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Monday, October 15, 2018

The backyard speakeasy

We got a new bird feeder this summer, and lately it has been a hub of activity for many species.  Allow me to introduce some of our guests.  They are a bit skittish- I believe it has become an underworld dive.  I have not gotten pics of two guests we know as "The DoveFather" and a Blue Jay known as "Squealer."  But I have managed a few candid shots...

Of course, Scooter is the unquestioned king...

Elements of the dreaded "Sparrow Mafia..."

Bird:  "Seriously, how do you do that?"

This is Tits, aka Mrs Scooter

The chickadee...

...and Woody...

Hey, where you goin'?

"Shhh... slippin' into the back room fer a sec..."

"Okay... time to go!"

"Oh the line forms... to the right, hey..."


  1. Chris:
    Apparently, I can only post to your blog with GOOGLE, as my 1st attempt on Bing didn't seem to go through. If it did, delete this comment.
    ---Those birds on the fence look like members of the "Sparrowgetti" Family.
    ---The chipmunk...very cool. Must be related to Alfie Overbite of the Seville Family.
    ---Chickadee? Obviously the floor show.
    ---Woody? Gotta be the bouncer.

    Excellent photos.

    Stay safe (and keep Scooter out of the bathtub hooch) up there, brother.

    1. Now you know- Bing blows.

      Chickadee- I'm not sure about him. You can see in the one picture how the sparrows load up- Chick grabs one seed and goes. The Dovefather was by tonight with two subCapos...

  2. These are awesome!! I love to see the funniest videos where the pole is greased and the squirrels go sliding down....
    Mr Scooter is a fatty!

    1. Scooter is both fat and entitled. He was sitting on the fence looking out at the yard today. I did consider putting up some tinfoil just to tick him off, but it's easier to just send Scrappy out...

  3. I come here and look at photos and had a smile and now I leave