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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Anatomy of a dog party

So Friday evening one very bored doggie and one very lazy daddy decided to stop off at the local Bark Park.  For quite a while, it was just Scrappy, myself, and a LOT of cottonwood fuzz that made it look like we were having 85° snow flurries.  Then a doggie Scrappy has been wanting to meet came by.

His name is Finnegan, and he is actually a lead dog for a sight-impaired lady.  Normally, I tell Scrappy to leave him alone, "That doggy is working."  And he was really good about that this time too- he laid down and waited until she unhooked him and let him go.

They had a great time, trying to alternately hump and fight each other off.  Just as they were leaving, I saw KC and Jessica drive by.  Soon after they arrived, so did a Shepherd named Lucy (at least that's what KC heard).

These two you would have thought were raised together, romping and running all over the place.  In fact, they took turns instigating- one would lay down, the other would go on the attack.  Scrappy, ever the opportunist, started this, but Lucy soon caught on and would "mock-hump" Scrappy when he sat down or block him when he tried to come to us.  Right when Scrappy was just about exhausted, the reserves were called in.

In any event, a good time was had by all.
The lady you see standing up brought the two little doggies- the shaggy gray one was Jimmy, and the black and white pug-spaniel looking mix was Fosco.  And, about then Finnegan and his mom returned.  That gave Scrappy a few well-needed moments to catch his breath as Lucy and Finnegan began to romp, Fosco joined in, while Jimmy visited the people before he paid any attention to his compatriots.

Fosco was very friendly too, and came over to say hello, but moments later, it became the Fosco show.    Finnegan decided to be submissive to Lucy, so Lucy would "attack" and Finnegan would roll over.  Which is where Fosco pulled a Scrappy and began humping Finnegan with a vigor that easily matched Scrappy at his embarrassing worse.  I told Scrappy Fosco was worse than he was; Fosco's Mom said, "Fosco!  You're getting a bad reputation!"


  1. Chris:
    So, what we can take away from this is that DOGS are much better behaved in public than MOST KIDS?
    Sure seems that way, in spite of the "mock-humps".
    I know SOME kids need SHORTER leashes...HA!
    I also know Sundsy is too hot to do anything outside, unless spontaneously combusting is on the agenda...LOL.
    "Hey hon, let's go outside and watch our dashboards melt!"
    Always fun, hmm?

    Good post.

    Stay safe & keep cool up there, brother.

    1. Well, that behaved thing- it's rather relative. I certainly wouldn't say Scrappy was on his best or worst behavior, but he certainly wasn't as flamboyant in his sins as Fosco...

  2. Hi, Chris!

    This post reminds me of the time Granny Clampett danced with my leg by the cement pond.

    Scrappy looks pleasantly pooped in that last picture. I love to watch dogs romp and play. There's a bark park a mile or two from where I live and I enjoy watching the antics as various breeds interact. I'm glad Scrappy had such a good time and found some new friends.

    Happy Father's Day, good buddy Chris!

    1. Scrappy got pretty gassed roughing with Lucy. By the time the whole bunch was there, he was quite content to watch all the action- from the middle of it, if necessary- but light on participation.

  3. Sounds like a bloody great time at the park

  4. I need to take Jax and Lila to the doggy park in our newer neighborhood. They have fun when they go! Scrappy is so popular. So cute

    1. You should bring them to our park- just a short walk, relatively...