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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Story and poetry page

I thought I would try to put my stories and poetry on one page for easy perusal.  Of course, as in many things, I'm not quite clear on how to do it.  So I'm putting links to the original posts up.


Fourth Of July On Mount Rushmore:  My 4th of July fable about four stone faced presidents.

Andrew Basiago: Past, Present, and More Past:  Fun time travel story with someone who claims to have been there.

The Parable of the National Park:  Jesus gives a modern day parable to the Disciples.

Solar Flares and Global Warming? : If liberals can create pseudo-science, so can I.

Once Upon A Time In The Forest...:  A faerie tale based on a true story, starring Scrappy.

The Train, part the first, the second, and finale :  A short story in three parts about what lies beyond the Veil.


"I Don't Know", starring Barack Obama
                                                            It's a troubling question,
So I'll have to say, "I don't know"
(He didn't know, he didn't know, he didn't know...)
I Know There's A Healing : 
And I know there is a healing
that's the only reason I try
When I reach out, and always
the dying make fun of me
and the buried rise from the dead
at night....

The Lonely Dying :

Open the curtain; disinfect the room
another dying soul's arriving soon...

The Bobcat and the Damage Done- With Profuse Apologies to Neil Young:

I sing the song because I loved the land
I know that those in charge don't understand

let it alone, to keep from running out...

A Poem Of Regret :

                                                                and pray for the day
when pain is done
And see but a world
where nobody cares,
praying, reap in the harvest
and burn up the tares.

For Aliahna :
I did not move, afraid to ask,
while soft clear eyes took me to task
"I forgave them already, " she said to me,
and nothing more-

When He Returns :

When He returns
don’t expect tombs
to get in His way,
or rely upon great stones;
they’ve all rolled away.

A Dream's Rhyme :

I can't go back, I'm framed in black
stepped too many cracks, broke my mother's back
I dreamed I flew for seconds,
crashing to the ground....

The End Of June :

Tear down the walls, burn down the doors
No one will see it any more
And if it stands until the dimming of the moon
it's not the end of your world,
it's just the end of June.

So Bad

And faces in the water
asking, isn't this the place
I did everything you asked me to
I thought you said
                it was safe....

Cobbler's Spawn

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