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Monday, July 4, 2022

July 4th- The Long Trail revisited

We got ready last night to hit that new (opened in October last) trail across the road from us.  Knowing we'd want to stay cool, we planned for a predawn departure- and had all we needed up in our bedroom so we wouldn't wake up Mommy too badly...


Misty watches me get dressed.  About 10 seconds later, it dawns on her that something's going on.


And we're off- 5:40 AM

Watched by Jupiter...

...and Venus

Noticed this yesterday- someone missed the turn...

Our three bunnies have taken to hanging by the office this early

After crossing St Joe Ctr, we are on the trail- it is now 6 AM

Nice job on the disc golf banner on the bench

We are walking into a cloud

From this point on for a while, Misty is convinced something is hiding in the grass- and she's intense about it

About a mile in

It is 615, and we're at the bridge that divides "long boring straightaway #1" from "the neighborhood".

A cardinal starts leading us down the trail

Another bunny joins the cardinal

Across the river, boaters at Shoaff landing greet the dawn

I believe this is bunny #5

Then we run into the Blue Jay Family

At the bench at the end of the "neighborhood", we take our first break.  Just missed getting bunny #7 in the shot. 630, about 1.9 miles in

Misty reads the "Wetland" sign- 2 miles in

Our second fellow traveler- we are at the one hour mark, and I have just realized we left Stick on the bench. Talk about feeling naked...

Oh, well you left that detail off the other signs...

Another Cardinal, bridge over Beckett's Run

End of the road in sight

And here we are- one hour and 7 minutes, 2.5 miles in

And back we go

Bet that's a great view

3 miles here

Back the bench for break #2, and recovering Stick. 700 AM

View from the bench

Back into "the neighborhood"

Bunny #5 still in same spot...

In, er, on the catbird seat

Truly, it was bunnymageddon.  I counted at least 10 different bunnies by the end.

"You are now leaving the Neighborhood.  Please visit again."

Only saw one doggie the entire trip.It is now 720.

End of long, boring straightaway coming up, about 4 mile mark

Going under the bridge this time.  730 AM

And home down the usual north trail

Duck Bar closed for refill

The 2 hour mark.  I think we both feel shorter than when we started!

Goldies have moved to the north end of the Canal.

And back home.  Total time, 2:17. Distance, 5.43 miles. Wow, 2.5 MPH over the trip!