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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday, and it felt like summer

Not so much today, but here's what Boofus and I did yesterday:

Finally, my Jack-In-The-Pulpits are making an appearance

Open the roof, there's the preacher

Trees are finally greening up

Wild blue phlox, I'm told

Little butterfly takes a break from buzzing us

There used to be just one place in the whole woods I found Jack In The Pulpit.  Tuesday, I found them in about five places, nowhere near that spot.

Scrappy takes a dip at North Bank

Actually saw a fish here... first one in about 4 years.  I think he was lost...

Don't let those heavenly trees fool you.  It's a climb from North bank to Dead Tree Road!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The annual A to Z mashup part two

And now, it's time for round two of my A to Z blog challenge mashup, where I solve the problem of being too lazy to join a blog challenge that requires posting on a theme every day for 26 days (weekends off) by accomplishing the same thing (sorta) in two fell swoops.  This year's theme- expressed mathematically as (subject * n [with  n being a letter of the alphabet]) *Google.  This time, the subject is/are the main Presidential candidates, plus the former Marco Rubio and the disgusting eater John Kasich.  Last time, I did A through M; this time, we start at N.

Trump, N- Net worth.  Apparently he and Forbes are battling it out over whether The Donald is worth 4.5 billion or 10 billion.  Me, IDK, but even the low ball number would take me- if I avoided taxes and spent nothing- at my current pay 185,000 years and change to make.

Cruz, O- gave me Cruz OR Trump, which led to ad producer  This superPAC was founded by one Katie Packer, a former Romney strategist who's motto is stand up for principles and fight against Trump.  Which is mildly amusing, since it was Republicans that stood for their principles and stayed home in 2012 that beat Romney.

Hillary, P- Polls.  Which, thank God, even when spelled the other way, didn't combine Hillary and these polls/poles:

Rubio, Q- quotes.  In an effort to be hip and millennial (see "Rubio, X"), during the great filibuster quoted both Jay-Z and Wiz Khalifa.  Imma vote f'that li'l bro', shizz.

Bernie, R- Reddit, where I found this on his reddit:

...and I thought old white guys couldn't jump...

Kasich, S- Slogans.  This took me to a site that had the slogans of all 24 alleged current or former candidates.  I found it the height of creativity that Hillary and Jim Gilmore both came up with the stirring "for America"; and was even less impressed when Bobby Jindahl came up with "Tanned, Rested, and Ready"- and I KNOW where he got that:

And Kasich?  He really put some thought into his- "K for US".  Color me stunned.

Trump, T- Twitter shadowbanning.  Twitter is being accused of hiding posts from a variety of political opinions they don't like, including some Trump videos.  I learned that on the Libertarian Republic, where non-stop popup ads nearly shadowbanned ME.  Long story short, I follow Trump on Twitter for giggles, and if he's being blocked, they don't do the job very well.

Hillary, U- UFOs.  She told Jimmy Fallon that one of the things on her agenda was getting to the bottom of UFOs- although, in true liberal fashion, she wants to change the nomenclature to UAPs- Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon.

Hillary will soon introduce running mate BEM...

Cruz, V- voting record.  As in, not much of one.  While the median votes missed by current senators sitting now is 1.6% for their careers, Ted's is 17.2.  Even in the quarters from January 2013 to his announcement he was running, he was over the median 6 of 9 quarters- and over 10% four of those quarters.  Sounds like a great subject for a "you had one job" meme to me.

Bernie, W- Wife Jane O'Meara Sanders.  As president of Burlington College, a small school with a $2 million budget, she purchased 32 acres for expansion from the local Catholic diocese- for #10 million.  Somewhere towards the "where are we going to get the money to finish paying for this?" end of proceedings in 2011, she was asked to resign.  And in 2013, sometime after the school got an "irresponsible with their money" rating, they cut a deal with the diocese to get out of a lot of it.  This story has the potential to become all-too-familiar...

Rubio, X- as in GenX, of which Buzzfeed called him a GenX fraud, because listening to Tupac and quoting Jay-Z isn't quite enough to make you a hipster.

Kasich, Y- as in Young women, who John doesn't understand.  As one "young lady" found out when she tried to ask him a question at a U of Richmond town hall in October, only to be told, "I don't have any Taylor Swift t-shirts to pass out.

Nothing to do with the post, I know, but it's funny
And finally.....

Trump, Z- Zoolander, which Trump played himself in...

Trump has actually played himself in a handful of films, but only once did he NOT play himself- when He was Waldo's dad in 1994's Little Rascals remake.

