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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elmo's play date

Last night on time machine I made an offhand comment about Katy Perry and her being bounced off Sesame Street for "wearing too revealing clothing". But, ya know what? There's something serious that needs to be said here. I smell hypocrisy- and if I'm to have credibility when I point out liberal/secular hypocrisy, I need to say it works both ways.

First off, have you seen the video? I have. And if her outfit is revealing, it is no more so than these children's moms have been wearing since the mid sixties. Good night, she's showing some non-bouncy cleavage and her KNEES! OMG! I can't help but think there's something more to this "wave of protests" than this.

Could it be her parents? As I understand it, her parents are fundamentalists who weren't thrilled with her "conversion to the dark side" and have waged an on and off battle with her in the press over it. But, let's face it. She tried it her folks' way, released a couple of stinko Christian pop albums that went nowhere because, most likely, her heart wasn't in it. Good Christian parents in this situation should counsel her, pray for her, but in the end realize that she has to make the choice; their press war served no purpose than to steel her resolve and make themselves (and by extension, all Christian parents with non-christian children) look bad. I asked myself, was it her parents that launched this, or Christians in sympathy with them? If so, come out and say it, and don't be HYPOCRITES!

Another theory, which may be closer to the point, is the sexual orientation issue. Yes, she did a totally disgusting song called I Kissed A Girl, and much of her material has sexually ambiguous material. And if she did a skit based on that song, I would be in line with the protesters like a shot. I find it reprehensible the way that the LGBT "community" is constantly trying to win acceptance by working to convince kids that perversion is ok. (BTW I was told recently that my use of quotation marks "shows my bias". In this case, I say "tough cookies".) BUUUUT... What she did for the show had nothing to do with that. She pushed no agenda, she made no hintings. She sang a song about a play date with Elmo- period. So, is she being ostracized for her off-screen philosophies (whether she is or not being irrelevant). WHAT DID THE KIDS SEE? Did they she her orientation or her politics? If that's the beef, I'd like to point out that Neil Patrick Harris, Rosie O'Donnell, and Ellen DeGeneris have ALL guested on Sesame Street. They are all openly gay; does that matter to a 4, 5, or 6 year old who doesn't comprehend what it means, and probably hasn't heard about it anyway? ( I doubt that they caught the irony of Harris appearing as the "fairy shoe person".)

What did the kids see? I saw nothing attacking innocence in the video. I would like to hear from one of those who complained who actually, truly thought that her outfit was "too revealing". I'm not sure what the true motivation was, but to my eyes, in the words of Shakespeare (sorta): "'Tis a crock of sh!t, and it stinketh."


  1. I watched the video and I thought it was cute. I watched Sesame street years ago with my kids and I remember Miss Piggy dressing sort of skanky back then. I see nothing wrong with how she dressed.

  2. I had mentioned to Laurie that I thought there had to have been guests on the show dressed more revealingly than that. I wouldn't have thought of Piggy though. Thanks for the Laugh.

  3. CWM:
    Someone on FOX said the SAME thing I was thinking about regarding the whole SESAME STREET/KATY PERRY thing:

    I've YET to see ANY of those MUPPETS clothed AT ALL...!
    (AT least Fozzie Bear used to wear a tie and a hat, but he wasn't on Sesame Sreet)
    And OSCAR is always in the trashcan.

    I'm just sayin'

    (oh, my)