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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

The he-man woman haters club

Well, yesterday was a bit interesting.  If you checked out the post "Tuesday, Wednesday, I Can't Tell 'em Apart Anymore"  (C'mon, it's just off to your right, don't be lazy), you read my item about the total loser who commented on J Day's blog.  And if you scroll down a little farther, you can see now his "anonymous" handprint on mine as well.  Yes that's right, he commented on my post, and what he said there is basically what he said on J's blog.

But there's more.  He actually e-mailed me, in his clever guise as "John Rambo".  In fact, we went through three back-and-forths.  In the interests of keeping it a family show, and the continuing tradition of this blog to expose whack-jobs for what they are, let's combine letter and comment to see what he thinks of me:

- am pissed at him for having sex with my wife.  Problems here include a) not married, b)even if I was, it would be to an American woman, and he wouldn't lower himself to that.
- "a woman with testicles"  (yeah, after he posted to my blog, he finally figured out I wasn't a woman.  A little slow on the uptake, but what can you expect)
-belong in the kitchen with the rest of the ladies
-beta male provider
-emasculated (well, I have had a vasectomy, but I don't think that's the same...)
-(slang term for a bundle of sticks tied together- you google it)
-"had a hissy fit" about his manliness on my post
-hypocrite (that was when he thought I was a woman not complaining about other women)
-little brat
-man hater
-not a good woman (the only thing he got right, proving the blind hog finds an acorn once in a while)
-poor wittle baby/thing
-"should put a gun in your mouth, pull the trigger and kill myself"

Okay, now that we've established his obvious character, let's dig a little deeper.  "John" either is or is associated with one Peter Andrew Nolan, an Australian who is involved in the "sovereign people movement"  (meaning he's one of those types that thinks he is not bound by any human laws).  Apparently he has been kicked off the forums and facebook pages of every reputable political group on the continent for trying to spew his preffered brand of lunacy.  He is also accused of being a partner and driving force in an online pedophile ring (two sources at least).  Let us see how else Mr. Nolan is described:

-fled from Australia to escape domestic violence (I'm not sure if the writer meant he had charges against him or that he was running from an angry ex-wife with a rolling pin)
-fruit and nut job and/or fruitloop and nutjob extrordinaire
-(requires the growth and development of male genetalia)
-increasingly malevolent
-"is John Rambo, also Allen Rosen, Michael Coyler, and a lot more"
-little man
-Loopey Pete
-Narcissistic Personality Disorder with a twist of bipolar
-part-time stalker
-piece of crap
-"running a child sex ring"

Also, I got a comment that I have since confirmed that says he is an administrator for a wife-buying Facebook page called Indianwives.  Which makes sense, I suppose- if he could convince anyone to boycott western women, he'd be right there with a substitute.

Apparently he has a couple guys that are his disciples (perhaps they take turns being Rambo) to help spread his gospel of stupidity.  And a couple of sites dedicated to going after him, which almost seems as big a waste of one's life as his is.  I guess he claims to have ties to the Aussie secret service ASIO, but it would seem that the "ties" consist of him swamping them with e-mails that no doubt get forewarded to the junk file.

Which is just where he's going around here as well.  As I told him last night, I think I've milked him for about all the amusement he's worth.  Or as I put it to him at another point, go hump a kangaroo.


  1. CWM:
    So...when are you going to stop beating about the bush and tell us how you REALLY feel, hmm?
    (laughing WITH you all the way, my friend)

    Great post.
    (and a wonderful trip through Websters expanded edition...Wifey and I BOTH thank you)

    Stay safe up there.

  2. I hear kangaroos are actually quite mean. hehe.

    I figured him for a nutter whose wife left him because he a woman to walk two paces behind him, have dinner on the table by 5, never speak her mind, is silent unless spoken to, and is a maid and nanny.

    I'm beyond being angry at this stage; his anger and hatred have been comical. Now I'm tired of it all and believe we've given him too much attention. So now, I'm going to ignore his sorry butt.

  3. LOL! I love your take on the jerk, CW! He'd probably be posting on my blog too if he could find it ;-) Where I'd be waiting with my broom stick in one hand and a baseball bat in the other.

  4. Hmmm....I just don't even know what to say. Yep, I'm speechless.

  5. You got me here with your title since I adore Little Rascals but lost me when you started talking about this tool. I did read the post (cause I adore you too) but this guy doesn't deserve the time or attention he is getting with all these posts dedicated to his rants. He's left this comment on my blog a couple times and they get deleted and go unmentioned. It's spam, it's nonsense, and anyone with half a brain knows it!