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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A lot of different things, all in pictures

We start out Sunday afternoon, with KC taking his sister Shenan out for a shopping event at Jefferson Point.  As you can see, a fashionista she's not.

Best line of the day:  Dad: It's a sunny, warm day.  Why are you wearing a hoodie?  Shenan:  Because we didn't get home till 5 in the morning. Dad:  That would make you tired, not cold.

Moooooving on to the Monday walk, everyone was still out of town after soccerpalooza.  Except some birds...

...and this old man, who spent about twenty yards keeping ahead of us on the trail rather than shooting up a tree.  Aqualung my friend, don't you start away uneasy.  You poor old sod, you see it's only me...

Oh, and this chipmunk who gets a fail in hide-and-seek...

And another squirrel who let me practice my long-distance stuff on him.

Scrappy wanted to turn at the back end of the complex, rather than our usual crossing.  As a result, he missed our first sighting of Mr. Ground Hog since the drought ended.

Today we were at Mounds state park- Scrappy came, too!

The great mound

This was so steep, a couple that was running uphill were bent over trying to run.  The husband said, "Hello!"  The wife said, "Help!"

There were alike a hundred of these little streamlets coming down from the high ground into the White river.

A pair of turkey buzzards across the river.

Scrappy found a cave... well, not so much a cave... an open spot under this massive rock.

Then there was this boardwalk to the bottom of the ravine.

This is the bottom...

...this is Laurie on the bottom.

A lot of puffballs.  I saw one off the trail a ways I swear was the size of a volleyball.

Then lunch at White Castle!!!!

"That was my favorite part!  Mommy and Daddy would give me the sandwich boxes and I was getting my nose stuck in them and I got fries and pickles and Mommy thought she bought me a water but it was Sprite Zero and that was cool too!"


  1. I so enjoy your nature pics.

  2. like all your different things in pictures!!

  3. Me too. #'s 16 and 24 are so beautiful, and the last picture of Scrappy is my favorite.

    1. I wish I could've got one of him with his nose stuck in the White Castle box!

  4. I love the pics, very cool nature shots! MMMM White Castle! :)

    1. MMMMM indeed! Spotting the WC on the map was what sold me on the trip!

  5. That IS a great line. My kids hit me with those all the time.
    A great line from my family (although this one didn't have anything to do with me, I still liked it)....
    We were taking a tour of George Mason Univ. with the whole family and couldn't find a specific building.
    My flustered daughter asked her brother, a junior at Virginia Tech, if he knew which building was holding orientation (mind you, he's never been there, either). His response:
    "I'm smart, not magic."

    1. Sounds like you were working off a map like the ones we keep finding at these parks! New trails, extinct trails, buildings on the map with no ID or on the road with no sign... and google maps had us all messed up at the very point of being at the park because it insisted we enter on a road that was nowhere to be seen! Always gotta have one incident like that on every day-trip.

  6. Scrappy has such great adventures and you take such wonderful pics. Thank you for showing them all to me. (The chipmunk was cute)

    1. Scrappy does indeed have great adventures. He could write a great book if he'd pay attention to half of them!