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Monday, August 6, 2012

Scrappy's new movie: "The Deer"

Hi, everyone!  This is Scrappy B. De Mille and I have a new film I starred in to show you.  But first, I want to tell you about my big day today!  Hmm?  Oh, Daddy wants me to show you a couple of pictues from earlier this week.

First, we finally had a bird at the bird feeder Friday!  Daddy called him "Woody", but I don't know how he knew that.

Sunday night, KC (my boy) and Daddy saw Mr. Skunk again.  I wish they'd let me chase him!

Daddy said he came so close, KC said, "I don't know if I want him any closer!"  KC's a scaredy-cat.

So, now I get to tell you about my big day.  It didn't start out too great- Daddy didn't feel too good this morning, so we had to just make a short walk.  I don't know why Daddy can't just pick it up in a bag like he does mine, but he insists on the bathroom.  Go figure.

Then Mommy got up and had a really good idea.  We went to Dairy Queen, and I got ice cream and a bunch of french fries while M & D had cheeseburgers.  Then we took a walk around this park and a big swimming pool (note from Daddy: Jury pool at New Haven) and a shopping center.  I wanted to go in, but Daddy said I wouldn't be interested.

Then we took a ride and I got to meet a buncha people and a dog! (note from Daddy:  We went to my sisters' house.  My niece was there with her three daughters- one of which I hadn't seen since she was a baby, and two others I'd never met.  The dog belongs to a neighbor who doesn't seem to give a crap and the dog ends up coming over to my sister's all the time.)  His name was Spanky, and he was a light tan/white pug.  Daddy said his name fit him perfectly, but I'm not sure why.  We had a great time, except everytime I tried to explain to Spanky that I was the boss, I got yelled at.

We were there for a long time, and then we came home and took  a nap.  When we got up, it was almost an HOUR past my dinnertime, can you imagine.  I think Daddy felt bad, because right after that we went to the woods.  And boy, did we see deers!  Hmm?  Oh.  Deer, not deers.

This is that one (Daddy calls her a doe) that likes to pose.

She had a buddy over by that bush.  Daddy calls him a buck.

He had a friend.  We had run into him before, but he ran away.  Once he saw his friend didn't care, he came back.

Daddy thanked the deer, and then we went back into the woods.  But we no more got into the woods...

...and we were face to face with Mama deer and her two fawns!

They were a little shy-er than Mama.

Like a good boy, I just laid there hoping they'd come up and play with me!
Finally, I told Daddy, as long as they're just gonna stand there, why not get a video?  So here's me with the deer- oh, and I'm sorry but I got Daddy tangled up and made him spin around right before the 2-minute mark...

When we went to leave, I thought I'd try one more time to get Mama deer to play with me.  Igot up about ten feet away, but then she lowered her head at me for a second, and went off to talk to the babies.  I hope you like my first movie!


  1. Love the photos of the deers they look so cool but not sure how I would feel if I ever saw one in real

    1. If you are anything like me, you would feel... peaceful.

  2. Will Scrappy B. De Mille be doing a sequel?

    1. I wouldn't be surprised... depends on whether he can ink his co-stars to another deal.

  3. O.M.Gawsh, those baby deer are just sooo adorable and let me just say your dog is a good dog. Max would have tore the woods apart trying to get to those deer. I'd say that's a pretty peaceful moment as well, and do I hear the bugs in the background of the video. Very cool, Scrappy is a smart pup to stay away from stinky skunks, talk about regret if you get to close to one of those :)

    1. Once upon a time Scrappy would have, too. But he's learned by watching that Daddy just wants to watch them.

  4. they are so gentle and so calm...and so beautiful really!!
    so is your dog...smiles...

    1. Even more astounding when you're standing right there clicking away and they don't really care.

  5. Great movie, Scrappy! I will looking for your sequel.

  6. What a good dog you are, Scrappy!! I hope you don't mind, but I always think of you as Sancho Panza. You are a very good Sancho Panza, too.

    1. Daddy would say that I'm more of Don Quixote on walks, with me sniffing after imaginary stuff and him trying to keep me out of trouble. But Daddy's always had the knight-errant complex, so I guess me being Sancho is okay.

  7. Scrappy:
    ...And a STAR is born...!
    (hopefully also fed at least TWICE a day).

    Very well have a way of making the other animals "feel" the camera.
    (move over, Spielberg, there's a NEW DOG in town)

    Will this be a TRILOGY like LOTR?
    (it begs for it...just like Scrappy for his treats)
    I'd get my vote in for CANNES now.

    Stay safe (and copyrighted) up there.