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Friday, July 25, 2014

Time Machine week 14

Today is July 25, 1972.  Today word of the infamous Tuskegee Study was published from a whistleblowers' report by the Washington Star.  For those not in the know, this was basically a blind study on syphilis in poor black populations which basically gave "free treatment" and free burial to those who agreed to be examined, tested, and eventually autopsied- but not treated (though they didn't know that).  It started in 1932 with 399 active syphilis subjects (and 201 non-cases), ran through the point where 250 of them were told they were sick in 1942 when they tried to join the armed forces ( and the CDC tried to keep them from said treatment), past 1947 when it was proven that penicillin would have cured them But they didn't get any), past the sixties when several in the government and the project tried to get CDC to shut it down, right up to when the expose forced their hand 40 years after it started- and save for that, would have kept going until all subjects had died and been autopsied.  As it was, 325 of them had died- 128 by syphilis or complications thereof- 40 wives had been infected, and 19 children had been born with it.

On the other end of the spectrum, George McGovern's running mate Elliot Richardson admitted TO having treatment- for mental issues.  He was successfully treated, and McGovern was ready to keep on the ticket- but the now-predatory press, having whetted their appetite on Nixon's blood, would circle and bite until Richardson stepped down on his own.

That's okay, buddy... I wouldn't have voted for you anyway...

Welcome to Time Machine for the week of July 25, 1972- the week that saw Bread's Guitar Man, the Bee Gee's Run To Me, and Uriah Heap's Easy Livin' all hit the charts for the first time.  This week, a six degrees with a new top ten song; a tune that would've made you happy to go to bed, back in the day; and the Top Top Ten from 1965- which includes no less than FIVE British supergroups!  Lie down on the couch, and let's begin...

I think this week we'll start with the top 40 debuts, and they start with the one I warned you would be here this week- last week's biggest mover in the countdown, Sailcat's Motorcycle Mama.  Next up is a tune I don't know from a singer I know quite well.  She was an associate member of the Rat Pack long before becoming Serta's Perfect Sleeper- Miss Joey Heatherton.

Joey makes the chart with a remake of a song Ferlin Husky took to #4- and #1 country- in 1957.

Rod Argent makes the top 40 this week at 37, up six, with Hold Your Head Up.  It's the late great Jim Croce at 34, up a touchdown and extra point (AKA 7 notches) with You Don't Mess Around With Jim.  And the high debut this week is one notch higher- moving from 44 to 33, the Carpenters with Goodbye To Love.  And speaking of high, this week's biggest mover within the countdown belongs to the disreputable Gary Glitter and his sports arena anthem Rock And Roll, Part 1- 36 notches from 97 allllllll the way to #41 this week.  

Next up, I believe (without checking my arcane stats) that this week's feature on the Top Top Ten- from the first week of May, 1965- was the first one cut from the top ten by year.  As I mentioned in the tease, it has 5 British supergroups, not to mention a lady from the Martin Hall Of Fame!  Here we go:

10- The Last Time, Rolling Stones.  Sure it was, if you don't count the next 21 top tens and 8 #1s.

9- Ticket To Ride, The Beatles.  A comment I saw on the Youtube video of this made a very correct statement for us old timers- every Beatles song you hear is your favorite of theirs- until you hear the next one.

8- Go Now!, Moody Blues.  Their first big hit- and almost their last, before Days Of Future Past remade their career.

7- I'll Never Find Another You, the Seekers.  Have I mentioned I love Judith Durham lately?

6- Count Me In, Gary Lewis And The Playboys.  Gary, with all the help and the overdubbing, beat out Elvis and Sinatra for Male Vocalist Of The Year for 1965 on Cashbox.

5- Tired Of Waiting For You, the Kinks.  Believe it or not, this is the one pre-Lola song of theirs I remember from when it came out.  I was 3, but I knew what I liked.

4- I'm Telling You Now, Freddie and the Dreamers.  This group actually had three songs on the hot 100 this week- including Do The Freddie, which was also on the charts by Chubby Checker for some odd reason.

3- The Game Of Love, Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders.  The way I get it, Wayne's mind was already bent by this point...

2- I Know A Place, Petula Clark.   Me too, my dear.  Me too.

Just lead the way...
  Annnnnnnd #1 this time around...

