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Friday, August 24, 2012

C.B. de Scrappy strikes again

Today's walk through the woods started off with another couple of "distance sightings":

These first ones are the young doe.  A little ways later, I spotted Momma.

All I've been seeing lately is these two- bucks seem to have split.  It wasn't till the Ravine trail that the babies popped up.

So I attempted to film... our four-footed director, though, was determined to sniff something that was apparently circular shaped and in which I was standing in the middle.  In other words, I kept having to unwind myself from a director who had not noticed our subjects.  If you don't notice it before then, you'll notice it at the 1:00- 1:10 mark.

Earlier this morning, we were awakened to another party at the seed bell.  We started with not one, but 2 Mr. Woodys- and they were arguing over the bell.  And they continued to argue.  At one point, we had Mr. Woody #1 on the bell, Mr. Woody #2 on the roof of the shed, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal in the tree just above, Mr. Chipmunk on the fence, and Mr. Squirrel out in the yard, all awaiting the denounment of the discussion.  Eventually they took the argument into the nearby pine trees.  Mr. Chipmunk tried to take advantage first, but Mr. Woody #1 ran him off, and he contented himself with eating the ground spill.  Then Mr. Cardinal finally got a turn.  But we definately have at least one woodpecker with possession issues.

Scrappy was content to just watch the Woodys, and a little light growl when he saw ol' Chip.  But once the arguing got intense he became more interested; and when Chip tried the roof, Scrappy leaned back into me, gave me the baby eye and a whine that translated to, "Daddy, I wanna get 'im!", and then slammed his paws down on the windowsill as if to point out what he was looking at (Actually, he WAS pointing it out, and the stomp meant, "THERE! Right THERE!")

After a time things settled down... but you had a pretty good chance all morning of looking out and seeing some greedy woodpecker hanging upside down picking seeds.  Thinking about getting another bell in hopes of giving somebody ELSE a turn.


  1. You know, I find myself also getting all wrapped up in woodland creatures lately. Just call me Cinderella... now if I could only get them to clean the house...

    1. Aren't you a couple of dwarves short?

  2. Your video is pretty cool. You have me totally besotted with your deer

  3. Crazy woodpeckers hoggin all the seeds! :)