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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fun stuff and list stuff

So today was a day at work that was best described by me early on.  We are in prototyping for 2017 mode and after an avalanche of what I used to call "protorhea", I told one person, "I can't fart back there without (the big boss) flying out my ass with a proto in his hand!"

Note: spellcheck gives me a squiggle on "protorhea" despite the quote marks, but misses when first attempt at f-a-r-t comes out f-a-t-r.  Go figure.

Anyway, we went for another afternoon walk.  I got a couple of cool butterfly pictures...

But the picture I SHOULD have taken came a bit later, when we were on the way back and happened upon "home base" for a gaggle of high-school girls who daily (along with their male counterparts) go running around in this heat like they are a bunch of young whippersnappers (which they are).  So Scrappy, in his best Don Juan mode, wanders into the midst of these ladies, and starts getting attention.  So he SITS DOWN right in the middle of them and gives me the "top THAT, b!t@#!" look.  (Well, maybe I would if I were the one getting petted and being declared "new mascot."  I don't see that as very likely, thank you...)

Anyway, I just saw yet another of those "answer the question" deals over on Holli's Hoots and Hollers, and I thought I might play along as well.  Here goes, with Scrappy and me answering:

 1*   Spotify,Soundcloud,Pandora, iheartradio?  

Me:  Spotify.  Pandora never really dialed me in.
Scrappy: I get yelled at if I spotify.

  2   Is your room messy or clean?

Me: Depends on if the wash in the dryer is still sitting there, with the hamper sitting along side, or whether I've actually put it away.
Scrappy:  MY room.  I have a HOUSE, not just a room.  Other than an occasional toy and the downstairs bathroom rug, I don't mess up nothing.

3 What color are your eyes?

Me: Brown.  Yep, full up to there.
Scrappy:  Brown.  So they tell me.

4 Do you like your name? Why?

Me:  Yes, it means Christ-bearer, which is cool.  My dad always claimed I got my first and middle names so my initials could match our doctor at the time, CW Dahling.  Of course, he thought Robert Mitchum and Robert Young were the same guy, too, so...

Scrappy:  WHICH ONE?  I get called Boofus, Doofus, Poofus (when I toot), Moofus (when I eat grass), Oofus (when I stop on the leash and Dad doesn't)....

5  What is your relationship status?

Me: Laurie and I are pretty much permanent roommates.  Think of it as "married without benefits", lol.

Scrappy:  I sleep with Dad.  Do the math.

6  Describe your personality in 3 words or less?

Me: In the words of Boomer Berman:  Rumbling, stumbling, bumbling...

Scrappy:  Beagle chic.

7 What color hair do you have?

Me: Grey, formerly brown, losing the war with gravity.

Scrappy: Black, brown, tan, and white.  With a little grey.

8-  What kind of car do you have and what color?

Me: Black 2009 Impala.
Scrappy: Me too.

9  Where do you shop?

Me: Kroger when able, Wal-Mart by necessity.
Scrappy:  Dad says, "I used to have a friend who said, "I wouldn't want to be a dog.  Dogs can't buy things." "

10 How would you describe your style?

Me:  Top of the clothes pile, covered on weekends with Hawaiian shirts.

Scrappy:  Should I have put "Beagle chic" here?

11  Favorite social media account:

Me:  Blogging is my favorite medium, though I would hesitate to call Blogger my favorite anything.

Scrappy:  I'll go with Facebook.  Dad embarrasses me less there.
Me: You do know every post publishes to FB, right?
Scrappy: (sigh)

12 What size bed do you have?

Me:  Barely enough for me and him.
Scrappy.  Plenty of room, just MOVE OVER!

13  Favorite snapchat filter?

Me and Scrappy:  Don't do Snap chat.  I have a simple phone and Scrappy is phoneless.
Scrappy:  Hey, wait?  Don't I get an answer?
Me: I gave yours, but feel free.
Scrappy:  Thank you.  Uh... what he said.

14  If you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?

Me: On a lake.  Because, water.
Scrappy: An all-night restaurant.  Because, food.

15 Any siblings?

Me: Two brothers, two sisters.  All at least ten years older, and thankfully all still above ground.
Scrappy:  What am I?  Ancestry.Com?

