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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Birthday weekend pics

 So Thursday was my birthday.  How old are you, you ask?  Old enough that it's the same distance from my birth to 1900 as it is from my birth to now.... Jo-Anne, I know we're the same age, so how's that for a scary thought?  Anyway, on my birthday...

Sun is just up... been a long time since we greeted the sun...



The canal's path into Stony Run is getting deflected

Wondering what they know that we don't that they're keeping the dam shut tight...

Funny place to find someone's commencement speech

Misty detected something near the creek, but we never saw it

Misty decides we off-road...

...only result was my first mosquito kill of the year

The paws that refreshes


Staring contest ensued, doggie won

"Whatever, dude!"

My birthday lunch, Beer Barrel Pizza

My food killed, Laurie's chicken only so-so

The only interesting thing about our walk around Jefferson pointe

And Laurie got me the best Birthday present!  This beer, brewed on a somewhat limited basis by the same monks, with some breaks thanks to Napoleon and Hitler, since (supposedly) 1565, is rated on BeerAdvocate as #2 of it's type and #170 in the world.  And number 1 on the list of 137 I've rated.  I had one on my birthday; the other one awaits.

Friday I watched the NCAA softball tourney from noon till 10 PM.  Obviously, not a pic day.

But, Saturday morning we finally beat the sun up...

Even foggier

A group of birds acting suspicious- betting it was crows picking over something's guts...

I still say they should do a soccer game NOW...

Ah, there he is

I had just finished a prayer thanking God for the beauty of nature, no matter what we saw, when she came strolling across the trail

Seemingly not interested in crossing the canal to the woods, she actually started towards us...

...finally crossed...

...walked when we walked...

...and stopped when we stopped.

Later, we approached the river, but with it so low, Misty chose as far a path away from it as she could manage...

Must be a big soccer day.  0715 AM and already parking in the grass

Just about then, I felt God tell me, "Look in that patch, you can't miss it!"  He was right, I couldn't.

I should add about that, the last time I found a four leaf clover, after all the ones Scrappy and I found, was 2 weeks after he passed.  I threw it away in anger and pain.  This is the first one since that day.

Kitty demanding the pool be opened... mice only, though.


  1. A damn good walk, with damn good photos, I hope you had a damn good day, birthdays to me are more then just another day, they are the day to give thanks for surviving this crazy world yet another year and a day for those who care and love you to give thanks for you being in their lives. I am thankful I found this blog and you as you are a wonderful human with a good heart and many wise words