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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chris Martin sells vote to highest bidder

Not really, I just thought it might attract Win Moses and his band of Benedict Arnolds for when I chew them yet another new one later on.

Anyway, Monday I was too sick to want to read or write. Which meant that yesterday I was too busy catching up reading to write. Today I'm going to rant first and read later.

Topic #1: Libya. WTF do we (read: does Obama) think we are doing? I'm as patriotic and hawkish as the next guy (more so, depending), but let's step back and look at this. First, we have a revolt in Libya, fad o' the week in the middle east. We had one in Egypt, where we got along for many years with Sadat and Mubarik until it became PC to bash poor Hasni, evil bastard that he was. Now we'll probably end up with Gamal Abdel Nasser #2, and won't that be fun? Well, there's one in Bahrain (what is that, the 5th fleet's base? Or is it 6th, I'm not sure), but there, mum's the word. Ditto in Yemen, because EVERYbody knows all the rebels there are al-Qaeda. So that brings us to Libya, where we are actively supporting rebels who are in turn being supported by that same al-Qaeda that we don't like in Iraq and Yemen. We're shooting missiles at planes so that Qaddaffyduck can't strafe civilians while he's blowing them to bits. The Arab League wants us to set a no-fly zone, as long as we don't kill any one. France and Obama play hot potato with the leadership of the "UN" mandate. And what exactly are we doing? Are we saving lives? Debatable. Giving aid to a legitimate government, one that will appreciate our help? Not really, and yeah, right. Hillary "mine are bigger than Bill's" Clinton basically said the goal is to get rid of Qaddafyduck.
Okay, now ask this: Why Now? Getting rid of a screwball nobody likes is, as the liberals like to tell us, why we went into Iraq. Just a way to get votes for GW Bush, they said. No exit strategy, they said. But Sadaam Hussein was a murderous nutcase and needed to go, and thus we all got patriotic and GW got his second term, they said.


Well, when al-Qaeda assumes the running of Libya and tells us to go jump, PLEASE remember THAT at the next election.

Topic #2: If Obama wants to blow cruise missiles in an arena that Might get him my vote, how about aiming them at Urbana, Illinois. My opinion on the, democrat walkouts here and in the Cheese state are well documented, I know, and I think actually cost me a follower, a young teacher who might have the mistaken impression I want her to live in poverty. So I'd like to clear up my intent once and for all. I have nothing against teachers or any other union member. I have heard from many well-spoken members of the other side, and I realize not everyone in the debate is a greed-serving scum sucker (read: union Mgmt.) or a blindly following sheeple who is out there howling about losing all collective bargaining rights; which is a bold-faced lie. I thank fellow blogger Roland Hansen and the Beyond the Beltway radio show Sunday night for aiding in my education.
What I AM Against:
1. ALL union mgmt. Their mutually parasitic relationship with the democratic party is destroying any usefulness and/or credibility in either organization.
2.The tactics of bringing in ringers to flood statehouses is IMHO deplorable. I don't need ticks and lice from New York and Pennsylvania (sorry Bob) coming to my state to tell my legislators what they want them to do.
3. Doctors passing out fake excuses to sorry-ass teachers that think pitching one at the capitol is more important than TEACHING THEIR STUDENTS.
4.Legislators (like the one in Wisc.) who think when a union member doesn't want his dues spent on Dem. candidates, the proper response is, "get another job."
5. Union officials (such as the head of the Michigan AFof L) who, when told that the non-union middle class (that the dems and unions are allegedly defending) are tired of paying the price for the unionized middle class' intransigence, feel that the proper response is, "you should unionize your workplace". Not a lie, I heard it myself. The next caller was a union teacher that told him that advice was "a bunch of crap", BTW.
6. But most of all, I do not like legislators that think holding the whole GD state hostage while they prance around and look pretty for their union mgmt. succubi is proper legislative action. Anyone who votes for someone who'd do that might just as well take their state taxes and blow 'em on the lottery, you'll get the return you deserve most likely.

Topic #3: Dumb commercials. In particular, one running on radio where some train company tells us that it can move a ton of freight a mile on a gallon of fuel. Perspective: If that freight car is empty, it weighs @ 30 tons, so that gallon of fuel will take the kick at the goal line and return it just across midfield. Fully loaded, it might weigh 140 tons, which means that gallon just might squeeze out a first down. Best to just fill 'er up, engineer.

Topic #4: Meth. I heard tonight that we are spending some 40% of Indiana's correctional budget on meth-related spending. All to keep a handle on our society's stubborn will to destroy itself. My God, we are crying tears of sympathetic pain over nature destroying Japan, but we sit here in this very state destroying ourselves and we still have people that say, if we'd just legalize it all everything would be OK!?! I hope katie over at Agape doesn't think me hypocritical, but sometimes it gets very hard to ask myself, why do we even care? and answer, because God still cares.

Okay, I feel better, Scrappy's begging me to rough him up, and I still haven't had dinner. Have a good evening, everyone. And Win? I think you left the stove on...


  1. CWM:
    You have to one day tell us how you REALLY

    Seriously, you have some fantastic talking points...!
    topic 1- spot on!
    topic 2:
    1- yes!
    2- agreed.
    3- That's wrong.
    4- Typical response.
    5- Crap is saying it "politely".
    Topic 3- Costs less when the engine is powered by electricity, too.
    Topic 4-
    I always wanted to bring ALL the druggies into a stadium, give 'em ALL the drugs they want, and when they croak, bulldoze them out and bring in the NEXT batch...
    (talk about a landfill)
    Let the "games" begin...!

    (it has the novelty if not having been done since the days of Rome)
    ...only THIS time...NO Christians allowed to participate!

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.

  2. Chris,
    Thank you for your forthrightness. It is refreshing to read the perspectives of people who do not hide behind the cloak of anonymity. While I may have a different perspective on some of the issues on which you opine, I certainly respect you and your right to express your opinions. I wish more Americans would take part in the discussions concerning current events, politics, and other such things that really are important and germaine to our daily lives.