Monday, August 22, 2016

You aren't getting older, you're getting dumber

This week was the annual draft for our fantasy football league.  I won't bore you much with the details other than it is our 20th season, from 1997 (when it was just me and the kids) to now (when it's me, KC, Laurie, and Scrappy).  In this endeavor, there are three things that make it really fun.  Third place is congratulating each other after a really good pick.  Second is honestly helping Laurie with her picks.  But the top has to be a tie between guessing the other guys next pick and taking them first, and suggesting the other guy draft somebody even Scrappy wouldn't be dumb enough to draft.  Every now and again, one of those guys will get drafted, so pat KC on the back if Giants RB Paul Perkins does anything, lol!

Anyway, somewhere late in the draft, Laurie tried to take Michael Crabtree, and I said that somebody had taken him.  However, I had forgot to scratch his name off my list, and I didn't see him right away, so I told her to go ahead.  About 5 picks later, we found him on one of KC's teams, so we had her re-draft the spot.  But she didn't need to because the team in question (we each have 4, with Scrappy being one of Laurie's) had somehow an extra pick.  Later on, I discovered that two of us drafted the Oakland Defense (why I don't know), and had to fix that.  Figuring we had it all sussed out, I decided to treat the former hospital patient and current "I have 2 cents in my pockets" to a couple of beers... and then a couple more... and of course a Duck Fart shot... at the local pool bar.

Now another age related boo-boo had already been foremented, but we wouldn't find it until Sunday, so we enjoyed a rousing few games of pool.  I figured I was in big trouble right off the bat when I couldn't get our table to swallow my 4 quarters.  Eventually, we discovered you kinda had to fondle the coins while in their slots to get them JUST right.  The games were a lot like our typical games- a collection of idiotic misses punctuated heavily by BAL, throwing in about 3 balls each of the other guy's put in each game, and the occasional ball that amazingly went in as planned.  But the results ended a little one sided- we each scratched on the 8-ball the first two games, then KC did it twice again, and finally I put in the 8-ball correctly with an amazing shot that was normally well beyond my skill level.  By that time we were ready to go pull up a couple chairs on the veranda in hopes that another bee might come by and make this one well-endowed blonde girl jump up and down in fear (we had already watched this from the window while playing until they drowned the poor soldier with about half of their pitcher of beer).

Which brings us to the next day, a day I had to do some shopping, so I dropped Laurie off and hunted down items at the amazingly ill-stocked Wal-Mart she works at.  My main concern was to get me a new bottle of vitamins- mine had run out days before- and while I managed to forget them, I did manage to get me two bags of my potato chips- just a day after Laurie bought me the same two bags.  Wondering at my sudden-onset dementia (but not realizing the worst was still lying in wait), I decided Scrappy and I would drown my sorrows in a walk.

Sparkly geese

Feather caught a breeze and took off at about 40 knots

"And here I sit while he watches feather-sailing..."

The soccer fields seemed still bone dry- not so the Alumni Center.  Of course, that was leftovers from yesterday's 5-minute hurricane just after the draft.

Beautiful clear day

Two years ago, we named this Mushroom Ridge because of all the fungi everywhere.  Haven't seen one in two seasons...

Now, see, the little kids festival games played just fine.  But the fields where the high school and college kids were going to play are "flooded."  Let's be honest, IPFW- if you don't want your fields messed up with cleats, just plant them all in fricking begonias and have done with it.

Some buttered popcorn looking fungi

In front of our best tree friend, the Big Guy.

See?  Big.

These looked like refugees from the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau

And shortly after we got home, I got the bright idea of making our league a "preseason schedule" and seeing how we did.  It was then that I discovered between me (pleading old age) and KC ("I was distracted helping Laurie"), one of his teams missed their LAST EIGHT PICKS.  This was a first in 20 years of playing this game!  A phone call and some mutual humility later, we got it all straightened out.  But man, today I made sure I took two vitamins!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday message- the high priest's new clothes

Sometimes it is hard to glean an applicable message from the myriad of rules that God gave Moses in the Book of Exodus.  Everything from what to do with an ox thief to what to do when a fight between two men accidentally causes a miscarriage in a bystanding woman.  So sometimes you have to pull back and look at the big picture.  For me this week, the big picture begins in chapter 19.  God has already given Moses instructions about coming up to get the Ten Commandments, and Moses is about ready to head up the mountain.  But then God repeats a command, and Moses tries to get away with a "yeah, did that":

Exo 19:21  And Jehovah said to Moses, Go down. Command the people, lest they break through to Jehovah to gaze, and many of them perish. 
Exo 19:22  And let the priests also, who come near to Jehovah, sanctify themselves, lest Jehovah break forth upon them. 
Exo 19:23  And Moses said to Jehovah, The people cannot come up to Mount Sinai. For You commanded us, saying, Set bounds around the mountain, and sanctify it. 

