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Sunday, September 12, 2010

NFL Sunday week one

Here's my thoughts on today's games, and how we did in the NHFFL.

The biggest thing we take away from today is how desperately the rule on TD receptions needs to be re-written. When what happened to Detroit occurs- what should be a TD taken away by a technicality- the powers that be need to ask, "has this rule served the spirit of the intent?" Of course, the Lions will have to join the Cowboys on reflecting that it doesn't pay to wait until the last moment to try and win a game.

Speaking of the Cowboys, I don't think Alex Barron would be well-advised to fly home with the team. He spent that entire game giving his teammates a reason to toss him out the plane, and that holding penalty that ended the game rivalled the stupidest ways to lose a game of all time.
And Jason Garrett's play calling was abysmal. As it has for the last how many years. And Dez Bryant played like he was in a cloud. Show up or stay home.

So, was it the revenge factor motivating Houston or does the Colts D suck that bad? I've got to give Gary Kubiak credit for his work with Arian Foster. Used to be, I wouldn't have believed Foster could walk 231 feet without fumbling, much less rush for 231 yards.

It cracks me up that Pittsburgh and Atlanta couldn't score a touchdown between them in sixty minutes, but Mendenhall can run one in from 50 yards away in OT.

I looked in on the Giants' game at one point and saw Brandon Jacobs 8 carries for 33 yds and Ahmad Bradshaw 10 carries for 7, and thought, boy the Bradshaw as starter era is going to be a short one. About 5 minutes later Bradshaw had 13 carries, 65 yards, and a TD. Maybe I'll learn.

In the NHFFL, the KCAs parley two Jahvid Best scores into a 37-29 lead on the Rangers, and the Rangers are done scoring. The lightweight game has so far been the SVA and the Beagles. Scrappy's heroes have a 22-10 lead, but Shenan has 3 players in the Monday night doubleheader. The Elks, like the KCAs, have a win and players yet to play, with a 38-30 win over the Clock BBQs. 3 Hakeem Nicks scores top 2 by Matt Forte.
That Mendenhall OT score gives the T-cubs a 34-13 lead on the B2s. The good news is each team has a player to go. The bad news is they both play for the Chiefs. The classic match of the weekend is the Angels/Rhinos shootout. Going into the Sunday night game, the Angels led 43-42, Chris Johson's 15 points balancing somewhat those three Arian Foster scores. However, the Romo-to-Austin hookup was both for the Angels, and the tally going into Monday Night and only Shawn Greene to play for the Rhinos, is 52-42 now. Finally, the Buzz/Ducks match is all over but the final scores, with Buzz leading 51-12 behind a dozen each by Peyton "the Cape" Manning and Wes Welker.

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