleges rejected his application. (and he is causing seven types of hell against Fox News).
    He is literally wasting his intelligence, misapplying it, and allowing it to be manipulated by those who would cast him aside as fast as look at him.

    Excellent close. That nails it.

    Stay safe (and well-informed) up there, brother.

    1. 4.2 GPA? Forest Gump said, stupid is as stupid does...

  4. Replies
    1. He is a student at the high school in Florida that got shot up while the cops hid outside and watched. CNN and the anti-gun people have co-opted him to be their poster boy for more gun control.

  5. The Nazi comparison is a standard smear tactic. It means nothing. Many people who use it have no idea what the Nazis really were capable of, and what they were trying to accomplish. The Japs weren't any better, but the Japanese WWII atrocities tended to be overshadowed by Hitler and his crew. Now me, I don't think Hitler was entirely human.

    In Nazi Germany, Hogg might have advanced in the Hitler Youth group, but in a short time he'd become a second class citizen, conscripted for the army, and that would be that.

    I believe Hogg and his anti-freedom peers to be a nasty, vicious group with delusions of grandeur couple with the unshakable conviction that they are doing the right thing, and any damage done is for the rest of the country's own good. That kind of condescending attitude will play out in rehearsed commercial media, but other areas of the U.S. are not so tolerant.

    What is actually being illustrated with this movement is the tolerance of the parents. Children should not be allowed to attend political demonstrations of any kind, and in this case the parents should have exerted their authority and kept the children home.

    I'd like to know the names of the people actually behind all this. Soros comes to mind, but I'm sure there are others.

    Nice post, by the way.

    1. See, this is my problem. It may mean nothing to others, but as an amateur historian, I CANNOT accept that. I feel obligated to shout it down. Thats why my snowflake friends are now all "former snowflake friends."