....Herman's Hermits with Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, the clean-up list before we get to the top ten.  On You Peaked, we have a pair of tunes- Elton John's Rocket Man sputtered out at 11 last week, and Aretha Franklin's All The King's Horses got thrown at 20.  And with two new top tens, we have two droppers- Outa-Space (4 to 16) and Song Sung Blue (7 to 26).

And with the start of the top ten, I bend the rules to allow an up-and-coming to get the six degrees, and it climbed 7 spots TO #10 this week- Looking Glass with Brandy (You're A Fine Girl).

The lead singer of Looking Glass was one Elliot Lure- who would leave the band to go on to a career in the music of movie soundtracks.  The rest of the band:  Keyboard Larry Gonsky, Bass Peter Swervil, and drummer Jeff Grob ( under the pseudonym of Joe X. Dube), recruited a new singer named Michael Lee Smith and became the Fallen Angels.  When Gonsky left, he was replaced by a dude that had been with the Stories  (after Brother Louie hit the top) named Richie Ranno.  At this point they renamed themselves Starz, and on their second album they cracked the top 40 at #33 with this:

It would be their only trip past #66 on Billboard, though, and Smith would go on to join another hard rock group named for it's leader and his brother.... are you ready for this?

... the band was Rex; the brother Rex Smith, would would be known most famously for the decidedly un- hard rock You Take My Breath Away.  This was in 1976, and by the time Rex had went limp  soft, Michael had reformed Starz- with Dube the only Looking Glasser left.  And to my best report, they are still together.

Back to this week's top ten:

The Eagles climb one to #9 with Take It Easy.

As does Donny Osmond with Too Young.

As does Michael Jackson with I Wanna Be Where You Are.

Zooming into the ten a strong 7 to #6, Gilbert O'Sullivan with Alone Again Naturally.

Luther Ingram moves a spot to 5 with If Loving You Is Wrong, etc.

Jimmy Castor finally starts dropping, from 2 to 4 with Troglodyte (Cave Man).

Wayne Newton slows down so the kid can catch up, just a pair this time to #3 with Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast.

The Cornelius Bros and Sister Rose pull into the runner up spot with Too Late To Turn Back Now.

And at #1 for a second week..................

Yes, that's the Cornelius Bros and Sister Rose.  But why them?  Because, you never get the same act twice on the #1 picture, or later on we'd have 8 weeks of Debbie Boone.  Also, why are there TWO sisters?  Because Cornelius Bros and Sister Rose and Sister Billie Joe was just too clunky.

.............  Once again, Bill Withers and Lean On Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, another one is in the can!  See you next time!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The North Turkey-trots

With some time off, it was time to get in a day trip for me and faithful Indian companion Laurie.  (Insensitive remark to native Americans?  Sue me.)  We chose a State Park in Ohio called North Turkeyfoot, a wilderness area that is part of (despite being on the other side of the Maumee River from) Mary Jane Thurston State Park.  Basically a public hiking and hunting area tucked into a river bend, just on the far side of Napoleon.  It was on a road that was "Closed, local traffic only" due to construction, but we found a little tucked in parking spot just before the road actually closed, and off we went.

If you follow the little yellow line from here, you'll see the path we took- a path I looked at on this very map last night, but failed to memorize EXACTLY....  As you see, shortly after we took off, there's a creek you can cross, and an old steel truss bridge to cross it on.

Look a little sketchy to you?  Well, one side was marked, "Bridge unsafe", and the other had this nice instruction...

So we wisely deferred, heading on down the trail towards what I then thought was the "chin" of the "smiley face" that the trail system made.  Little did I know we were still in the "cheek."  Within a couple minutes, we hit a spot where a big tree had fallen on the trail, and you had to take a "walk-around" to keep going.  Just on the other side of the walk-around, something moved...

It was a dozen or more TURKEYS!  They ran ahead and peeled off into the undergrowth, never to be seen again.  So on we went, enjoying the cool air, the usually shaded sunshine, and the nicely kept trail... that began to get a little shabbier as we went.

We then reached the point where the creek joins the river, which I thought must be the bottom of the chin (and was actually the corner of the mouth).  So we went on, figuring we were headed towards the road, checking out the river, watching a pair of big hawks circling above (hawks, not vultures, BTW), and fighting through ever-growing amounts of spider webs across the trail.