God had indeed already said that, one day and  11 verses before.  If Moses thought it was a wise thing to question the memory of God, he learned different next:

Exo 19:24  And Jehovah said to him, Away! You go down, and you shall come up, you and Aaron with you. But do not let the priests and the people break through to come up to Jehovah, lest He break forth upon them. 

Here's the thing, God puts His faith in His own words.  Man's words? not so much, a caution that would soon be born out.  But it isn't about caution- God KNEW men would screw up.  Think about this:  The Ten Commandments took 17 verses to complete (Ex 20:1-17); but then, God added more specific rules that would have been unnecessary had He been able to trust the people who had agreed to the list.  First, he added kind of a "Bill of Wrongs" that took another 105 verses across three + chapters- before He even told Moses to go down and get their agreement!  Then He spends another 8 chapters just on how to set up the Tabernacle in which He would contact them.  And at the end of that 8 chapters/40 days, what He KNEW would happen did- the people rebelled.  Even though they could see the smoke and fire of God on the mountain, they said, "Well, Moses must be fried by now.  Time to pick a new god and go back to Egypt."

A sermon I heard this week made the point that these people had seen God, had seen Him do amazing things, knew that He was there.  But they didn't have FAITH.

God realizes that He is asking a lot out of sheep to have faith.  And He knew we would screw up.  RIGHT FROM THE START.  How amazing that He is so understanding.  As I read on, I finally got to the part about the High Priest's outfit.  And I noticed five specific things that He required to come into His presence, even in so limited a way.  And they have applications for us.

The first was a rather complicated breastplate, which bore in two separate ways the names of the sons of Jacob, "Over his heart as a memorial".  You have no doubt heard that everyone should pick a life verse.  Mine is 1 Samuel 7:12:

Then Samuel took a rock and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer [Rock of Help] and said, "Until now the LORD has helped us."   To me, this means that we can look back at our lives, at ALL the places God has helped us, like memorial stones that have led us to where we are.  A line of memorials that tell us He's always been with us.  This  breastplate was like that- a memorial to the men of Faith that brought them there.

Right after that, carried in a pocket inside the plate, against his heart, were the Urim and Thummim, which were basically a pair of dice that were used when they wanted God's decision on something.  They represent God's judgement, His guidance of our lives.  

Then, on the edge of the garment, were a series of gold bells and gold pomegranates to ring them.

Exo 28:35  And it shall be on Aaron to serve. And his sound shall be heard when he goes in to the holy place before Jehovah, and when he comes out, so that he will not die. 

This was a reminder of the reverence required to approach the Lord.  Two of Aaron's sons would soon learn that the cost of irreverence would be their lives.  God wants us to talk to Him, to rant at Him, to question Him at times even as Job did- but as Job learned, you do it with respect and reverence.

The next one confused me a bit, as I wasn't quite sure of what it was saying:

Exo 28:36  And you shall make a plate of pure gold, and carve on it, like the engravings of a signet, HOLINESS TO JEHOVAH. 
Exo 28:37  And you shall put a ribbon on it, and it shall be on the miter; to the front of the miter it shall be. 
Exo 28:38  And it shall be on Aaron's forehead, so that Aaron may bear the iniquity of the holy things which will sanctify the sons of Israel in all their holy gifts. And it shall always be on his forehead, so that they may be accepted before Jehovah. 

"The iniquity of the Holy things"?  As I dug into it, I learned that the concept was, even the best we can give was profane before God.  For Aaron, it meant he was to bear the sins of even the best of intentions.  For us, it is a reminder that works avail nothing without Christ to pay the price.  All our righteousness is but filthy rags, remember?

