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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tuesday, Wednesday... I can't tell 'em apart anymore

So I have just a cluster of little things to talk about today instead of some epic production.  So here we go, and let's see if my friend Bobby G. can guess where I stole the style from:

ITEM! Check out the Caps blog!  Not only do I have a new, artsy display that I have inflicted on our wall, but a really crazy story to tell.  Here's a clip:

Over the next 8 months 50 more cases with similar findings appeared in the same area with 20 of these being fatal. It was noted that all patients were heavy drinkers who mostly drank beer and preferred the Dow brand, consuming an average of 24 pints of alcohol per day.

This story goes on to include corporate intrigue, a well-known surgeon, environmental damage, and just how much 24 pints a day is in American terms.  And scandal!  Don't miss it!

ITEM!  We took another another walk with my friend and her BFF Monday.
Hooey and his mom.  "Don't you DARE put that on your blog!"

She don't know me very well, do she??
ITEM! Just got word about her dad moments ago.  Allegedly the problem stems from a compressed vertebrae.  So they decided the cure was to shoot some "hydraulic fluid" in it to decompress it.  After a Keystone Kops attempt at it Monday, it seems to have worked yesterday and he's ready to go home and wreak havoc once again.  The doctors, for their part, have been pretty sparse on the passing out of info, so it remains to be seen whether he will be released upon the unsuspecting world yet or not.

ITEM!  My little corner of the internet has been abuzz for the last few days over a comment left on my friend J Day's blog.  Some idiot claiming to repesent the Boycott American Women Blog left an anonymous "comment" (not for the first time apparently) attacking American women for everything from the world's total of child molestation cases to the world's leading cause of foot fungus.  Needless to say, my friend did not have a very complimentary response to him.  He posted more false statistics than a Barack Obama speech, and since I happened to see the comment first, I got in the opening reply:  "And you posted this on a WOMAN's blog?  Buddy, you are a case."  (For which you'll see I got a nice pimping, thank you very much!)  From what I've gathered in all the uproar is that this dipstick posts his anonymous cut-and-paste rant exclusively on women's blogs, which makes me wonder if his "blog" isn't just one of those "I get $0.01 for every click" deals with a very "clever advertising gimmick.

ITEM!  You've gotta watch this video a friend put on Facebook (boy I have a LOT of friends today!)- it is HILARIOUS!!  All commercials should be as funny as this:

ITEM! I discovered something that may come in handy in the future.  Twitter is especially valuable at the major league baseball trading deadline!  I had rumours as they sprang like apples from the tree, and confirmations before ESPN and CBSSports!  I'll have to dial into some experts at NFL final cuts day, too.

ITEM!  Chick-fil-A anti-boycott day!  Laurie and I will be striking a blow for free speech this afternoon.  Because thios has become more than a gay -issue; it has become whether political correctness is going to determine who a law applies to.  I don't feel either the jerk in Boston, or Obama's thug-lord in Chicago, should be able to prevent a business from putting down roots anywhere because the owner states a perfectly legitimate value system.

I generally avoid boycotts.  Now, refusing to watch the Brickyard because of NASCAR's criminal treatment of Elliot Sadler is a different thing.  And if this was just some gay group's attention getting device (which is all most boycotts really are), I'd ignore it too.  But this is a government official's changing the way government business is done because 2% of the population thinks it's offensive for a man to marry a woman as God intended (argue that point all you want, but the square peg-round hole system is in place for a reason).  This country was built on freedoms like the freedom of speech.  If the LGBT community wants to boycott Chick-fil-A, that's their right.  If I decide not to buy any more Muppet products because they support LGBT, that would be my point to.  But the government is supposed to referee, NOT pick sides.  So my views on the other thing notwithstanding, I'm going to eat chicken today to protest Rahm Emmanuel and all his little buddies out there who want to turn government into their own little activist nation.

"An if Martin don't like it, I'll cap him too, see?  Nyah."
ITEM! I think I'm out of items!  Now go look at the cap blog for me (Monkey Butt, you're excused), and have a nice day!  EAT MOR CHIKIN!


  1. Great post, as always. This whole Chik-Fil-A crap is just that, crap. Morons jump on the latest "cause du jour" to voice their opinion about someone's opinion. So, they seek to stifle free speech by calling for a boycott. Never mind they buy their gasoline from CITGO, which is owned by Venezuela. I would just like some intellectual consistency, is all. Absolute "asshattery" (NOT a real word. But, it should be...). Eat chicken.
    That dude also visited Penwasser Place with his anti-women screed.. A total douche canoe is he. Total asshattery.
    Hey, I like that word.

