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Monday, August 13, 2012

Just pics

I have spent a lot of time today debating the great issues of the day- and for my trouble I was called a liberal, skinhead, jew-hating, ignorant bigot by a guy who I was agreeing with on about 80% of the things being discussed!  And I have been shaking my head at the bullets that flew at College Station today.  A FB friend put it this way when he bowed out today- its all a bunch of "mental masturbation" in which everyone gets hurt.  So I'm just going to show you some pictures that will bring smiles and not debates.

Sunday, Mr. Woodpecker made a return visit.

I got Laurie to come for a walk with us that afternoon.  Of course, you almost can't get through the woods these days without running into deer.

This one- the younger doe, not mama- jumped across the back road.  Laurie spotted her in the woods.

When me and Scrappy got up, a Jenny Wren was on the feeder.  After we got up there was a different customer.

Yep, Mr. Chipmunk, just chillin'.

We ran into the one fawn just before entering the back road from the south.  Scrappy even tried to chase him, for a change.  But the rest of the crew were in the tall stuff, as usual.

The other day on a blog I follow, a commenter mentioned a "pushme-pullyou" and the blogger said she didn't know what one was.  This is a good simulation.

I thought this was interesting- black bees with yellow saddlebags!  Then came a bug about the size of a bumblebee, but all green like a katydid.  It cruised by slowly, like a teeny tiny balloon in the wind.  Soon later, I saw this...

Looked just like a frickin' sponge!

By the way, the conversation (or what passed for one) on FB?  The guy ended up saying at the end, "I get defensive about things sometimes.  I am forgiving, it just takes time".

My reply?  "Apparently."  Mark Souder really throws a good party!


  1. Another beautiful walk. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too, Roland. Its been a LOOOOOOONG day.

  3. On our run today I caught several turtles sunning themselves on the drainage pipes in the cranberry bogs. I wasn't fast enough with my camera. We also saw two herons... again wasn't fast enough.

    Perhaps if I wasn't running, gasping for air, and all sweaty and gross I would have been quicker with the camera. :)

    1. Yeah herons are real buggers whenit comes to pics... they just can't get a little startled and move down about ten feet- they gotta take off for the next township every time.

      As for the second part... I'm not sure if I should dislike or like the description...;)

  4. Love the pictures! That is living in my opinion. Smiling is so much better than getting defensive and debating. I have had my fill of that.

  5. OK I think a chip monk is now my second favorite critter after the racoon. You are so lucky to get those deer. They are adorable

  6. Lovely photos! So far I'm doing Ok at refusing and avoiding any and all of those 'debates' on the facebook. I'm hoping to just rid of it all together, eventually!