And the final thing cuts to the core of the matter:

Exo 28:42  And you shall make them linen breeches to cover the naked flesh; from the loins even to the thighs they shall reach. 
Exo 28:43  And they shall be upon Aaron, and upon his sons, when they come in to the tabernacle of the congregation, or when they come near the altar to minister in the holy place; so that they do not bear iniquity, and die. It shall be a statute forever to him and his seed after him. 

Even with all the previous finery on them, they were naked.  They had to be properly covered.  This reminds me of the parable of the wedding feast:

Matt 22 11 “But when the king came in to see the guests, he noticed a man there who was not wearing wedding clothes. 12 He asked, ‘How did you get in here without wedding clothes, friend?’ The man was speechless.

13 “Then the king told the attendants, ‘Tie him hand and foot, and throw him outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

14 “For many are invited, but few are chosen.”

This final piece is acceptance of Christ's blood for your sins.  Without that, you are still running around without pants.  How much of the High Priests gear do YOU still need to put on?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The great IPFW flood of 2016

So the big scandal up this way is IPFW cancelling their hosted games of the Shindigz National Soccer Festival.  They claimed that fields 1 through 5 were flooded and unplayable.

Fields 1 and 2 on either side of the blue "stands", e-5 are below, which is actually north.  For those like me that consider north to be "up" and south "down", a lot of things begin making sense right off the bat.
Of course I couldn't wait to dive into this debate, and promptly shared my standard rant about IPFW's lack of drainage installation on the fields (at least the new ones) and how they f'ed up the hydrology of the entire area on the NSF Facebook page.  Hours later, NSF LIKED my post.  I sense a little tension here... the next day, a dude shared this bit of infopinion:

 Strangely enough the fields that are closed (1-5) all have drain tile. IPFW is too protective.

So off trotted Scrappy and I to ascertain the truth of the situation.  We came down from the north (or up if you are an IPFW mapper)...

Here we are facing north away from the fields in question.  Looks like they might have had a Cushman on the grass a little too soon...

This dip is between the trail and the field just north of 3-5.  No water here...

Now you are looking across the top of field #3.  Believe me, I have sloshed down this track when the field was bone dry.  And the woods spur in front of us is the dead last to dry, ever.

No wetter than a hard dew at 10 AM.

Here we are closing in on where the play area abuts the swamp on the north end.  Nothing.

The ONLY standing water we saw anywhere close to any of the five fields was here at the north edge of #5.  That water ended a good five yards from any playing area.

About here, Scrappy's bad leg started acting up.  The vet says he has a kneecap that slides out of place.  So we took a break, I rubbed his leg.  He started rolling on his back.  If you look, there is about a three-inch drop from the grass to the bare ground on the fence line.  Scrappy rolled right off of this with a thud.  When he got up, his leg was 90% normal.

Field #5 itself? Bone dry.

Badly in need of some proof of flooding, we figured if we couldn't find it around the Duck Pond, we'd never find it.  We did find a deer (who tore into the pond without so much as a splash), but no flooding.  Scrappy was already recovered enough to chase the deer- about five feet.

Suddenly, we found floodi... no, no, that''s the river.

The area between the south end of the Duck Pond can be the most treacherous, often rice-paddy-like, area in our journey.  No troubles today.

We finally reached Field #2.  Just look at all that no water.

However, we did learn that FB dude was right about the drainage.  Wow, is this an x-ray vision picture or something?

No, they've just got it tore up in the very back.  No evidence of flooding being the reason.  So why are you cancelling your games, IPFW?

And here's the main field, where the marquee games WOULD have been played.  Still no water.

So we have to come to the conclusion of A) IPFW IS too protective, B) they just don't want to have the grass around the fields torn up like they were during the Inflatable 5K earlier in the month, C) yet another clever insurance dodge (damn those liability payments!), or D) Purdue's Ag team defines a flood as "the grass is wet in spots."

Meanwhile, we ran into that deer again...

Right about then we found he had a buddy...

As we moved on, we saw that the south canal was back to normal...

...and it was a great night to be on the river.  BTW, that is NOT a Dowco canopy.

On the way home, we ran into Scrappy's buddy Theo...

In talking to Theo's Dad, he asked me, "Hey,  I thought they were gonna have that wing-ding soccer deal this weekend..."  I swept an arm behind me and exclaimed, "They had to cancel because of all this flooding!"