    1. Asshattery not a word? Surely not! It is a great word and a fine example of the bloggers art.

  2. Yesss!!!! I love being excused :) In related news, I had every intention of going to chick fil a today and brought my lunch, dang! Oh well, I will pimp some chicken today anyway!!! Enjoy the nuggets, I love those nuggets!! You're right though, this has flown past gay rights, this is about freedom of speech now! I saw JDays post on the whole comment thing, crazyness!

  3. Yes, you ARE a man hater, as are the fellow women commenting here. Apparently, women committing crimes against men such as false DV and false rape accusations, financially destroying their husbands in divorce, kidnapping their children from their husbands and refusing contact/custody, is all fine and dandy. I never saw any of you "good women" writing articles speaking out against THESE crimes that happen EVERY SINGLE DAY to THOUSANDS of men.

    But when you find a blog that merely says that American/western women have become spoiled rotten and selfish beyond all hope of redemption and that men should simply boycott them, then you freak out and have a hissy fit.

    Instead of freaking out about the Boycott blog, how about you freak out against the TENS OF MILLIONS OF MEN WHO HAVE HAD THEIR LIVES DESTROYED BY AMERICAN AND WESTERN WOMEN????? How about you write articles CONDEMNING the criminal actions of your fellow women?

    You are definitely NOT a good woman. You are just a selfish little immature brat, a liar, a hypocrite, and a very evil and heartless person.

    And you have also been published to CAF and now anyone who googles your name will see full evidence of your man hatred:

    1. This is the ramblings of one Peter Andrew Nolan who was arrested after assaulting his wife who very prudently left him. He started divorce proceedings and then refused to disclose evidence of his income and assets to the court. The court had little choice but to grant his ex wife who was looking after 4 children, 70% of the known joint marital assets. Nolan promptly disowned his children so he wouldn't have to pay any child support. Now he stalks his children and their friends via facebook and email threatening to murder them if they don't give him money. I'm not making any of this stuff up. He's actually published all of the above information on his website. He belongs in the nuthouse.

  4. Dear anonymous:

    The only thing you got right in this was thatI am not a good woman. Go look at my profile, you loon.

    I find it funny that you come here ranting and raving with slobber all down your chin, and accuse me of a hissy fit.

    By the way, all you NORMAL people, this is pretty much the same comment this penis-challenged wonder put on J Day's blog.

    Dude, you seriously need help. Maybe you had a woman hurt you, maybe two. With the personality you evidence, I'm not surprised. You strike me as someone who thinks every woman he meets should be an inflateable doll that does and says just what he imagines. You'd have been better off sticking to masturbation, pal.

    I see, though, now you've expanded your crusade to "and Western" women. What happened, a Canadian tell you you are a dirtbag as well?

    Well, as amusing as this has been, I think I should tell you that I will be turning you to spam if you comment anyplace else on here than this thread. Because, frankly, you are a one trick pony and I don't even think the "pony" you're riding is a horse. Adios, muchacho!

  5. Seriously, if I could hug you through the internet, I would. You rock, my friend. And seriously, I have no idea how I did not pick up on the John Rambo name thing. LMAO Well, anyone who picks a Stallone character to name himself after is in need of a lobotomy, really. And that inflatable doll bit!! OMG HAHAHAHA! Although, I'm quite sure that even inflatable dolls have standards. ;o)

    Oh, and he tells me that my blog has been published on their website on their man hater wall - and it is, I checked. Is it bad that I felt all warm and tingly inside?? LOL Anyway, he tells me that now anyone who Googles me will know all about my man hatred . . . he has evidently missed the tiny fact that my full name is not on my blog, nor my email addy for the blog AND you cannot find my blog by using my name. Minor detail. LOL

  6. CWM:
    LMAO...LOVE the ELmer/Bugs cartoon, and the Rahmbo-deadfish pic...funny as hell.

    The comments are great and your rebuttal to one of them "gets me a grin...agin and agin"...LOL.
    (Nicholson's Joker)


    Yep..some days it IS worth it blog.

    Very well done.
    You DO rock, sir!

    Stay safe up there
    (and behave yourself...if you dare)