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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Solar flares- caused by global warming?

Far fetched, you say?  Let's take a look at the facts.  If you are a good, agnostic/atheistic American who believes theories as if they have been proven, you know the world has been around, what, 5 billion years?  All but about 10,000 of those years, 25,000 if you believe in the alien Atlantis culture, the world ran without the helping hand of humanity.  In that time period, it managed mass extinctions, asteroid impacts, oxygen events, ice ages, and puking up a moon.

But now, along comes mankind.  Prometheus gave him fire, Archimdes gave him a lever, Henry Ford gave him an assembly line, and the next thing you know, he's had more effect on the planetary climate than all the combined disasters of umpty-billion years put together. A couple decades ago, I remember talk of man causing a new ice age.  Pollution, deforestation, and fluorocarbons were going to turn us all into abominable snowmen.  But then, unfortunately for the groups who using questionable science to get a noble goal (cleaning up the planet, not leading us into a neo-luddite abandonment of fossil fuels), the climate began to warm.

Hence, global warming.

If you dote jot and tittle on out beloved Commander-in-Chief, you know that the #1 way to stop global warming is get the Asian nations to cut air pollution     Stop cutting down the rain forest shut down economically important oil pipeline projects  to buy an electric car.  But what you didn't realize is that these vehicles, with their electrical fields, effect the magnetic fields of the planet.  The ripple effects of this include blck holes being drawn towards the solar system, planets like Pluto being turned into dwarves, and of course, increasing solar flares.  These flares will soon have a cumulative effect of another round of acclerated evolution, the result of which that we "shall all become as Obama, knowing good from evil."

Far fetched? Sure.  But I'm not the one who thinks his great grandpa had a tail.


Bouncing Barb got tagged in one of those "eleven question" games like the one I did here.  As a part of that, she requested that her followers all answer her eleven questions.  Among the other rules of the game, that is, which I shall now ignore, moving on to answer these questions despite not having previewed them.

  1. What is your favorite flower? Lillies of the valley.  We had a patch around the Maple tree behind the garage, which was my second favorite tree to pee on as a boy.  They were the flower for my birth month of May, so they were my favorite.  I wouldn't sniff'em , though.
    2.    How old were you when you attended a wedding for the first time? Jeez. I don't know, 6? 8?Maybe 4.
      3. What is the first scary movie you remember watching? We watched Dark Shadows faithfully, I think a scary soap opera qualifies.
     4. Do you snore? ZZZZZZZZZZZ... huh?
     5. What's your favorite curse word and how often do you use it? I truly wish I could say "gosh", "shucks", or "darn", and "very infrequently".
      6.  What's the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in public? Today? Or all time?
       7. If you could have one moment back with someone (alive or dead) what would it be? One moment, with one person? The time- high school. The person- classified, other than I have not seen her in about 35 years.  The action- simply holding hands.
       8. How did you come up with your blog title? Don Quixote.  Ah, my dear Dulcinea!
        9. Where did you grow up? Besancon, Indiana- not even a dot on the map between New Haven and Zulu.
       10. What is your favorite mode of transportation? dog-assisted foot power.
       11. What was the best vacation you ever had?   With my bro's family through the south in 1977.  A blog post of its own.


Finally tonight, I am forced to inaugurate the first Tough Shit Award!!!

And here is the news story for which I kick this very prestigious award off:

A national Fox News Latino poll of likely Latino voters conducted under the direction of Latin Insights and released Monday shows almost half of respondents, or 46 percent, say the term "illegal immigrant" is offensive, while only a little over a third, or 35 percent, think the term is accurate. About 7 percent are neutral about the term.

“Calling people illegal or an illegal immigrant has become normalized even though it’s a term that’s inaccurate, it’s dehumanizing and it’s politically charged,” said Mónica Novoa, coordinator of the Drop the I-Word public campaign. “It’s anti-immigrant, anti-Latino language that’s harmful.”

Hey, you don't like it?  GO HOME. GET LEGAL. COME BACK.  Then you can join the rest of us as we offend those who are breaking the law.  It'll be a blast!

1 comment:

  1. CWM:
    As one of those old "city boys" that has come to HONESTLY appreciate the GOOD points of the Midwest, let me say that this is a fantastic post.
    The whole global warming.- solar flare BS is wonderful...LOL!

    ANd your new AWARD?
    Love the way you answered the questions...LMAO!

    It's a hoot and a half!

    And I thought America had the God-given RIGHT TO OFFEND...isn't that what got this nation STARTED in the FIRST place???

    Kudos to you, sir.

    Stay safe up there.