Then, when I thought were weren't far from the road (and were actually still heading for the bottom of the chin, the trail just stopped.  As in, "went from 8 inch tall weeds to 4 1/2 foot tall weeds".  So we turned around.  But I was still reasoning we were about "bottom chin" at the unsafe bridge, so we then took the "Redfox Trail", which I thought would lead us right back to where we parked.  Scrolling back up to the map, you'll note that it was actually going to take us TO the bottom of the chin, i.e. exactly the opposite way I thought.  And of course, by this time Laurie had to go pee, and it was getting critical I get it right.  Ooops.

About halfway up (down?) the trail, I spied something I had to check out.

If you can't read the top, it says, "Byth Anna, wife of David Edwards- died May 5, 1859- aged 35 y, 2 mo., 23 d"  Until I posted this, I had misread wife and not seen 35 y, so thought it was the grave of a 2 month old child.  In fact, the woman interred here was the mother of this brood of children:
Hannah C.

It wasn't a graveyard, it appeared to have been a lone grave, marked off by rocks, once in a garden on the property of David Edwards, but now in the middle of a jungle.  Further up, a trail led to a post which I took to be the remaining gatepost into the garden.  

Soon after, I caught sight of a small well.

Shortly thereafter, we reached the end of Redfox Trail, and I learned that I was totally messed up in my direction.  I assumed the left trail was the other end of the trail that died, (correctly) and figured that the right would have to lead eventually to our car, ( as it turns, it would have took us to a trail that would have, had we took it).  But after a couple dozen yards of ever increasing weeds (and exponentially increasing spider webs), I took the better part of valor (listening to Laurie for once) and retreated back down to Redfox trail, and thence to where we KNEW where we were at.

(BTW, the Laurie going to pee problem was resolved at the T... and I don't think it was a very popular decision on my part for her to do so.)

Thus it was that we were soon back to the car (after what Laurie estimated was just over two hours), and we went to go have lunch in Napoleon.

Me and Bobby G's son.
After a meal that would have been an excellent dining experience HAD the guy that seated us told our waitress we were there in plain sight, or IF any waitress would have looked up from the two tables that they served or the four they bussed to see us sitting there with menus, before a little old lady who hadn't even looked our way the entire seven minutes finally grabbed a waitress by the shirtsleeve and headed them our way (just as Laurie was grabbing another dumbfounded waitress, who had not only spent most of those seven minutes working at a register station in our direct line of sight, but walked past us twice bussing one of those four tables.)  Still, a mushroom and swiss burger that juicy covers a lot of sins.

And that's the story- until I started trying to put up pictures.  You see last night, I got a notice from Google, that they had tried to pull my autopay 2 bucks for picture storage but my card had updated.  No prob, just let me change the expiration date.  But whenever I tried to log in, it would just send me to a "Your browser is outdated page".  So I updated my I.E. to the latest one- through the link on Google's page- but oh, no, that wasn't good enough.  They weren't going to let me change my card, the lady I called told me, unless I downloaded Google Chrome and did it from there.

You who know me well know that is not the way to make friends with me.  I let her know that, sighed, and downloaded the damn thing, figuring it would thence remain just an obnoxious reminder on my status bar of an obnoxious way to get what you want.  Problem solved.

Well, almost, as Hank Jr. used to sing.

I learned as I began to tell you this story, that Blogger (Google's incestuous lover) won't let me post MY pictures to MY blog anymore, unless I do it on Chrome.  It will co-operate right up to the time you hit the "post selected" button- even act like it is posting the pic- but then, the post photos screen will NOT go away.  And no amount of begging/bitching will make it.

So there's TWO things I will have to do henceforth on Google Chrome.  A-holes.  But don't expect there to be any more things done on it that I can help.  Because, I don't like being forced to do stuff that I shouldn't have to.

C'mon, Chris, it's just Google Chrome...

(BTW, downloaded off the internet on IE.  So there!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Mark Mellinger Update (and Zoo pics!)

NOTE:  If you can make it through the rant, there are zoo pictures on the other side!