 And finally, Mr. Bunny greeted us on the way home.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Time Machine week 86

One of the advantages of being a Time Lord- or a blogger- is you can write ahead, in little chunks, and schedule.  That is what is happening on today's TM because my back is messed up somewhat and I don't wanna spend a whole lotta concentrated time working on this (Because I can't spring for the gorgeous blonde secretary to take dictation here).  At any rate, by the time you see this, we'll be in August 19th, 1972- the early morning on which the first Midnight Special appeared after Carson on NBC.  John Denver was guest host, performing Take Me Home Country Roads, and was joined by Andy Kaufman, Argent (Hold Your Head Up), Mama Cass (duet of Leaving On A Jet Plane with John), Harry Chapin (Taxi), the Everlys (All I Have To Do Is Dream), the Isleys (Pop That Thang), Helen Reddy (I Don't Know How To Love Him), Linda Ronstadt (Long Long Time), War (Slippin' Into Darkness), and David Clayton Thomas doing some solo stuff.  Wolfman Jack was of course there, and they themed on getting young people to vote.  According to my best stats, it didn't help- voting under 30 dropped slightly in '72, and those that did still voted for Nixon.

Even on trial I still got it...
And we welcome you to the Time Machine of the week the M10 completed its first full year!  This week we'll celebrate with a couple of specials, three new debuts, and when the six degrees became the tops of the pops!  Let's dive right in and discover the Pompatus of Love, shall we?


The Panel this week who managed not to vote for the most popular song in the UK (and #6 here) consist of:  KQV Pittsburgh; KGGF Coffeyville; WKLO Louisville; KSTN Stockton; WSTP Salisbury NC; WOLF Syracuse; KSO Des Moines; WMEX Boston; KGY Olympia WA; WDGY Minneapolis; KRED Eureka CA; and WTIX New Orleans.  They collected 26 different songs, including five that got #1 votes- but not much else- and didn't make the Panel Four.  Those would be:  Mel and Tim's Starting All Over Again (Louisville), the O'Jays and Backstabbers (North Carolina), Mac Davis' Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me (Iowa), Chicago's Saturday In The Park (Olympia), and Elton John's Honky Cat (NOLA).  Our low charter section is a bit down from last week;  Stockton had the Eagles' Take It Easy at #2, notwithstanding it left the big chart in July; and Arlo Guthrie sat at #70 with City Of New Orleans.

And the Panel Four, which included 2 songs that got NO #1s, looks like this:

Without a #1 vote and 13 points, the national #3, Luther Ingram's (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right.

Without a #1 vote and 15 points, the national #2, Looking Glass and Brandy.

With 22 points and the #1s of Stockton and Minneapolis, the national #5, the Hollies and Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress).

And at the top, with 5 number ones and 34 points, the national top dog.... stay tuned.


Our first debut this week, which sits at #10, is the latest from a founding father act of Alternative.  They formed in the mid-eighties, broke up just before the new millennium, and reunited with the original lineup in 2005.  They are Dinosaur Jr, and they are here with this gem:


Well, one of the things I have been wondering about is the Panel's #1 picks.  You see, I wondered if this week's #1 hadn't been #1 before (it had not), but I learned some fun facts about the Panel's top picks I thought I'd share.

First off, who's been there most.  Well, that top spot goes to the Beatles- and maybe Elton John.  The Beatles have 5 Panel #1s to their credit- She Loves You in week 13; Get Back in week 25; Yesterday, week 46; We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper, week 58; and I Want To Hold Your Hand just 3 weeks later.  Now, EJ also topped five times, but one was a repeat:  Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, week 6; Crocodile Rock, week 10; Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, week 53; and Philadelphia Freedom in weeks 19 and 70.  More on the repeat offender list in a bit.  So you could give EJ a demerit for the repeat; but since Neil Sedaka's Bad Blood (week 72) was an uncredited duet with Elton, I figure it's a wash.

Nobody else had more than two tunes in the list- and five of these were repeat offenders, too!  And the really weird thing about the repeat offenders- their repeats, save Philly Freedom, all came back to back!  The first repeater was George Harrison's My Sweet Lord, and there's a funny story about that one- it back-to-backed itself!  On Dec 18th, 2015, I did 1970 and it won.  I then skipped the next two weeks (as it was Christmas and New Years Day), and when I resumed, it was January 8th, I was in 1971- and George was still there!

