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Monday, June 13, 2016

Life is bigger...

I don't intend to go on about what happened in Orlando.  My first thought was that maybe those "minority groups" on the left- particularly the LGBTs and the Hispanics- would now realize that Islam is NOT their friend.  However, I soon saw a retweet from an ESPN reporter babe (surprised, anyone?)  who said, "When do we stop telling the rest of the world what is wrong with it, while not looking at what is wrong with us?"

To which I replied, " Shooter was a second generation Afghan, listening to terrorists from the middle east, possibly trained by them. HOW is this on Americans?"

So I guess the answer is, that ISIS is allowed to kill liberals with impunity until they are all gone.  Or, as another wiser (and older) man said, when I asked if it might wake them up...

" It won't, because we are outnumbered by profoundly stupid people."

And in an era where shootings like this regularly are blamed on the right, the GOP, the NRA, and the Christians, one notes that a Democrat constituency was slaughtered by a registered Democrat, and an activist judge ignored pleas by prosecutors to keep the "Imam" he followed- himself a former bank robber who "found Allah"- in jail; and we are told, and I quote someone who commented on a friend's post:

"... give it up, now is not the time for politics."

The hypocrisy is strong with this bunch.  But like I said, not here to share a bunch about that.  Lets look at happy stuff from this weekend.


You might have to click on it, but this is Jupiter and the Moon.

And, Jupiter and a bat.

And Mars.

And Scrappy, pulling so hard into the tall grass that he popped his hip out again and had to call Mommy to come get us.
That was Friday night.  Saturday....

 Our story centers around a gallant attempt to help a fellow blogger.  Because of a string of events that I will not elucidate any further than, "I knew there was a reason Scrappy and I don't get along with Jack Russell terriers", I tried- and failed- to find a foster home for Miss Dixie, above.  However, all was not lost, for two reasons.  One of those was that we got to meet a family whom I've known virtually for a long time, including three great kids-

To protect privacy, we'll call them Mr.Smiles...

Twin bro Mr. Serious...

Sweet big sister...

And my lovely bloggy friend and her handsome hubby.

The second reason being they finally found a solution to "problem D" on the way back down to... well, let's just say they can still use some prayer in finding a new place big enough for a growing family and a temporarily loaned-out doggy.  C'mon, Project IS gang, here's a project to sink your knees into!


And Sunday we had a going away party for Laurie's youngest niece, a lady I've known since she was knee high and thought "toots" were funny, who is about to become a Texican.

She's moving to Alamo-land to be with her BF and his family.

Needless to say, I reminded her the importance of clean underwear and wished her the best.

And Scrappy finished the night off at a doggie party.  Sorry, forgot to bring my camera- or even my phone, as above- but a good time was had by all.  Especially me, when Scrappy tried his humping thing on one dog and another bit him in the butt to abort the process.  Better luck never, Boofus!


  1. Chris:
    ---Read you LOUD & CLEAR there...I have absolutely NO "WAG" (white American guilt) on this or any OTHER such incident.
    It's on THEM...not me (or us, AS REAL Americans.
    ---"Profoundly stupid people".
    I understood that reference...LOL!
    (and NEVER practice it)
    And, if WE are indeed surrounded, then we take a page from famed marine general Chesty Puller's handbook, who stated:
    "We're surrounded. That makes it easy. No matter which way we fire, we'll hit someone".
    ---I saw the moon - I'll take your word on Jupiter. Fair enough?
    ---Can't speak to Jack Russells, but I'll be sure to not get one.
    ---Those are some CUTE kids, too!
    ---"Sink your knees into"...well put.
    ---My best wishes and prayers for a safe journey to the LONE STAR STATE for Laurie's niece et al.
    ---And Scrappy, when WILL you learn??
    Very good post.

    Stay safe & keep cool up there, brother.

    1. Thanks for the prayers; Scrappy will never learn; and did you at least see the bat?

    2. Yes I did after enlarging the photo.
      Nice catch.

  2. I think people rarely understand anything while it is happening. We only understand it way after the fact. And, even then, it's complicated. Why? Because understanding dawns on those old enough to have lived through the very end, but as we move further away (and the history is rewritten) it all gets muddier. At least I think it's how it works. Otherwise we might learn something from our history.

    I heard on the news today the shooter's father speak out. He said that there was no way his son was a "radicalized Muslim." He said that he loved this country and would've intervened had he known what his son was planning. I was thinking to myself that if your son pledged himself to the Caliphate (and you did not, then you became an infidel according to the rules spelled out in the Koran), so it's quite clear that your son wouldn't be sharing his plans with you (given your status as an infidel). Anyone who doesn't accept the Caliphate as the Caliphate is an infidel (and you being Muslim should know that and do that know and are counting on non-Muslims not knowing it). Anyway, I get that you love your son, because he's your son, but he was also a Muslim pledged to the Caliphate and they are in a Holy War.

    BTW, I'm not saying I understand all of this (because I'm not an expert on Islam or the Koran), but my limited understanding says that when there is a Caliphate... it's a whole lot worse for the rest of the world than when there isn't.

    1. I have learned to tune out the parents of perps. Either they have no idea of what their child was like, are like them themselves, or are laying groundwork for upcoming lawsuits. Thanks for a well-worded explanation. I can always count on you for the top quality comments. Makes me feel like a real bugger-picker when I try to put something on your blog, lol!

  3. The world is full of small minded, judgmental sods I try my best to not be one of them, I take people as I find them I don't care what their religious is or the colour of their skin, what I do care about is if they have a good heart and treat me well.

  4. What is the importance of clean underwear, CW? I always carry back-up pairs just in case. Those kids and couples are cute.

    No words regarding the mass shootings. Tears and love - all I've got.

    1. I'll be darned if I know. As long as it doesn't bleed through to the outer wear, it's all good.

  5. Such a shocking and sad event! More startling that it's just one of many in recent months. I agree; now is not the time for political wrangling.

    Interesting photos, but it was hard to spot the bat - had to enlarge it and still it was barely visible.

    Scrappy and his buddy are so cute. I hope Scrappy's hip wan't too sore.

    It's always great to meet internet friends in person! Nice looking family.

    1. Well, the bat and his buddy were going about 50 mph in several directions at once. That was the one picture I got even a barely recognizable blur- and I wasn't really trying for him on it!