How's that for irony?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday odds and ends

Odds:  Pretty good that you pick up a paper and learn like Keith Richards did:

Last night I found out that we added a #1 to the pop and R&B pile of hits by now deceased acts, as Billy Paul passed on Sunday.  He was famous for having a thing going on with Mrs. Jones, and is but the latest in a parade of musicians and singers vacating the planet this year.  Is it really worse this year than any other year?  Survey says:  YES. A recent BBC article gave us the facts, Jack.

They have a file, like most news organizations, of ready made obits for celebrities, and they published a table on how often they had been dipping into it.  In just the first three months of 2016 (which leaves out Merle, Prince, and Billy), see how this year stacks up to the past few years.

2012- 5 obits pulled from the files.

2013- 8.

2014- 11.

2015- 12.

2016- 24.

Another example cited in the article was the Daily Mirror's gallery of famous deaths.  In 2014 at this time, the gallery was 38 strong.  Last year at this point, 30.  This year- 75.

Whether you blame it on when the fascination with celebrities started, the age of the "baby boomers", or my own advancing age, that's a LOT of deaths.


I feel I need to give Ted Cruz some advice.  Since he's always hitting me up for campaign contributions by e-mail, I feel I have the right to offer it.

The other night, I was half listening to a campaign ad.  It seemed reasonable, peaceful, a non-attack ad.  A positive ad.  At the end, I heard, "I'm Donald Trump, and I approve this message."

Hmm, that was a pleasant surprise.  Followed right after by a Cruz ad depicting a vote for John Kasich as a vote for Trump.  "Kasich mathematically has no chance," the ad explains, "If you want to stop Trump, vote for me."

REALLY?  So, Ted, what you're saying is that Hoosiers are too stupid to understand the issues, and you have to SCARE them into voting for you.  How about telling us WHY you are a better choice than Kasich or Trump.  Ted might be the best choice for President, but I am beginning to see that the reason he trails Trump is he has NO IDEA HOW TO RUN A CAMPAIGN.  First clue, Ted- stop being a PENIS and treat voters like they have half a brain.  It isn't the Democratic primary, after all (you knew I had to throw that one in somewhere...).


And now, Sunday walk to Shoaff Park pictures...

Scrappy ran into a couple of old friends, including this lady beagle and his dalmatian buddy.

Moss is cool...

Lots of blue jays

They were practicing river rescues.  And, peeing in the woods.

Scrappy:  water dog.  Any water.

"Just cause we're at the 2 1/2 mile point doesn't mean I WANT to rest..."

"Y'all come back now, heah?"

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Another meeting of the great minds of Fort Wayne

And that would be myself and the inimitable Bobby G, who sometimes singlehandedly prove that there is intelligent life in Fort Wayne.  Oh, and our respective better halves, of course.  Today's get together kicked off with a long awaited presentation to the "Gs" of this:

Story behind:  My friend from Australia, Trish Ward (former blogger, too- I woulda linked, but she just jumped out of the game), who as you might notice is a painter of no mean skill, recently ticked "trip across the US of A" off her bucket list.  It was in NYC's Central Park she met her first squirrel, and when she posted the finished painting, I said, "I know just the perfect person for that!"  You can see more of her work on Facebook on Trish Ward- My Art.  They were very happy with the artifact, which will, I am told, will be hung above the master's throne in the living room there at the Fortress Of Reason.

Afterwards, we got reciprocated, notably with a copy of "Doctor Who:  The Complete Guide" (which I made it all the way to the Third Doctor on the way home in).  Then after pizza and chocolate cake ( these guys really know how to treat guests) we made our way to spend a beautiful day at Foster Park.

Away we go!

Warning: Lots of neat flower pics ahead.

Spring has indeed sprung.  Right there it is!

"Hey, Irma!  Friends of yours?"

"If I had my sonic, I'd get us in there..."

Bleeding hearts... the kind that used to grow in our front yard, not the ones I'd like to Gibbs-slap...

Butterfly sex

Look out, Laurie!  That tree's about to grab you!
Shooting craps at the gazebo.  Well, not really, but it looks that way...

"Yeah, they put up this sign- 'Stay off the golf course'- after we walk on the rough for the last ten minutes?"

One big-ass leaning tree...

The Mighty Bob to the rescue!

Bob tries his squirrel-whisperer talents on the local avian population:  "Quack, quacky quack..."

"There's a lot in what that guy says..."