Then came weeks 66-7 when the next two repeaters struck.  Week 66 was the second time for the very song George got sued for copying on My Sweet Lord- the Chiffons and He's So Fine!  They had also hit in week 16- the first time was the week of March 13, the second the week of April 1st.  And on week 67, Bobby Goldsboro hit for the second time (the first was wk 21) with Honey.  Those episodes were from the weeks of the 8th and the 24th of April.

And our last two repeaters came just a little while ago, weeks 83-4.  In week 83, the Stories' Brother Louie hit for the second time, the first week 35.  Those weeks were prolly the closest to being the same week- July 29th and August 7th.  The next week, the Lovin' Spoonful had their repeat of Summer In The City, first time week 37.  The Spoonful won for the weeks of August 5th and August 21.


Debut #2 comes to us from a band with the unusual name of M.A.G.S.  Leader Elliot Douglas named the band after his grandma Maggie- it was supposed to be just Mags, but someone else had the name, thus the abbreviation.  Kinda like Alvvays is actually Always with the slight adjustment.  Anyway, here's the song at #9...


So now that we're at the one year mark, who tops the M10?  Well, the latest top ten by points includes one song still on the chart!  There are 13 songs that have broken the 50 point mark (10 for #1, 9 for #2, etc.)  so a couple miss this countdown.

10- Nada Surf, Believe You're Mine, the highest song without a week at #1.
9- Telekinesis, Lean On Me (1 wk at #1)
8- Agnes Obel, Familiar (2)
7- Two Versions Of Tomorrow, Eleanor Friedberger (3)
6- Lucius, Madness (1)
5- Flo and Eddie, Keep It Warm (3)
4- You'll Always Be Lonely, Tangerine (4)
3- Beach House, Space Song (2)
2- Beach House Traveller (4)

And at the top-

The Jayhawks and Quiet Corners And Empty Spaces (4)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the top ten collected just under half of the #1 weeks.


So now that we've gone through the Bobby G list of composers (got any more, buddy?) I thought we'd go a little more current-events and get a quote from former London mayor and all around madman Boris Johnson:

My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive.

With or without pimento?

Okay, so let's get to the UK ten this week.

10- Country legend Faron Young had a #3 country hit- but only #92 on the big board- with Four In The Morning.

9- The Bee Gees were at #32 here with one of my faves, Run To Me.

8- Back in June, Cashbox had Sylvia's Mother by Dr Hook at the top.

7- Rod Stewart was climbing at #72 with You Wear It Well.

6- The Partridge Family was at #26 on the way down with Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

5- Hot Butter and the instrumental Popcorn was at #42 here.

4- Donny Osmond hit #3 in April with Puppy Love.

3- the first of two US non-charters- Hawkwind and Silver Machine.

2- Novelty studio band Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs had their one hit wonder over there with Sea Side Shuffle.

And at #1, the tops of the pops- but with no Panel Love-

...Alice Cooper and School's Out!


Debut #3, coming in at #8, is by a band so obscure all I really know about them is that they are from the North Island of New Zealand!  Introducing Shakes...


And with that, we are ready for the REST of this week's M10:

7 and 6 are long timers finally dropping!  The Monkees, who surged to a second peak of #3 last week, slide to 7 with You Bring The Summer.

6 is the M10's #8 all time- Agnes Obel and Familiar, dropping a pair.

5 and 4 each climb a notch- Quilt's Roller to 5, and Acres Wild to 4 with Pastel Waves.

Our big mover this week is Phantogram with Fall In Love.

And, as I told Laurie, that fast a move prolly means that Marlene Gold and the Pom Poms will be a bridesmaid this time, with 1-2-3 still stuck at #2.

So, the #1s...

M10 says its 28th and final #1 for year number one is...

...the Explorer's Club and California's Callin' Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the Panel's non-repeat pick?

Gilbert O'Sullivan... Alone Again, Naturally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week, two more new specials to celebrate the 2nd year of the M10- and 1967!

The year this bad boy- the first car I drove- came from!  (No I did NOT drive it new, silly.  I was behind the wheel with Dad working the pedals though, very soon later...)