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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Visiting my Church

No message today, just enjoying the church building God gave us...

All through the woods, the only squirrels I heard were way up THERE...

One of the two I saw last week.  About 30 feet apart, I just talked to her and she wagged her tail.

Remember a while back, when I saw the black squirrel playing with the brown one with a white tail?  I think I saw Junior down near the swamp- brown with white tail, cute as a button, and a hair too fast for the camera.  However, as you see from these next shots of a little Cardinal (who was pretty itchy), little guys are in vogue this month.

"Hey, I'm little too!"

After my walk, Scrappy got a trip to the Bark Park.  Praise to the Lord for He is good!


  1. I am still here and always enjoy your walks.. and blog.

  2. Chris:
    Now that's my kinda church...!
    Communing with God in HIS "sanctuary", as it were.
    You're not going to find such beauty inside, that's for sure.

    Hey, Scrappy...good to see you.
    And hello to Norma...great to see you, too.

    Looks like a wonderful day all around.
    (sometimes a good message is the one that can be seen, rather than said)

    Stay safe (and blessed) up there, brother.

    1. Agree with you on that... God's natural majesty beats any coat of plaster...