In yesterday's post (published this AM) I told the story of a news article in which a man riding his motorcycle was run over by a car.  At issue in the article IMHO was the following paragraph a few lines from the end:

Police later found the driver of the car, Prionda Hill, at the Rally’s several blocks down the road from where she hit Oliveri.  She told police “she was driving and out of no where God told her that he would take it from here and she let go of the wheel and let him take it.” She’s now facing several charges. (From WANE.com)

And without further elucidation on the woman's fate or mental health- which you always seem to get in such stories- WANE reporter Sara Wagner finished with some quotes from the man involved.  Which of course led to fine comments like these from the area's atheist population:

Any moron who believes in an invisible skydaddy should be committed...

superstitions/religions are dangerous....

"guardian angel wings" come on: seeing jesus' face in toast is childish crap, and so is imbuing the supernatural into someones bruises
and yes, if his "guardian angel" was watching over him, why did this angel let him get smashed? paranormal nonsense...

Christian's beliefs have been putting others in danger since the beginning. No secret there...

 When you ride with God, you ride alone....

So my thought process was, why when a story NOT involving God in some fashion would generally finish with, "Police took the woman to X hospital for psychiatric observation", was it NOT part of this story?  Lazy reporting, Hidden agenda?  And it made me think of other questionable calls by WANE.com of late.   Despite the presence of a responsible Christian as anchor and all-around good guy (Mark Mellinger, and not trying to be sarcastic there), WANE seems to be shifting the way of all flesh to the PC, the whole PC, and nothing but the PC.  So I put it to Mr. Mellinger like this:

The story that WANE.com ran on the guy who got run over on his motorcycle ended with the part about the woman “being told by God” to let go of the steering wheel.  No mention was made of any mental health concerns or treatment for the woman.  This opened the door for all the site’s atheist fans to have a field day bashing God and religion.  Don’t you think that story should have had a coda to point out that this was not an indication of  the “delusion of religion” but rather it was the sign of a woman needing help?  I have to wonder sometimes how you justify your continued presence in mainstream media when your employer seems to be as big a proponent of the liberal “god-free” agenda as the rest of the MSM.  Just curious, like to hear your thoughts.

And the response:

Well, we just report the facts as given to us by investigators and the police; there’s no agenda. People are, within the bounds of propriety, free to say whatever they want on our ‘comments’ sections. Folks who are Christians or theists have every right to voice their opinions in that forum as well; we don’t police those sections very strictly regardless of the points of view that are expressed. I’m not sure if this is a satisfying answer for you, but that’s my take on it. Thanks for your interest and take care.


All The Best,

Mark Mellinger

I'll let you all make the judgment.  I wasn't real satisfied, but he did answer, and politely.  And he ain't lying about the "Not policing the sections very strictly"- I had to post a comment with a word I KNEW would get flagged to make them look at the posts of a dude making basically terrorist threats on a story about Ft Wayne having the best looking guys (if you can believe any of that).  Even then, they took away his posting privileges, but left his posts up under "anonymous".

In the meantime, zoo pictures!

Lynx was awake to greet everybody.

"What did I just get on my hand?"
"Heh heh heh..."

See the rainbow...

15 pictures at seal tank: 12 necks, a tail, and these two...

More chipmunks than peacocks these days...

Weekly meeting of headwaiter's union local 75...

Just call me Bob... (as in bobbing along...)


One of many friends Laurie made this trip...

Wildest, noisiest animals in the park.

Dingoes chillin'

You wanna piece o' me, suckah?

Laurie:  "It's not a butterfly, it's a booberfly!"

He stayed on Laurie's hand for about ten minutes listening to the Kangaroo lady.

The miracle of photographic zoom- we were nowhere near this close.

Biturong in a bowl- now at IHOP.

He was determined to sleep in the smallest slice of shade possible- just moved to this spot.

Serval- if you remember the Black Pines post, this is what they breed with a house cat to get the Savannah Cat.

Honey Badger be like, Y'all get lost, I be snoozing!

What's the oldest joke at the zoo?  Hey, what's Gnu?

That was a nice nap.  And now.... Mom? Dad?

Zoo guy:  "Sir, don't stand so close.  Only because his head weighs about 200 lbs, and he's too young to realize that and just swings it around."

Chris:  "How old is he?"
Zoo guy: "16 years."
Meh.  Teenagers.

Th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!